Harper’s Island: Watch the Thrilling Conclusion — Will There Be More?

Harper's IslandCBS’ murder mystery Harper’s Island came to a close on Saturday night after a crazy and horrific season. Will it be back for another round?

Harper’s Island tells the story of a group of family and friends who gather on an island for a wedding. One by one, the guests are murdered by a mysterious killer. The cast includes Elaine Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, Katie Cassidy, Cameron Richardson, Adam Campbell, Richard Burgi, Jim Beaver, C.J. Thomason, Victor Webster, Jay Brazeau, Dean Chekvala, Matt Barr, and Harry Hamlin.

The show debuted on Thursday, April 9th and won the timeslot in total viewership (10.49 million) but was second in the 18-49 demographic with a 2.7/8 rating/share. Unfortunately, that represented a huge loss from its CSI lead-in. Many viewers also tuned out before the first episode of Harper’s Island was over.

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Viewership for the subsequent episodes dropped each week and as a result, CBS sent the show packing to Saturday nights after three weeks on the air. Not surprisingly, the ratings took a bigger dive. They hit a low of 3.2 million with a 0.8/3 rating/share.

The mystery was constructed to run its course over 13 episodes. If the show had performed well, the plan was to do another season with a different cast and mystery. The series wasn’t a ratings winner so those plans won’t move forward.

Fortunately for devoted fans of the series, CBS aired the complete mystery and we learned who was behind the killings and why. If you missed the conclusion on Saturday night, you can watch it below.

Though this is the end of the show, the upcoming DVD set will include some extras that fans will enjoy. It’ll include deleted scenes, several featurettes, and audio commentaries from the cast and crew. The Harper’s island DVD set goes on sale September 8th, giving loyal viewers just enough time to forget enough details to be able to enjoy the mystery all over again.

Question for you… If there was going to be a second season, do you think any of the surviving characters should have been connected with the new mystery?

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  1. Michelle says

    I absolutely love this this show I recorded every episode on my DVR
    Yes they should have a second season
    Mkae it like a pre-qual what happened on the island with the first murders
    how John Wakefield became a killer !!!!
    I really hope to see this series return

  2. says

    I also loved this show, but how could you have a 2nd season (which I hope you will) and not include the original cast? Perhaps this was a horrible dream !

    Please bring them back!

    The show was full of suspense , kind of like “Lost”, hoping it never ends.

  3. Nora says

    I loved this show and looked forward to watching it every saturday night. I will truly miss this show and it’s cast. Abby and Jimmy were such a great couple together, ya’ll should crate a show will those characters. Like make a show that is what happend to them in the future and their lives together or something like that.

  4. Dr. David says

    I am not a fan of series TV, but I must commend CBS for the 3 that I do watch: Criminal Minds, The Mentalist and CSI New York. (As a fan of Chris O’ Donnell, I will likely tune in to NCIS San Diego,

    With that as background: I found Harper’s Island a DEEPLY satisfying experience. I loved the cast. I loved the new faces. I loved the plot twists, turns, false leads and dead-ends. It was cerebral, well acted, romantic–I am a hopeless romantic–and wholly engaging. When not see it on Saturday evenings, I watched episodes on my computer. I am in the process of watching the episodes again (#8 is next) to discover plot “tells” about the eventual outcome.

    I thought Elaine Cassidy and C. J. Thomason were marvelous, and a show built around them would be truly fun–life on the strange Harper’s Island.

    I wish CBS would indeed reconsider doing something with this and with this fine ensemble cast.

    AND indeed who the heck cares about reality TV and the blitering inanity of another Michael Jackson siting!

  5. Anonymous says

    Please make a second season! I am dying for more!!!! Why do none of the good shows make it. Remember the Ritches?

  6. James says

    Myself and friends were great fans of this show, and I think this was the most original tv shows is years. In a tv world now bogged by American Idol ripoffs, terrible reality shows ( seriously, does anybody watch Big Brother anymore? Did anybody ever watch it in the first place?) having a mystery where a character got bumped off each week, until the gruseom climax, Harper’s Island was an excellent idea. It’s a shame that tv audiences obviously don’t like change, which is why this new idea sunk in the ratings. Also, although the station I viewed the show ( Global) never changed it’s day, ( Thursdays) the network also helped with low ratings by switching time slots and barely promoting the show. I hope this does not deter the creators, who have said they have plans for more shows. In the meantime, what else is on?….Big Brother….bah!

  7. cpb says

    Couldn’t wait for Saturday night to get here so we could watch it. Will definitely be buying the DVD as soon as it’s released. Was really hoping CBS would do another mystery along the same vein as Harper’s. Especially enjoyed Dean Chekvala’s character J.D. along with the chemistry between the characters Chloe and Cal.

  8. Julie says

    My sister and I really enjoyed watching this show and talking about it every week. Thank goodness for TiVo. I was unaware it had changed to Saturday so I didn’t miss any episodes. It’s too bad people don’t know a good show when they see it. I was hoping there would be a season 2. I also hope CBS doesn’t give up on potentially bringing back another type of this show.

  9. Niel says

    Love this show… The show has a decreasing ratings since the aired time moved from the saturday night…and the last 2-3 episodes were a bit disappointing. But you know, overall it’s a great show and if CBS could packed the second season better, i bet the show could be success.

  10. Terri says

    I loved Harper’s Island. I didn’t always get to watch it on Saturday but I always caught up with it online. I really think they should continue the mystery with new cast and maybe bring Jimmy and Abby back.

  11. Jeff says

    I liked it. I was a bit pissed when they killed off Chloe but other than that It was good gruesome fun. It would be great if they had another murder mystery and somehow put Abby into the middle of it.

  12. Rafal says

    I also enjoyed it very much. Frome the first episode it got better and better!
    Good show, I would like to see another one simmilar

  13. ND Mitchell says

    I enjoyed Harper’s Island and was glad to see it all the way in its entirety. I’m so surprised and upset that the ratings were not that great nor will there be another season. I think it’s probably better on HBO, Showtime, F/X , or USA Network. I’m hoping the staff behind Harper’s Island will try another route to bring another great suspenseful mystery back on TV somehow or even straight to DVD. Besides, fans liks me have to know what happened to the survivors after leaving Harper’s Island. I WANT A HARPER’S ISLAND SEQUEL OR SOMETHING LIKE IT LIKE ANOTHER ISLAND, CRUISE or even MANSION.

  14. Shawna says

    Man I was so hoping there would be more to this show! I LOVED the first season and was wanting more. This show was so awesome, I love they had the more horror genre on TV. Grr…I want MORE!

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