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VanishedDebuting back in August 2006, Vanished was one of many failed shows from the 2006-07 season. After the immediate success of ABC’s Lost and Desperate Housewives, the networks thought that viewers wanted to see more serial dramas and filled their schedule with them. The strategy didn’t work out very well and most didn’t last a full the season.

Vanished centers around the sudden disappearance of Sara Collins (Joanne Kelly), a teacher and the wife of Senator Jeffery Collins (John Allen Nelson). Though she truly loves him, it turns out there were a few things that Sara couldn’t bring herself to share with her husband. Once the FBI gets involved, the secrets of Sara and those around her start to come spewing out and many people have possible motives for wanting Sara out of the picture. They include her husband’s political enemies; her alcoholic under-age son, Max (John Patrick Amedori); and her formerly-pregnant daughter, Marcy (Margarita Levieva).

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FBI Agents Graham Kelton (Gale Harold) and Lin Mei (Ming-Na) lead the investigation of Sara’s disappearance. Kelton is eventually pulled from the case but keeps working to uncover the truth. Before he can tell the Senator what he’s uncovered, he’s suddenly murdered. His former schoolmate, Agent Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian), takes over the case. Other performers in the series include Rebecca Gayheart, Christopher Egan, Esai Morales, Leslie Odom Jr., Penelope Ann Miller, Joseph C. Phillips, Jeff Michael, Christopher Cousins, Josh Hopkins, David Berman, Robert Hoffman, and Robin Pearson Rose.

As the freshman drama began to fail, writers on Vanished were told to wrap up the abduction story in 13 episodes. The final installment, “Hot Springs”, wasn’t shown in primetime and was only released online. Some of the audience found it, most didn’t. Because there were so many other continuing storylines in Vanished, few viewers who did see it felt very satisfied. Last season, there was talk of revisiting the case for an episode of Bones but this idea seems to have been derailed by the writers strike.

What do you think? Are you satisfied by this ending? Would you like the studio to produce more of a conclusion? Would you like to see the whole series released on DVD or should Vanished just be forgotten?

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  1. Tamie says

    I watch a lot of TV. I am enjoying a lot of foreign shows now. I found vanished & was very excited great storyline, actors & then they don’t finish it! Please HULU or NETFLIX finish. This is where I found it & it would reach a whole new audience! Something with storylines!!! Thank you, Tammie

  2. melba says

    I and my family and friends really disappointed about the end. I would like the producer s to produce a more detailed bending

  3. Laura Walster says

    I am so upset that I started to watch such a wonderful series, and it ends up with NO ENDING! I am a HUGE movie and tv fan…mostly scifi, but this series kept me so intrigued. It had a little of everything to keep a viewer entangled in the story. It was a complete shame, that it ended as it did. I have lost faith in FOX now, no matter what they come up with.

    I believe this should come back now…..2015 or 2016 for sure. Times change, and so do viewers expectations. I truly believe that now will be the highest ratings.

    Please give it another chance. You won’t be sorry.

  4. silvia says

    So disappointing there is no ending to the series – what about the Masonic conspiracy? What happened 12 years ago? What of the scrolls? The secret message being decoded? What did the doctor on death row discover? Where did his wife go?

  5. patricia feeley says

    I also thought the series was great but the ending VERY unsatisfying.
    At least 1-2 episodes or even more to make a “season” should be added to tie up so many lose ends.

  6. Joy DeSantis says

    It happens again. This series was outstanding, but the ending sucked of course because they didn’t finish it.
    I don’t understand why it was cancelled. Perhaps they don’t advertise it enough, or possible on this series it took a while to see how great it is.

    Do these comments do any good?

  7. alisha says

    i think its messed up to leave off where they did, i was just getting into it and i it would nice to have the show back.

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