The Bonnie Hunt Show: Watch Video of the Last Episode

Bonnie Hunt ShowAfter two seasons on the air, The Bonnie Hunt Show has come to a close. The daytime talk show, featuring actress and comedienne Bonnie Hunt and sidekick and executive producer Don Lake, attracted a group of very devoted viewers but unfortunately there weren’t enough of them to keep the show on the air.

Original episodes of The Bonnie Hunt Show have been airing throughout May but the last episode actually taped was broadcast on Monday, May 10th. The guests on that show are actress Holly Robinson Peete (The Apprentice) and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, and Brody Jenner from The Hills.

The series finale is likely to be aired again before the show goes off the air but here are some clips of the fond farewell.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I loved her show. I felt connected to her somehow. She really was down to earth entertaining. I wish it wasn’t cancelled.

  2. Joe Lange says

    I loved the bony hunt show, Now they have some stupid Nate show on during her time slot and honestly they have done this twice to me. First it was Judge maria Lopez now the bony hunt show. They put great shows on during my lunch hour then cancel them sigh who ever makes these choices is wrong. If a 28 year old run of the mill male liked the bonnie hunt show you had something. I couldn’t tell you the countless times i laughed my ass, off great show sad to see it go.

  3. Anonymous says

    I am so disappointed that the show was cancelled. I did not know that it was cancelled and was looking forward to watch it, I turned on the T.V. and swift justice was on. How disappointing, I really miss the Bonnie Hunt Show.

  4. Cyn says

    I miss the Bonnie Hunt show and all of Bonnie’s corny crew. Hope everyone’s found new jobs. Miss Bonnie’s mom too… wonder what she’s making now LOL. The Nate Berkus Show doesn’t seem to be one that will survive – a half hour of him is more than most folk I know can tolerate. With Bonnie we were guaranteed a full hour of smiles and laughs.

  5. Angela says

    Really disappointed, this was a talk show that was very grass roots and avoided hype and melodrama. I was hoping it had moved to a time slot where it was more accessible to the working class.

  6. Mary J. Hilen says

    I, like so many others, did not realize Bonnie’s show had ended. I assumed it would be on a different channel other than the channel I had been watching, but could not locate her via my menu. Her show was so refreshing and entertaining, especially when her mom was on. If she will be returning at some point please inform me via my email address. It is a sad time in our country when something wholesome and light is removed from TV while other less desireable shows remain. This is the reason I am always flipping through shows with the remote and even watching TV less and less.

  7. says

    The Bonnie Hunt Show is/was my absolute favorite talk show. I’m so very disappointed that the network has dropped the show. I often felt it was aired at the wrong time of day or maybe that it could have been aired more than once a day. You had a winner with Bonnie but you keep choosing to sell crap like court shows and reality shows and misguided cartoon shows. I can’t afford cable/dish so my choices are limited to “free” TV. I do pay a price though with bad reception and pixilation and now some of the worst TV scheduling I’ve ever seen. The only reason for me to have a TV any more is to watch movies from Netflix and OPB. Do you really want that for your business? Maybe that’s why ratings are going the way they are – intelligent people won’t turn on the TV. I think you’re making a big mistake taking shows like The Bonnie Hunt show off the air and giving us unwatchable TV.
    Bonnie, thanks for giving the public authentic honest fun – great entertainment!! Your quick wit and love of people are the best. Everyone that participated in putting your show on are the best group of people – you all are a success!!

  8. lincoln says

    I agree with everyone above !!!! There is soooo much trash on the Networks now…I guess garbage is what their into !!! Not me. Bonnie, Don, Momma, and the band OH and the writers, camera people, and the animals, and the guy with all the money were sooo likeable and refreshing…..There are too many Court Shows, Soaps, and other talk shows that don’t have the REAL feeling like Bonnie Hunt did. All the wonderful things she did for people. Such as the man who needed the Transplant at the end of the season. She and the staff had sooo much heart !!! Instead we get “YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALK’N ABOUT GIRLFRIEND oohooh HOW YA DOIN” ……. One of the better COURT SHOWS was also taken off and another put in it’s place….Don’t understand where you got no viewership for BONNIE HUNT…… I also hope another network picks up her show….
    Great Guests also whom a lot were her friends!!!!

  9. Janice says

    We had Bonnie on our Tivo and in our region the show aired at 1AM. If it was ratings for cancelling that could be why. A “daytime” show at 1AM!! Who ever signed off on that time slot should have lost their job. Bonnie was so good, we especially like the dogs and chat with Momma. It was like we were talking to our Momma.

  10. CC says

    I’ve been waiting for The Bonnie Hunt Show to come back after what I thought was just a summer hiatus. I finally Googled it and found out it has been canceled! I was out of touch in May as I was busy planning my daughter’s wedding. What a disappointment this is! I absolutely loved her show and I refuse to watch the trash shows like Maury Povich, Divorce Court & cheaters to name a few. Bonnie I will miss you, Don and the band. Oh, and your Mom too!

  11. says

    I watched this show religiously and am so disappointed that it is no longer on the air. Bonnie Hunt was a compassionate as well as entertaining host and I will miss her show. The ratings don’t seem accurate…. I agree with the previous comment, Bonnie Hunt was real and we need more of that type of show on T.V. and not the other trash they try and feed us!!!

  12. b. g. says

    Network executives are so out of touch with what I enjoy on TV. Thinking of canceling on TV service and just doing netflix, that way I don’t have to see their trash. Bonnie Hunt was great! I believe they kept moving the time slot, once I found it again and remembered when it was on, it was over. They’re idiots for canceling that show!!!

  13. Janet Mcenany says

    I wish I had known that the show was going to be cancelled. Many of us could have spearheaded a drive to keep it on. I am sure there were many more fans than the nielsen ratings projected. that is not unfallable and mistakes are made. Unfortunately my husband was in the hospital last week and I had no idea the show went off the air. I thought the time slot was changed.. I did not think for one moment the show had been cancelled.
    Bonnie was refreshing and REAL. How unfortunate that we have one less inspiring show to watch, most of T.V. is so uninspiring and .. well just bad.
    I wish another network would pick her show up.

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