Hell’s Kitchen: Renewed for Two More Seasons on FOX

seasons 11 and 12 for Hells KitchenFOX’s love of all things Gordon Ramsay continues. The network has renewed the outspoken chef’s reality series, Hell’s Kitchen, for two years — seasons 11 and 12. Season 10 is scheduled to kick off on May 29th and will run twice a week starting in June. A double renewal for the FOX show isn’t new. The network ordered seasons nine and 10 back in February 2011.

MasterChef will also return on May 29th, for the start of that show’s third season. Ramsay’s newest show, Hotel Hell, is set to premiere on June 4th. Kitchen Nightmares was renewed for a fifth season in February but the network hasn’t decided when that will air. Could it be that FOX is planning to start a Chef Ramsay channel someday soon?

Here’s the press release regarding the Hell’s Kitchen renewals:


Season 10 Starts Cooking Tuesday, May 29 on FOX

FOX has ordered an 11th and 12th season of the Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series HELL’S KITCHEN. In the hit cooking series, aspiring restaurateurs are put through an intense culinary academy to prove they possess the right combination of ingredients to win a life-changing grand prize.

On Tuesday, May 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), Chef Ramsay returns for the Season 10 premiere of HELL’S KITCHEN. Each week on HELL’S KITCHEN, as the teams are whittled down, the chefs get one step closer to earning the coveted black chef jacket. Eventually two finalists will compete head-to-head to impress Ramsay with their skills, and only one lucky chef will walk away with the ultimate prize.

Beginning Monday, June 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), HELL’S KITCHEN expands to twice per week with all-new episodes Mondays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Tuesdays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

HELL’S KITCHEN is produced by ITV Studios America in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions. Arthur Smith, Kent Weed and Gordon Ramsay serve as executive producers. “Like” HELL’S KITCHEN on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hellskitchen. Follow the series on Twitter at @hellskitchenonfox, and follow Ramsay at @GordonRamsay01.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Hell’s Kitchen? Do you think this is too much Gordon Ramsay?

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  1. Why Watch says

    Just seeing the last couple of minutes of this rotten food show before Fringe comes on is enough to make my stomach turn. How can any intelligent person watch such crud like this? Or any reality show? No wonder the US is in the state of disarray it is in.

  2. Jeremy Rynek says

    I 100% don’t get how these shows are doing so well. I mean really, one show fine, even 2, but now there is gonna be a 4th? Are you kidding me, another reason why I don’t watch too much fox anymore.

  3. JT says

    Show is CRAP, cooks on it are hacks. I’ve been ex chef for past 22 yrs and if I ever was disrepected the way Ramsey disrepects people, well ol Gordon would need someone to peel him off the floor, oh how I pity the fools that watch this garbage and think that is how kitchens are run, by a yelling screaming idiot, NOPE, you’d yourself in so many Hostile workplace lawsuits

  4. Bethany says

    YAY! 2 night a week that I don’t have to worry about trying to fit this channel into my programing watch list. My DVR will be so happy for the break. They expand this horrible show, that I don’t know anyone who watches, but they cancel fantastic programs. Smart move. Just because somebody told them (Faux) reality programming is cheaper and trending, doesn’t make it true. At least my schedule opens up because of it. Hours and hours of watching any channel but Fox, everyday except Sunday, Friday ( and only if they keep Fringe and Finder) and whatever day they land Bones on (as it keeps changing, so it is rather hard to find) And whatever day the decide to keep Glee and Finding Hope and New Girl on. Of course, the last list will probably be dwindled, because they are all great shows, so of course they should be canceled soon too. But so glad to hear this horrible show gets to not only stay on the air, but take up the timeslots vacated by actual good programing.

    • glen says

      I think hell’s kitchen is great. It is alot better than glee or new girl those are awaste of time and money. I think hell’s kitchen it is giving people a chance to be a really good chef that would normally never get a chance. Same with american idol with simon on it. he was harsh but he was being honest.It to gives people a shot that normaly would never get the chance to full fill their dreams. With the other shows it is just making actors richer and the poor poorer.
      But that is how i feel and everyone is free to have their own feelings .If everyone liked the same things this would be a really weird world.

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