Chuck: NBC TV Series Renewed for Season Five [report]

ChuckIt’s being reported by various sources that Chuck has cheated death (read: cancellation) once again. NBC has nearly closed a deal that will bring Chuck Bartowski and friends back for a fifth season. TV Line reports that the peacock network is making a deal with Warner Bros for at least 13 episodes.

Of course, cheating death is nothing new for the TV series. It’s been on the bubble each season and has narrowly escaped being cancelled each time. Fortunately for Chuck fans, the rest of NBC’s schedule has been such a disaster that Chuck’s numbers end up not looking so bad. Had the series been on one of the other three major networks, it would have surely been cancelled long ago.

This season, Chuck’s ratings have been the worst yet. The last two episodes have registered a meager 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.1 million total viewers. The season average is only a 1.7 rating and 5.19 million. Aside from Chase, whose remaining episodes are being burned off on Saturday nights, Chuck is the lowest-rated scripted program currently on the network.

With four seasons and 78 episodes already in the can, it seems very likely that Warner Bros. worked out a deal with NBC for a final season so there would be enough episodes for a syndication package. A sixth season seems highly unlikely but who would have guessed that Chuck would have gone this long?

Bookmark our NBC cancel/renew page to keep track of the status of the current NBC shows.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that Chuck is being renewed? Do you think this will be the end?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jonny_ice-cool says

    Love the show, which is due to the cast, who make the show. Shame noone watches (just about anyway) it as it is a quality show and a show that’s unique and original. Dunno whether it has anything to do with the selected day/time line-up by NBC, but jus wish more americans would watch it, cause that’s what matters to the networks. Also for everyone hoping for a sixth season and so on, the show has been CANCEL’D with a 13 episode pick-up for the last and final season 5, so there is no chance for another season, well unless every US viewer switches onto every single episode of season 5, which wont happen, particularly with the show being transfered to the ‘death slot’ day/time line-up, I can see even worse and more hummilating ratings than ever. So just enjoy the last season and hopefully the writers hold true to the series and don’t go too crazy in the last season (fixing up the STUPID season 4 finale with the Morgan ‘thing’ in the first minute would be a good start).

  2. Becky J Madden says

    PLEASE DO NOT cancel CHUCK! There’s not many shows that I enjoy watching that have come out in recent years. Chuck is at the top of the list that I have NEVER missed an episode, even if I had to end up watching it on the internet. Which was the case when I moved last October and was not able to watch it on TV for a few weeks. Again, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL CHUCK!

  3. pankaj says

    I have watched this whole series and loved each and every episode so much that i have gone crazy to see the fourth season. chuck is very famous in our institute as almost 90-95% of our residential hostels watch each episode of it. I am excited for the release of the fifth season. But , i would like to give one advise to its producers that whatever happens chuck and sarah must remain alive. This series is very similar to real life and the love and affection showed by sarah and chuck are examplary for any partner or couple. I would love to have the fifth season.

  4. Karla says

    The Shaeffer family is so excited that there will be more Chuck next season. We look forward to it every week and it is such a good, clean family show which is hard to find this day and age. All 6 of us make it a family fun time!!

  5. Williams Family says

    This is one of the few prime time shows my whole family likes and can watch together. We love the show and make a big deal about watching it. Glad to see it was renewed and look forward to the first show.

  6. Dixie says

    Please keep Chuck going!!! Monday nights or any week night without Chuck in the lineup would be so depressing!

  7. Landree says

    NBC has made me mad for cancelling Chuck. However, I’m quite thankful for the fifth season. I know Chuck could’ve been done already, but it’s not. They are letting it go gracefully and I really do respect that. Chuck is a great show, and yeah, it has had poor rating’s, and if it would have been a CBS show, we wouldn’t have a season 5. Thank you, NBC. I am still bummed though! COME ON TEN MILLION VEIWERS!!! COME ON!!!

  8. Carla says

    My 11 year old daughter and I were turned on to Chuck just a couple of months ago and can’t get enough of it. I had never even heard of it until a friend shared it with us. I feel certain the cast is not the problem, but the network and advertising. I can’t believe this treasure of a show hasn’t skyrocketed. Please don’t cancel Chuck. It is nearly the only show my entire family can sit down together and watch. It is hilarious, wholesome, and has the most dynamic cast I have ever seen work together. Trust me, I am spreading the word about this fantastic show.

  9. dom says

    I like chuck. One of very few shows left to worth watching (in my opinion) that isn’t ‘reality crap’ or the same ‘drama’ shows. It’s got humor, an excellent cast, action/adventure, and probably the only show left on NBC that I enjoy. I’m hoping NBC doesn’t cancel it!!!

  10. alex says

    I hope that’s not the last season of the show. It has its disadvantages, but look pretty interesting

  11. fan mexicano says

    I love chuck is the only show my whole FAMILIA watch together , i live in Mexico and chuck has a lot fans here and we thank you to the people who make another season possible we love you guys for that.

    my 2 years old nephew whatch it too i translate everythimg but wort the thing.

    son in behaf mi neohew and my whole FAMILIA gracias muchas gracias

    sorry bad english

  12. kenneth Booker says

    I am sooooooo happy that, they did not cancel Chuck. Me and my wife and kids look at this show every week as a family. It would be nice that, if they end it, they would end it chuck and sarah giving birth to a baby boy or girl or twins.

  13. Scotty D says

    Thank you,thank you, thank you! Our family loves Chuck. We look forward all week and weekend for Monday night. It is really a great show. We can not wait for the new season. Thanks again!

  14. says

    We love Chuck at our house, in fact my 19 year old son won’t miss an episode and he’s not a big TV watcher, not many shows can keep him watching but Chuck sure did!! I’m soooo glad Chuck is back for another season, way cool!!!

  15. Melissa Goode says

    Yeah for Chuck!!!! I’ll keep watching as long as you keep producing :). Plus then I buy all the seasons as well :)

    • Toby says

      I agree i will always watch CHUCK. and i have al ready bought the discs ^^ so pls hurry and produce some more episodes =)) “pretty pls”

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