Deadwood: Heading into the Sunset?

HBO's Deadwood cancelledThe third season of the ground-breaking HBO western series Deadwood kicks off on June 11, 2006 with episode 25 entitled “Tell Your God to be Ready for Blood.” Strange as it may seem, it looks like this third season may be the last.

Though still quite popular, HBO has reportedly told the cast that they can “explore their options,” and basically are free to pursue other projects by not picking up their contract options. It’s suspected that this is due to a money crunch. It’s believed that HBO has put a lot of money into potential new projects and doesn’t have the resources to commit to a new season of Deadwood at this time. If the show does return for a fourth season, it could have some or all new cast members.

Series creator and writer David Milch (who many know from his work on the Stephen Bochco series NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues) is concentrating on another series of his own. It’s a dramatic series entitled John From Cincinnati and is expected to air on HBO as well. In regards to another season of Deadwood, Milch isn’t expecting it. “If I were a betting man, which I am, I would say the odds are against it.”

There is of course plenty of time for a fourth season to be produced and I’ll keep you updated if things change. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    Absolutely LOVE the Deadwood premise, characters,of course the writing and character interatction. WHERE is the next season? Milch started a novel, got people hooked and whimsically decided to drop it, write no more, produce/direct no more? What happens to these people Milch so skillfully created and made real?

  2. charlotte dozier says

    I’m just sick over the fact that HBO is not going to bring Deadwood back. What idiot decided that?I understand the actors on the Sopranos have made their money, sonow it’s “to hell with the fans” But to take away deadwood is just stupid!I Love every thing about deadwood! Please keep it going. I’m with the rest of their fan base.if you drop deadwood then I drop HBO!Charlotte dozier.

  3. Noemi Clark says

    “Deadwood” is one of the more entertaining and interesting series. I cann’t belive HBO was going to be canceling the series on the third season. It took me out of gard and it made me realy angry as soon as I found out. I love “Deadwood”, I love the characthers, the scenery, the plot, and the actors. I think they are Great! If HBO has been able to afford series such as, “The Sopranos” which still running,”Six Feet Under”which ended after it’s five season , and “Sex and The City” which ended aftter it six season. Why cann’t allow for “Deadwood” to run for another season an better be a good season finale.
    I hope they don’t do to “Deadwood” what they did to the HBO series, “Carnival” which ran for only two seasons, and ended without notice to the fans. I was very dissapointed for HBO’s lack of consideration for it’s viewers. I hope the won’t do the same to the “Rome”, I haven’t see no promotions its sencond season. Where is it HBO?
    Don’nt forget your fans HBO, your job is to please your fans — for we are the ones who provide your shows with a high rating.

    Hope that you get together and work things out, we the fans want more “Deadwood” episodes.

  4. roger and dianna arthur says

    “deadwood” is a very remarkable and realistic show the characters love their parts and they make the time frame so realalistic. If deadwood wasn’t making any money then HBO wouldn’t had a second let anlone a third season. If deadwood goes then so do we! This time really listen to want the public wants and not what the big wigs want to see! Times change and so goes the public’s view and this time the HBO machine had better listen or begin to look for new jobs!

  5. bbshenry says

    So WHAT HAPPENED? Why isn’t Mr. Milch going to be allowed to finish his masterpiece, despite the fact that he had storylines enough for a final, fourth season?

    Many of us fans are so angry and disgusted that we have decided to cancel our HBO subscriptions after the third season. This is what you do when you feel personally betrayed by a long-trusted resource. There are also plans to organize a “National Cancel HBO Day” to be held at the end of Season Three.

    A little over a week ago, people at the HBO Community Board ( established a website as a clearinghouse for ideas on how to fight the Yankton “Seer”(cough)suckers at HBO and Time Warner.

    This website,, is for folks who want to help in a grass-roots effort to bring HBO back to its senses, back to its long-held mission of high-quality programming, and back to its loyal — and often long-patient — fan base.

    And, you know, there’s something else going on here. People here are becoming fed up with the rapacious corporate greed that puts profits before customers and corrodes every area of our lives, including the accessible art that brings relief from the drek of everyday inanity. Maybe we have lost our sense that we can make a difference as citizens, but maybe — just maybe — we still have power as consumers. And maybe a success as consumers will breed the confidence we need to take something back of our citizenship. Who knows?

    Please take part in our effort to allow Mr. Milch to finish telling his resplendent story. It’s important to this particular cause, and maybe even to a much larger one.

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