Gravity: Starz Cancels TV Series; No Season Two

GravityPay-for-view channel Starz has announced that Gravity won’t be back for a second year. The show completed its run last week after just 10 episodes.

Gravity is a dramatic comedy that follows a group from an eccentric out-patient program for suicide survivors. Co-created by Eric Schaeffer and Jill Franklyn, the cast includes Schaeffer, Ivan Sergei, James Martinez, Krysten Ritter, Rachel Hunter, Robyn Cohen, Seth Numrich, and Ving Rhames.

Starz had high hopes for the series but it just never caught on. The season (now series) finale attracted an invisible 0.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 54,000 viewers. To no surprise, Starz has admitted that neither Gravity nor Party Down will be returning for another round.

In a statement, Stephan Shelanski, Starz’ executive VP of programming, said, “After careful consideration, we’ve decided not to continue on with subsequent seasons of Party Down and Gravity. We’re grateful to everyone involved in the shows, and are proud to have had them on the channel. Starz remains committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup.”

What do you think? Did you watch Gravity? Why do you think it didn’t catch on?

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  1. Joan says

    Sorry to see this series go. Now that Starz is becoming more of a player with some other popular hits like Spartacus, Torchwood and Camelot, they should at least re-air the first season to see if it catches on better. The “psuedo cop” was actually one of my favorite characters. The writers are brilliant…cracked me up, made me gasp – and blush, now we are left hangin’ :-(

  2. pamela says

    you have got to bring it back was an awesome show…. we are dying to know what happens …. pls one more season …

  3. Zane says

    lol silly me i’ve sseriously been looking up when they’d be back on every month for the past year and now I see they’re both canceled :/ they were both so funny, i wish they’d be brought back.

  4. David Richards says

    This show died before its time unlike the characters in the show.
    I am so sick of shows being canceled so early on after they debut. Here are some ideas for how things should be run from here on in. Commit to us as we have committed to you. 1. From now on those in charge please just do a show that is one season long only and finishes in a full 20+ episodes and has no intention of doing a second season or I am not watching anymore. We deserve this. 2. Or give us one or a few more episode when ratings go badly to tie things up like they did with Pushing Daisies which is another great show canceled too early. 3. Film all the episodes beforehand and air them even if it’s late at night or online out of respect for your viewers who, if they are as pissed off as me will be avoiding any new series anywhere. 4. Maybe give us the un-filmed scripts online so that it doesn’t feel like we mean nothing to your company. We cared for the characters because of great writing, acting and direction. 5. Perhaps mini-series would be better than seasons, like one long movie that doesn’t leave us hanging and can be followed up with a continuation like some have in the past when they did well.
    I just don’t get why so many people are watching and believing in badly scripted (fake) reality shows (much like wrestling which is actually quite acrobatic but devoid of reality as well?) Gravity was fiction and we knew that going in and still we suspended our disbelief or it was suspended by this show’s heartfelt and mindful creativity. Junk food doesn’t just come from McDonalds people. And just as fast food burgers kill the body, most tv, unlike this gem, destroy the the brain. I don’t know which is worse – not being alive from fast food obesity induced heart attacks or nations of living & yet culture-less zombies?
    Sad. So very sad. Such a shame art is all about money to the powers that be. Ever hear of cult classics that pull in big bucks in over time? This show had that potential. Take that long range view before pulling the plug next time. 10 episodes, which should have been twice as long as they were in running time, was way too little to give us especially when it was so good and left us like it did. I feel like I lost a loved one too soon and I can’t get them back and am only left with fond memories that will never evolve and touch me as they should have.
    I’m sticking to movies from now on until things change and that is a great pity. I’ll be back when I get what Aretha Franklin sang so passionately about – RESPECT.

  5. josh norman says

    amazing show….eric schaeffer is a genius. should not have put it on friday night. nobody is at home on a friday night who isn’t a loser.

  6. Shaun says

    There are a couple of reasons I can think of as to why “Gravity” never caught on. First, the show was intelligent and the subject was slightly taboo; Next, and most important, is nobody really thinks of Starz as a channel that produces quality television. I mean seriously, when audiences think of quality television they immediately think HBO, Showtime, and hell even AMC. Should have given the show a chance Starz, it’s not like that many people are watching your channel anyway.

  7. x.o says

    gravity was ann amazing show. it was the only one that i could connect with. i wish there would be another season.

  8. Cesar says

    i’d like to know if Robert really gets shot and if somebody dies. it’s just great how it ended, thank you guys.

  9. Tania says

    Yeah please have this come back did you advertise it correctly. I found the show by accident I loved it. I need to know what happens to Lily and Robert from the crazy cop!!!!!!!! Please try one more season.

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