Human Target: The Six Million Dollar Man Helps on Season (or Series) Finale!

IMAGEThey’ve really pulled out all the stops for the season finale of FOX’s Human Target. Of course, they have to since there’s no guarantee that the series will be back next season. But, even if you haven’t watched the series before, hearing that the Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors, will be a guest star, should have action fans tuning in to take a look.

Human Target premiered in January and stars Mark Valley as Christopher Chance. He’s a bodyguard of sorts, but instead of just throwing his body in front of his clients, he completely integrates himself into their lives, to become the target of whoever wants his clients dead. Winston and Guerrero (Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley) are his business associate and hired gun.

A few weeks ago on Human Target we were given a glimpse into Chance’s mysterious past and we discovered how he started working with Winston and Guerrero. Lennie James played his former partner, Baptiste, who is considered “the best assassin out there.” Valley admits, “I think he kicked my ass to be honest with you… I feel like the audience is rooting for Chance to kick his ass next time.”

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Next time? Yep, Baptiste is back, and Chance is going to get some help from Lee Majors, who plays his former mentor. The casting turned out to be a dream come true for Valley. He’s a big fan of Majors and said of working with the former star of The Six Million Dollar Man, “The little boy in me was tearing around the house, screaming at the top of his lungs… Inside I was like [mouth opened wide], Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Majors could see that Valley was moved and got a chuckle out of it.

TV show supportValley wasn’t the only one with admiration for Majors. The more eloquent McBride, who worked with him previously on The Brothers Solomon, admires the veteran actor for his long history in the business, and said, “You get to hear him talk about television, and he’s been around for a long time, you know, from Big Valley to Six Million Dollar Man, and you’ve got so much stuff in between.”

McBride also admires Majors for having been married to Farrah Fawcett, along with his work acumen. “The guy was actually standing in for himself between setups and stuff like that… I wish more younger people especially would get an opportunity to work with people like that.”

As devoted fans know, Human Target has not been renewed for next season and it appears the network is still on the fence. The ratings have been okay for this season; not bad and not great. Considering the fact that FOX has cancelled 24, it seems likely that the network will take a chance (no pun intended) and bring it back next season. We’ll know for sure by mid-May.

What do you think? Should Human Target come back for a second season? If so, would you like to see Majors again?

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  1. dowie says

    Bring back Human Target. It is entertaining-something that those ‘reality shows’ aren’t. Love Human Target & the cast.

  2. kathy green says

    PLEASE….bring back Human Target! It’s like watching a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie every week! Mark Valley doing his OWN stunts…just like Tom Cruise is great! All the cast is great except Elsa, the English lady they introduced. Really did not fit in to the story line. I think this screwed the show up…she needs to go away. The way the show was originally was the best. Love the show, otherwise! Please….bring it back or you’ll have a lot of ticked off viewers!

  3. Julie says

    I love this show, and will be very disappointed–once again–that a show I love won’t be given a chance to find an audience if it’s cancelled. Please renew this show!

  4. chris peters says

    not everyone are idol junkies,house and human target are the only two shows i watch on fox,please bring human target back,and id like to see that female fbi agent that chance liked more often,kinda competing with elsa for chance

  5. RougeDragon&Friend says


  6. Nancy says

    Human Target has it all!! Action, some humor, humanity, great stories, and wonderful acting. There are no other shows out there that one of the stars really does his own stunts. The new girl really adds something, as well as Elsa. Just watching Mark Valley is a thrill and Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride are a hoot. Please, Please, Please bring back this show.

  7. jack says

    greatest show ever, i love guererro. i really want to know his story, love the dark side to him. BRING IT BACK!!! ive seen every episode and want more

  8. Cheryl Ireland says

    Love the show. I keep checking to see if they have renewed it for another season. Many people will be disappointed if its not.

  9. James A. Stites says

    Great show, well written and acted. Story line terrific. Please return this show as soon as possible.

  10. Craig says

    This is one of my favorite shows on tv, NCIS #1,Human Target #2. PLease Bring it back next season. (Sept. 2011) Thanks

  11. Mike says

    Please bring it back for a third season. This show is always pack with action and drama. Keeps you on the edge of your seat! I’m speaking for all my family, father, 2 sisters and brother-in-laws who all enjoy this show.

  12. mR & MRS R. LUBOFF says

    Human Target is one of the very few shows on tv that is exciting adventurous and engaging.
    The existing characters are terrific – especially Jackie Earle Haley. But Lee Mahors would be a very welcome addition as well. We are commenting for 7 people who love this show!

    • Stephanie Alexander says

      Yes, the show is great! Please bring the show back for next season. It is the only show I watch at all. We all love Lee Major’s and wish he could come back too! :)
      Thank you-

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