Dracula: Season One Ratings

Dracula TV show on NBC ratingsThe peacock network has found ratings success with the dark Grimm series on Friday nights. Is there room for another spooky thriller or will Dracula be cancelled quickly like so many other series? Stay tuned!

NBC’s Dracula is a retelling of the classic Bram Stoker story. In London, Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is posing as an American entrepreneur while he seeks revenge on those who cursed him. He doesn’t count on falling in love with a woman (Jessica De Gouw) who looks just like his deceased wife. Others in the cast include Thomas Kretschmann, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Victoria Smurfit, Katie McGrath, and Nonso Anozie.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. The higher the ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available — usually the next day, around 11:30am EST/8:30am PST. Refresh to see the latest.

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5/10 update: NBC has cancelled Dracula after one season and 10 episodes.

Final season averages: 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.25 million total viewers.

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These are the final national numbers (unless noted with an “*”). These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings and are reported on by most other outlets. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you like the Dracula TV series? Would you like to see it cancelled or renewed for second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jodi says

    ‘Dracula’ is the best TV show I have seen, with an amazing cast and a brave and gripping twist on the traditional plot of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. If the series is not renewed, I know of countless people, including myself, who will be very disappointed.

  2. Debbie says

    Dracula is the best show on regular TV that I have ever seen ! Please keep it on for more seasons. I would compare it to many premium channel series , as in the top 5 ! Excellent Dracula acting , with all elements of intrigue ! LOVE IT !!!!!

  3. Jim Ryan says

    Dracula is a great show. It is intelligently written and has a fantastic cast. There is where the problem begins.
    1 its on N.B.C. who notoriously cancels good shows (Life, the Event, Alphas )
    2 its on Friday night when most of there demo is out, not watching TV.
    3 The intelligence factor to what survives is so poor, our society has fallen into the Redneck factor of stupid shows like Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo, any real housewife crap and any other scripted so called reality show that dumbs us all down.

    If you want better programming stop watching the sludge they feed us and pump up the good shows like Dracula.
    Also remember N.B.C. thought it was a good idea to forgo there entire 10 P.M. line up several years ago to put Jay Leno on earlier… se how that worked out!

    So please fight for the good and get rid of the sewage. We can do it.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree whole heartily. Please keep the show running. You have a fantastic and note worthy script. The actors are wonderful in this series . Please let’s get the garbage off and keep this show and Grimm going full blast. It gets us away from all this reality scum.

    • says

      Jim maybe we all need to BOYCOTT NBC, and see how their ratings go then. I agree whole heartedly with what you said. I just hope someone with intelligence is readings the fan based comments.

  4. Anonymous says

    Dracula really needs to be picked up for a second season.
    Wonderful acting, fabulous wardrobe and sets, and I love this new
    telling of a classic story line.
    Just look at social media for this show – the fans are fiercely loyal.
    If anything is hurting the ratings it’s the time slot/day of the week

  5. Tori says

    It would be a serious mistake if they canceled this show. It’s one of the best shows on currently and the main problem is absolutely the 10pm time slot as well as the show vanishing for 3 or 4 weeks for no apparent reason. I imagine some people may not have realized it when it came back on.

    Do the ratings account for all the people who DVR record the show to watch the next day because of the late time slot? Or the number of people who go back and watch it on Demand? Just Curious because I imagine a lot of this shows viewers watch the show in one of these manners due to the time slot.

    Bottom line, the show is excellent and the Actors are great. I will be sincerely disappointed if we lose this show and I agree with the above statements about ignorant shows like Honey Boo Boo getting renewed while we lose really good shows like this one. I wouldn’t even attempt to watch Honey Boo Boo as I can barely stomach the preview for it. I can’t understand what part of it is supposed to be good tv.

    Here’s to hoping.

    • Mel says

      No it doesn’t. Watching a show thru Hulu, Netflix, or ordering it thru Vudu, or Amazon has no bearing on the ratings either. Sadly, online streaming and DVR usage is not how they track the numbers. That is why crap shows always stay on, and good shows always get cancelled. The people that actually watch tv during prime time hours, are the elderly, kids, or people that are always home during that time slot. They use tv viewership, and journal entries by select target audiences to determine the ratings.

    • Jessica says

      Tori, as long as you watch your dvr recording within the first week the episode airs, and as long as you aren’t fast forwarding through commercials, it will be credited. One solution if you want to fast forward is to replay it when you aren’t watching something else while you run to the store or whatever. Someone who does tours for a tv series gave me that information.

    • says

      ditto tori, had enough of honey boo the wives of every county etc. give us something with style and class. ever realize every successful show on premium channels right now are “period” shows. Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones etc. 20 to 30 somethings r out Friday nites! Give us grown ups some crumbs huh? Move it to another time slot advertise. It didn’t help u put it on during the holidays, and then shut it down for weeks. I am just so mad and watching my on demand and dvr over and over again hoping for good news of a 2nd season!!!!

  6. Phetogo says

    please keep the show running….by far one of the best shows running since last year….th series is way 2 beautiful and bears a stronger pull and appeal compared 2 shows such as grimm. Maybe the time-slot does not really favor it…since Fridays commence the start of the weekend.10pm is a bit late in my opinion….eithr way divergin back to the show,me and my famiy totally love alexander and mina…..and of course the sudden trend of vampiric shows like VD and the originals dont potray much about history like this show!….please this show has 2 continue

  7. Ariane says

    Renew, renew, definitely renew!!! Please!! Believe it or not this show is the only show I watch on TV. I love everything about it. The story line, the special effects, the cast, especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers, every single aspect of this show is simply superb. It is so sophisticated, sexy without being cheesy. I am so tired of all those PDs shows on TV. “Dracula” is so unique. It is simply addictive.

  8. Jared says

    What a show this is. Its a shame people don’t realize how great the acting and writing is. By far one of the best shows on tv now. If they would put this on a different day instead of the dreadful friday time slot maybe more people would know about this great show.

    • Carol says

      If they would at least advertise the damn show it would have more followers. Perhaps only the people who watch Grimm know about it. Rarely have I seen an ad. Plus, you can advertise on cable stations like many others do. What a waste. And next week it says it’s season finale. Let’s hope it is only “season”.


  9. kim says

    Love Dracula. I am a huge fan from watching Tudors. Don’t cancel the show. There are few good shows on tv. Don’t cancel the good ones.

  10. Mia says

    Please NBC, don’t be stupid. Dracula deserves to be renewed. Great acting and great writing. Give it a better time slot and renew it

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