18 to Life: CBC TV Series Cancelled, No Season Three

18 to Life canceledLast Summer, The CW started running a sitcom they’d licensed from the CBC network in Canada, 18 to Life. It revolves around two teens (Stacey Farber and Michael Seater) who are best friends and neighbors. They spontaneously decide to get married and then stay that way, much to the bewilderment of their families and friends. Her parents are free spirits (Alain Goulem and Angela Asher) while his are uptight (Peter Keleghan and Ellen David) and the craziness goes from there.

While the series was very popular in Canada, it didn’t catch on here in the United States. The CW pulled it after just six low-rated episodes. The production company was told that The CW hadn’t cancelled the show and planned to relaunch the series in December. That never happened.

In Canada however, 18 to Life was popular enough to be renewed for a second season of 13 episodes. Those began running on CBC on January 3rd of this year. As the second season comes to a close, CBC has decided not to produce a third season, canceling the show. The 25th and final episode, “House of Cards,” airs next Monday.

On the 18 to Life Facebook page, series creators Karen Troubetzkoy and Derek Schreyer wrote, “We want to tell you personally how much we’ve loved writing for you and being part of this crazy little show… We’re very proud of this season and the work of our talented cast — who often startled us with their hilarious ad-libs and uncanny chemistry. We’re also amazed by you, our supporters, talented viewers and fans (who clearly have magnificent taste!). We love your enthusiasm and your comic strips (well, some of them!) and the cast and crew are thrilled that you’ve boosted our ratings to unexpected highs these last few weeks. So keep up the great work, and let’s go out with a bang!… We hope to see you again next week. And then in lazy summer reruns, perhaps on DVD, and of course we’ll always have Netflix…”

What do you think? Did you ever try watching 18 to Life? Will you miss it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. 18and young says

    This show was absolutely amazing and addicting since the first few minutes! It’s a unique and wonderful story…it has a crazy story but is still somehow light hearted, funny, and hopeful!!!! THIS SHOW NEEDS TO COME BACK!!!!!

  2. 18ToLifeLover says

    Just recently moved far overseas… I had nothing to look forward to and felt depressed all the time. This show was full of laughter, excitement, and so much hope!!! It gave me something to look forward to and smile about!!! PLEASE bring it back!!! It’s too good of a show to not go on!!

  3. Kay Carver says

    I loved this show, it was a awesome show. I also believe it teaches a lesson to teens, such as teen mom. Marriage isnt always a walk in the park, but through it all they never gave up in each other…..
    Please make another season this is my new favorite show,ill be waiting for season three and so on:) Thanks

  4. says

    i started seeing 18 to life in netflix and right to my last season i didnt see an season3 yu got to have more season n episodes the show enspire me i like that it teaches my own life of marriage as teen.

  5. Rocky says

    It is sad, that in today’s society, that when a show comes out that is actually fit to be watched, that they have to shut it down because of lack of viewers.
    As a parent it is very difficult to find watchable television for our children and this show, while not appropiate for younger viewers, was wonderful.
    2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce today and the young age of “Tom and Jessie “the statictics are even higher, however, they are not impossible. This show aptly shows that given the effort anything can happen and not everyone views a marriage liscence as a piece of “toilet paper”, and while we as parents do not like that our children grow or make decisions that we might not agree with, given the room and support they can make those decisions work. With that said, I personally think that there should be more things out there like this, that shows more of what “normal” relationships should be.
    It is to bad you that you had to take it down. Hopefully there will be a way found that can bring it back.

  6. Selena says

    Why did u cancell 18 to life I just watched all the episodes on Netflix I’m addicted it only took me a day to whatch all of them . And I really want it back and this is coming from a 11 year old I love this show I haven’t even heard of it at first I was just browsing on Netflix. I admeatiatlly watched all of them I’m begging the produces or whatever people who controll this show bring it back I have no idea why it did not do good in the US but people still do love this show so please bring it back .

  7. Alina says

    Please please please bring it back I just watched all the episodes on Netflix in one day! Im hooked!! This is my new favorite show and it needs to come back on air!! Give it another shot and try a 3rd season!!

  8. Ashley says

    i love this show and i just wish that they would bring 18 To Life back on air. This show was so great and i really want a season 3. Bring it back please! This show was so funny and interesting and i would suggest that they bring it BACK! PLEASE

  9. izzy says

    Omg don’t be so stupid put it back on 2012 the new year viewers and less idiots we have jersey shore and people watch that so give it another go I bet their will be plenty of new fans waiting for more seasons don’t disappoint please this will make alot of people smile

  10. Alie says

    I LOVE this show!!! I wish they made a season 3. I simply LOVE the fAct that they try to make their relationship so real. It Shea’s that they fight and make up. Even though it is just a show it gives me hope for my relationship.

  11. Jennifer says

    I think this is such an awesome show and I would soooo love a season 3! The show was cute and funny and I just loved it!

  12. sarah says

    This show was amazing I really wish they’d give it another shot and give em a reson 3 and even more (: im mad they took it off! Please bring it back!

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