United States of Tara: Showtime Comedy Cancelled; No Season Four

United States of Tara canceled season fourWhile Nurse Jackie has been renewed for a fourth season, Showtime has decided that they’ve had enough of their other Monday night comedy, United States of Tara. The latter TV series has been cancelled after three seasons.

Starring Toni Collette, United States of Tara revolves around a suburban wife and mother who suffers from multiple personalities. Others in the cast include Brie Larson, John Corbett, Keir Gilchrist, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

Collette has been nominated for three Emmy awards for the role and won in 2009 for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series. Debuting in January of 2009, the TV series was created by Diablo Cody and was based on an idea from Steve Spielberg.

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Tara’s rating have been sliding for awhile so the cancellation isn’t actually a big shock. Last season, Tara averaged more than 550,000 viewers while season three to date is down more than 40%, averaging about 325,000.

In addition to tonight’s, there are three episodes left in season three. The series finale is set to air on June 20th and is titled “The Good Parts.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that there won’t be a fourth season or was it time for United States of Tara to end?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Nikki & Toni says

    Wow I can’t believe it. My girlfriend and I are so disappoint. This show gave us something to look forward to. Woooow.

  2. Johnny says

    I understand that ratings are directly correlated with the number of viewers but there are so many other factors which could have contributed to the decline. It doesn’t mean that this show wasn’t brilliant – which it most certainly was – or that it didn’t grasped at our hearts for three wonderful seasons – because it most certainly did. Maybe all the show needed was a little more time to pull those numbers back up. Let’s face it, the potential was there. I wish another network had picked up the show, it seems like more exposure (thank you, Netflix) has exploded this show’s popularity exponentially. Personally, I fell in love with the entire Gregson family and all of Tara’s alters. It’s a shame we won’t see more of them, the show, or Cody anytime soon. Showtime needs to put more thought into their decisions, it seems.

  3. Scott Stout says

    A REALLY great show!!! Truly original and captivating!! Collette is fantastic!! Do you even hear us Showtime?! Hello Showtime? You cancelled a show that people liked.

    No reason to keep paying for Showtime now. Can save some money on cable bill.

  4. Megan says

    This CANNOT be happening…what on Earth went through the minds of those responsible for this HORRIBLE decision??????? Tara is a series that grabbed you by the balls and never let up. I was hooked from episode 1 season 1. My mom introduced it to me & from there it immediately captivated me…and my husband…and my best friend…and that’s all she wrote. Tara was the one & only reason my husband & I got Showtime. I really can’t believe that it’s over now. WHY??????? Big mistake, big mistake!!

  5. Trish says

    I can’t believe it. I’ve been watching this show non-stop on Netflix and was looking for season 4 and eventually ran into this HORRIBLE news! What a bad decision. I bet if another network grabbed this show or advertised a bit more the ratings would go crazy.

  6. Travis says

    that really sucks. I just found out about this show about 2 weeks ago and om already almost done with all 3 seasons on netflix. im completely in love with UST. The shows cancellation is a major disappointment.

  7. Nastashia says

    It upsets me so much! I have come to love the family, and the Alters! It truly saddens me, and I think Showtime made a huge mistake.

  8. Curtis says

    this makes me very upset. This was my favorite show ever. I never even heard of Nurse Jackie. I mean This show won an Emmy, i never heard anyone from Nurse Jackie winning one (could be wrong never heard of the show). why do they end such good shows :(.

  9. US of Tara Fan! says

    I am so upset by this news!! The only positive is that now I can save money on my cable bill because Tara was the ONLY! reason I paid for Showtime. I don’t understand, Tara was the best show on TV! :(

  10. Ade says

    I am so disappointed to learn that the United States of Tara won’t return!! I absolutely loved this show and was looking forward to watching more!!! :(

  11. Michela says

    NO!!! I love this show! why does it have to end!!! Can’t another network pick up the show?? It can’t be over.

  12. amanda says

    I’m so sad I love this show so much :( I really fell in love with the characters and it’s extremely disappointing that there will be no more development of the story.

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