Hawaii Five-0: Ratings Keep Falling, Beaten by Castle

Hawaii Five-0A couple weeks ago, we reported that the ratings for the new Hawaii Five-0 were not as good as the network would like you to believe. It may have started off as the season’s most popular new show but that’s not no longer the case.

Hawaii Five-0 got off to a strong start with a 3.9 in the 18-49 demographic and 14.2 million total viewers. In week two, they dropped 8% (not bad) and in week three they fell another 3% (still not bad).

For the fourth episode, the ratings dropped an alarming 11% to a 3.1 rating and 10.7 million viewers. We heard from several readers that all shows were down that night. Not so. ABC’s Castle was actually up by 4%. Still, if Hawaii Five-0’s steep decline was indeed an anomaly than you’d expect the numbers to bounce back the following week.

They didn’t. The numbers fell another 6.5% to a 2.9 in the demo and 10.94 million viewers. This week, they fell yet again — for the fifth week in a row — to a 2.8 rating and 10.23 million viewers. It’s only a 3.5% drop but, for the first time, Hawaii Five-0 was beaten by Castle. The ABC show’s its biggest competitor in the timeslot while NBC’s Chase is always a distant third. This week, Castle brought in a 2.9 rating and 11.32 million.

Hawaii Five-0 is still not in immediate danger of being cancelled. As expected, the network recently gave it a full season and ordered nine more episodes. The lower the ratings fall however, the less likely it is to be renewed for a second season. One has to wonder when the ratings will finally stop falling or maybe even start going back up.

What do you think? How low will the ratings fall? Are you still watching?

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  1. Bluez says

    I have to say, with all honestly, the writing in TV drama’s the last couple of years has been just horrible. If I had to guess who’s writing this stuff… it must be the soap writers that have become unemployed with the cancellation of their daytime drivel. Employ some better writing staff and the series will instantly become better! You have to wonder why a new series loses so many viewers in such a short amount of time, and bad writing is the first thing to pop out.

  2. Maggie Schultz says

    Oh, c’mon! Networks have to give shows a chance to catch their audience! I love Hawaii Five-O. I love the actors, the cinematography and beautiful location, the tributes to Hawaiian culture and references to quirky island facts, the chemistry between the characters, and the high octane action. It’s fun, it’s glossy, it’s great escapism.

  3. Jade says

    I really like Five-0, and I watch it on demand [thank god for demand], However I love Castel and watch it every Monday night.
    I feel if you would put Five-o on a Sunday or Saturday night the rating would go up, it’s a good show deserve better time slot, but not Monday or Thrusday nights at not 9 or 10 pm……

  4. Floridadude says

    Being a lover of the old Hawaii 5-0 I could not get into the new version. I am in the minority I know, but when you bring back a old TV show, that old show was popular due to the characters and the formula. Don’t mess with it. Sure I can see updating law enforcement techniques, you have to update the cars, but the characters, the names, the style they used, keep it the same or you will fail. Trying to change things just because times have chnged is NOT always the thing to do. If young people want to see a ramped up mondern culture change, watch CSI or something. This happened when they try to bring back Adam 12. They messed with the chracters, the style of the show and it got zapped. Same with Dragnet. These Hollywood morons think everything has to be changed to fit with today’s young hip culture and they never learn. I have yet to see a televison show brought back to life from a old series that has made it in recent times.

  5. Casey says

    I am a little disappointed in this show. I love Alex but there is something missing. It is better than Three Rivers but it’s no Moonlight. Daniel is not in it enough and I guess I was expecting something much better based on his character in Lost. Grace Park cannot act very well in my opinion. Scott Caan is awesome. I have never seen him before and was not expecting it. He and Alex together are so good. I have to laugh. I love Jean Smart. Hoping it will get better. I love Castle but I tape it so I can watch Hawaii Five O-at least for now. I may be switching it around and taping H50. I will watch the next couple months and see if it gets better.

  6. linda says

    I LOVE this show. Do not even think about cancelling.
    The new Steve is much more real, not so stiff, as the old character. The Danno character has much more personality, unlike James McArthur’s Danno.

  7. DLM says

    I enjoy Hawaii 50 as it is lighthearted, and yet is enjoyable. I again hate to see it go, but then so many of the decent shows don’t last very long – i.e the forgotten was also taken off the networks, and it was a good show.

  8. Jeanna says

    Please keep Hawaii 5-0 on TV! I record Castle and watch 5-0 (love them both). I like the fact that it’s the next generation after Steve McGarrett. Why can’t “we the people” have two good shows on at once on different channels.

  9. Brad Lloys says

    Monday Night Football is causing some of the ratings confusion, especially with the Packers/Vikings game this past Monday night.
    Watch the ratings increase this week with a bad Monday Night game !

  10. Peck says

    Steve, Of course I watched the old show and my comments on the new show are based upon that. My point is that Danno was McGarrett’s nickname for a character that was more sidekick than partner. The new Dan-O is based upon that character’s daughter’s nickname for her Dad. How lame is that? This is also not a remake of the old show, but a re-boot, so they are free to make the character changes for today’s market. McGarrett is now a former military, so calling him Commander is like saying Commander Bond as in James Bond. Give me a break!

  11. JC says

    The reason Castle is getting a better audience is due to the time slot. I like Castle, Hawaii 5-0 and Chase all on at the same time. However Castle is the only one I can’t watch later “On Demand TV”. so I watch Castle at its regular time slot and Hawaii 5-0 and Chase the next day. Don’t give up the program change the time slot or look at how often it is being watched on demand.

  12. Steve says

    Peck and Patrick, Do you guys even know anything about the old Hawaii 5-0, Uhm, this is a remake of the old show. Book’em Dano was a key catch phrase in the old show. I love the new show and record it every week. Give it a chance before you get all negative. Castle was also a very slow show to start and it has turned out to be pretty good, not nearly as good as 5-0, but ok.

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