Last Resort: What Did You Think of the Series Finale?

Last Resort series finaleThis evening, ABC airs the last episode of Last Resort — titled “Controlled Flight Into Terrain.” The network cancelled the Thursday night military drama after a short season of 13 episodes.

With low ratings, the writing was on the wall almost from the start. It was clear that Last Resort wouldn’t be getting a second season. Thankfully, ABC execs made their decision before the cast and crew had wrapped up filming, giving them time to change the 13th script and give fans some closure.

The cast and crew filmed the series finale in December and you can read some of their thoughts here.

If you missed the last episode, you can read about it.

Have you seen the series finale? What did you think of it? Are you satisfied that the show was given a proper ending?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Matt says

    Sad to see it go, but, at least they got to end the series instead of leaving it with a few un-aired episodes.

    As previously posted, I couldn’t see this going on a full 2 seasons (limited storyline)… but, would have liked to see alternative endings/more meat to it in the end.

    Someone else asked about how the “reality” shows survived so long? If I ever come up with an answer, I’ll let you know… except that people eat what the networks spoon-feed us. (guess the networks like it cause of less cost for writing, etc)

  2. Leigh Ann von Hoelle says

    I think they did a really good job in wrapping up in the series finally. I will miss this show, but didn’t see how they could continue and keep it interesting into a 2nd season. The cast was all great in their performances.

  3. Why Watch says

    Both happy and sad about the ending.

    Happy the writers gave it a good wrap up, though I feel it was a bit rushed. It could have played better as a full season show, but I admit, I’m not sure a second year would have kept the quality or focus (such as Revenge and Once Upon, which had a good first year and was interesting to watch but now seems to have lost focus of what made it good). Thanks for a good show, rare on TV these days.

    Sad in realizing there will be no more Last Resort.

    So two good endings to two shows I really enjoyed: Last Resort and Fringe. Both will be missed.

  4. DAVID says

    I was disappointed that the Last Resort was cancelled, I thought the characters and acting were quite good, especially Andre Braugher and Robert Patrick. The finale seemed as if the writers received the news about the cancellation and had to come up with speeded up version. I agree with some of the other comments about where the show could go with a story line, but I did tune in every week and enjoyed the show. It seems that good shows like this and Chicago Code get cancelled, when other terrible shows keep on going

  5. william scroggs says

    Cancelled or planned out in advance. Who cares? This should be the wave of the future for television and DVD on TV sales. Give me a great beginning middle and believable ending. So I don’t “Lost” in a story line of WTF sense does that make. A great 13 hour movie I’ll buy that on DVD anytime.

  6. Pat says

    Contrary to published comments about “lack of female watchers” – I’m female and thought this show was great. Unfortunately the finale was too short to wrap up the show properly – it should have been expanded into two hours. How can you put a show as good as that in a poor time slot and expect miracles. I never watch Reality shows and prefer my TV programs to feature real actors – and this one had great actors all around. Too bad that TV always caters to the “reality mad” majority leaving the rest of us in a TV wasteland. Oh well! By now we’ve learned not to expect anything better.

  7. says

    The show could have went on still could it was good and could have done more on land they ran some things to fast and others to painful all in all I am ATLEAST ( I MEAN ATLEAST) They had a finale most of the good ones do not and you are left handing for ever. The stations need to have a responsibility to its viewers. After all are we not there bread and butter do we not buy the cable and watch there channel? We should have a right to good and quality programming. Not just smut and so called reality crap.. It is mostly crap out there. I miss good shows real shows.

  8. Nick says

    I think not renewing this show is a bad move. I looked forward to seeing this every week and it had great actors… I’m totally disappointed..

  9. Nigel says

    I liked the concept and the first couple of episodes. Then the plot started to become too convoluted as various unentertaining sub-plots and characters began to emerge. Could have been great.

  10. margie says

    Last Resort was an excellent series. I cannot believe it had low ratings. The cast of the show deserve HONORS! I am really disappointed. I thought the series was excellent and I hope ABC reconsiders!!! There was lots of us interested!!!!!

  11. says

    At least the show had and ending. It was rushed, but they made it all fit. 40 plus years later alot of viewers are still mad about the way the original “Lost In Space” and “Star Trek” were canceled, no endings at all. Kudos for some kind of closure. The “stolen sub on an island” premise had a limited amount of episodes anyway. ABC should rethink this idea and maybe roll out something to do with the stealth weapon the sub had, new crew etc, but it was a good plotline, they just didnt expand upon it. Last Resort was the only show besides sports that I ever watch on the “Big Three” networks.
    Maybe the Goverment did make ABC cancel the show due to the nature of a goverment overthrow in the plot. If you dont think the goverment could get a show canceled , you are wrong. Our late President LBJ had the Smothers Brothers TV show canceled in the 60’s despite it’s very high ratings, and Tom and Dick Smothers had a hard time finding work for years after the cancelation, as they were considered subversive due to the jokes about the Vietnam war. Maybe it is censorship all over again.

  12. Justin says

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and I did not know it eas cancelled until last night’s episode made it quite obvious. I was worried that it would cancel, not because of a bad story or bad acting….quite the contrary….the acting was quite good. I was beginning to worry about where it was going….a finite number of characters could only yield so many scenarios. Although I will miss the show, perhaps it is best that it went out in the style that it did rather than lingering on for a few bad seasons. That being said, how the heck does something like this get axed while some of the reality crap shows live life immortal?!

  13. chelle says

    Andre Braugher was ABSOLUTELY STELLAR!!!! He deserves a nomination. This role truly gave him the opportunity to display his talent and skills. This series had all the ingredients of VERY GOOD television. I am disappointed to realize it was cancelled, along with Chicago Code, which was also cancelled. There are very extremely few dramatic series on television now overall

  14. Bonny says

    I’m really disappointed that Last Resort has been cancelled. In my opinion it’s a “on the edge of your seat, can’t wait till next episode” show, and judging from the previous comments, I’m not the only one who feels that way. Also, the finale was really stupid. I mean, really? Throughout the show the crew of the Colorado was wanted by the US for treason, suddenly there’s a hostile takeover by a handful of the crew, two missiles are deployed by the US to destroy the Colorado, Marcus begins acting as if he’s lost his mind, the bomb hits its target, then suddenly the crew is back stateside, free and clear, going about their business, as if nothing has happened. What happen to the charge of treason?? As far as I’m concerned, it was a very poor “finale”. I don’t feel it was low ratings, I feel that the writer ran out of ideas, he or she wrote his way into a corner and couldn’t find his way out. An example of that is in the finale. Right now I’m fooling myself by thinking that “maybe” it’s the series finale and next season the series will starting off by making it look as if the finale was a dream that the captain or the xo was having. It’s a great series, with an excellent plot and fantastic actors. Please rethink your decision.

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