Heroes: Will the Wrap-Up Movie Happen? Greg Grunberg Has Doubts and Hopes.

Heroes movie?NBC recently cancelled its sci-fi TV show, Heroes, after four seasons on the air. The ratings have been in decline for a long time and it just wasn’t feasible to bring it back as a weekly series.

Heroes creator Tim Kring has said that he’s working on finding ways to continue the saga in some way. NBC’s primetime entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, has indicated that they’ve already begun discussions about wrapping up the show with a two-hour movie.

One castmember has some doubts though about the feasibility of being able to round up the large cast, both in terms of money and schedules.

Greg Grunberg recently told EW, “Financially, it might be impossible to do. There are a lot of actors, we’re all tied to contracts [for other projects]. I hope that we can work it out. I mean, I’m certainly willing to come back and I think everybody is. Everybody I’ve talked to, is.”

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The actor continued, “Tim [Kring] has a great story in mind. I know he has to sort of rethink it because he was thinking in terms of six or 13 [episodes] now it has to be two hours or four hours. But I know that the network wants to. I a lot of people want that wrap up. A lot of people were unhappy with season two, three or whatever. Everybody’s got their thing that they can pick on but I think we were in kind of a good creative space and getting back to a place where people were happy with the show again so let’s wrap it up. Let’s see where these characters go.”

In terms of the Heroes characters’ endings, Grunberg said, “Let’s not kill them all off. Let’s have maybe some sort of happy ending? I mean, that would be nice. Certainly, I would love it if my character got to be that father, have that normal life that he always wanted. That, for me, would be a great ending for the show. It might be boring for people [to watch] but that’s what he always wanted and so that would be nice to be able to play.”

What do you think? Which characters would have to be included for the movie to be a satisfying conclusion? How would you like to see the Heroes story to end? Happy endings, a big battle with lots of casualties, or something else?

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  1. Erica says

    I LOVED Heroes. I just started watching it about a month ago on Netflix and I just finished the last episode of season 4. Im so mad it got canceled! I dont know why anyone thinks he got bad after season 1, I liked every season!
    I think SYFY could get more ratings for this show or THE CW. But If no one picks it up they need to do the movie, I hope its longg!! I think all the main characters should be in it: Claire, Noah, Tracy,Sylar, Peter,Matt,Ando, Hiro, Claires college friend,the haitian, Mrs Petrelli, & Suresh ( I dont think I missed anyone?)
    I think it should be a happy ending, have the world find out and them figure out how to show the world that they are not all bad. Like have them defeat a huge threat publicly and show that they are HEROES!

    To Jerri`s comment:
    I dont think Hiros gf should come back because she led a good life and she didnt want to change that. Isaak Mendez was killed by Sylar in season 1. The speedster died too.
    I do want to know what happened to Peters girlfriend from Ireland, its like they forgot about her.

  2. Jon says

    Well there should be a good battle at least in the made-for-tv movie, so they better spend some money on special effects. Characters who’s actors wouldn’t come back if SyFi picked it up should bite the dust. Other than that, let the writers run wild! I would love to see this if it gets done.

    I for one am hoping this will be another one of those shows that SyFi does pick up.

  3. Jerri says

    We need Peter, Sylar, Claire, Noah, Hiro, Ando,Tracy, Matt, Suresh, Angela, and maybe a bit with the Haitian. Also, for the movie, I think they should bring Nathan back. We know he was never buried or burned. We saw them load him up in a car while the funeral was going on, so they could bring him back for the ending. He was the beginning and should be there for the end. Hiro should get his girlfriend back, and Nathan should get his wife. And what ever happened to Isaak Mendez? They could work him in to the ending. And what ever happened to the Irish girl that Peter fell for? He should get her back in the end. There are a few others I would like to see back, but these are the important ones. I loved this show, and hate to see it end at all, but if it has to end, I hope it can go out with all the people we loved in it. Oh………….one more…..the Speedster. She was more interesting that Matt’s wife. They should be together like his visions said.

  4. Cody Bailey says

    Why not at least shoot for it, it’s the best thing I can see, but If they get put on a different channel I will be happy with that too.

  5. paul says

    I personally love the show it was based on a comic book which uses a certain formula and that is why to most comic book people it was a good show however the stupid critics that dont understand the formula of a story which has a consistant way of being told. The stories are just like the comics with Arch and end they always intruduce new charaters and place old favs in new situations. It is supossed to be entertainment and not epic story writing. it is a shame that the critics do this all the time they are currently doing it with glee and im sure that it will get beat down for its failure to show critical aclaim rather than just give us about anhour of entertainment. I hope they make a movie but if not at least i can buy the series on disc.

  6. Sara says

    I really like heroes, watched every episode from the beginning. I admit, it got a little shaky at the end. But I think the overall idea is great and I wish another network would pick it up and give it another try.

  7. Leo says

    It’s not much wonder the series popularity went into decline – idiotic scheduling by networks has reduced many promising series to “also rans”. – Heroes is just another one.

  8. Average Citizen says

    It’s better off not happening (IMO, at least).

    Ever since the unsatisfying first season finale the show was on a nosedive toward cancellation. It was great that a lot of fans could find justification behind citing something like the WGA strike as the cause of why the second season felt imbalanced and underwhelming as a whole but once the third season rolled out it didn’t magically perk up or recapture a bit of that panache that it had during its Freshman year.

  9. Mike says

    Well I think the end should have these fallowing characters in it for it to be a satisfying ending Syler, Peter, Clare, Hiro, and Ando. They also should make the ending a great battle between the heroes and the villans and then at the end have the heroes win and then all live on with their lives.

  10. Ed R says

    Id like to see them turn this into a movie series..like Star Trek does..or send this to the scifi network

  11. Pattie says

    I think the main characters they need are Peter, and Sylar. They can battle it out how ever they want. Don’t officially need anyone else, especially if they would be asking for to much money. OK, maybe Hiro, and Ando as well they make the show as well, but at the least Peter, and Sylar’s stories need to have some kind of closure to that story.

  12. Lori says

    For me personally, for the movie to be a satisfying conclusion I need to see Sylar and Peter for sure.

  13. Scott says

    I think at the end should be a big battle cause thats what heros is all about saving the world and fighting for what’s right. Now that people know who they are there should be a story line of good and evil have new people that have powers that are bad working for a mutant that can destroy the world and he heros have to find a way to defeat them and him.

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