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It’s no fun being a coach potato all the time! Get some exercise and check out these sites on the world wide… internets…thing…

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•  Make Me Watch TV •  The Telereporter •  Variety's Season Pass
•  Reality Shack •  Televisionary  

TV Communities    
•  TV Loop    

TV News Sites    
•  Buddy TV •  Futon Critic •  TVOvermind
•  Entertainment Now •  TV Barn •  TV Week

TV Reference Sites    
•  Aerial Telly - UK reviews •  Old TV Series •  TV Hell
•  Axed on a Cliffhanger •  Sitcoms Online •  TV Party
• •  Tim's TV Showcase •  TV Tango

TV Themes    
•  TV's Greatest Hits •  Wave Themes  

Various Podcasts    
•  The Hollywood Podcast •  Just My Show  

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•  Blog Catalog