Life on Mars (US)

Life on Mars on ABCNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 17 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: October 9, 2008 — April 1, 2009
Series status: Cancelled/ended.

Performers include: Jason O’Mara, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, Jonathan Murphy, Dominick Mancino, John Cenatiempo, Chris Miskiewicz, Tom Stratford, Lisa Bonet, Matthew Cowles, and Tanya Fischer.

life on mars (us) past TV show

TV show description: Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) is a modern-day detective for the NYPD’s 125th precinct. He lives with his girlfriend, Detective Maya Daniels (Lisa Bonet), who is kidnapped by a serial killer they’ve been investigating. Soonafter, while chasing a criminal, Tyler is hit and knocked unconscious by a speeding car. When he wakes up, Tyler finds that he’s been transported back to 1973.

Confused, Tyler makes his way back to his precinct building where he finds that the surrounding and attitudes are very different. Strangely, everyone at the precinct has been expecting him, thinking that he’s a transfer from Hyde Park.

Sam immediately clashes with his new boss, the irascible Lieutenant Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel), a man who would rather use his fists than his brains to solve a crime. Eventually, the two begrudgingly become a powerful team — whether they like it or not.

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The other squad members are a unique group. Detective Ray Carling (Michael Imperioli) is a sexist tough-guy, Hunt’s former right-hand man, and a handy guy to have in your corner. Police Women’s Bureau member Annie Norris (Gretchen Mol) is often the smartest person in the room but she’s relegated to menial tasks because of her sex. Tyler often defends her and the two develop a relationship. Rookie Detective Chris Skelton (Jonathan Murphy) is a sweet guy trying to make it in this uncompromising world. He likes Tyler’s modern thinking and begins to emulate it.

When he first arrives at the precinct, confused Tyler demands to know why his computer, desk and chair are missing. The detectives wonder if Tyler has a unique way of establishing authority, is a science fiction fanatic, or both. Once things quiet down, the police delve into a case that strongly resembles the one that Tyler was investigating before his apparent time travel.

Tyler continually tries to figure out what’s happened to him and receives various subliminal messages through televisions, phones, and various hallucinations. Can he find a way to return home, in time to help his girlfriend in peril? Is he in a coma, insane, or a true time traveler?

The series is based on a UK show of the same name that ran for two seasons.

Series Finale:     
The show has been cancelled.


What happened next?   
There are currently no plans to revive or remake the series.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tony says

    Cancelled! ABC is out of it’s collective mind. No wonder the ending was so lame. Good show up to the last 10 minuntes. I was hoping this series would continue on with more teasers and convoluted lines as had been promised.

  2. greenjello74 says

    ABC should be renamed already been canceled. This show was awesome, along with Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone and Boston Legal. Life on MArs and DSM never stood a chance. And Boston Legal being canceled just sucked.

  3. Karla says

    It’s a shame that a great show is cancelled when ‘Lost’ which is so lost is still on the air. This show was not given a chance to develope a following. I missed the first episode, but my husband and I were riveted from the second show on. I have never been saddened by the cancelling of a show until tonight. I would get excited the closer it came to 10:00 est. My husband and I were enthralled each week. We never watch ‘regular’ tv and I don’t think we will ever again. At least this show made you think and conjecture. Our society is so close to the paradoy Alec Baldwin talks about in his ‘commercials’.

  4. MJ says

    What the hell is going on? Yet another great show ditched to make room for some stupid dumbed-down reality series. No wonder network TV is dying – catering to the absolute lowest common denominator. So disappointing.

  5. Maria says

    What Is wrong with the TV Networks? Everytime a new good show comes along they get rid of it.. They said Life on Mars didn’t do good, What are they talking about I loved it and So did everyone I know. and from what I read on the responses so did everyone else.. I don’t know what they are talking about or what the real reason is for canceling the show in such a way I could figure out but This stinks! I looked forward to every wednesdays to watch this show and they take it away…. I hate Reality Shows and can’t watch them.. I say Bring Back Life on Mars and give it a better ending, One that makes sense come on 2035 whats up with that. 2008 to 1973 to 2035 That last 5 minutes of this last final episode made my head spin…

  6. AnnieSays says

    This is one of the best shows on TV….I am so upset that it is not on…sheesh give it a chance! All the characters are great…the writing is exceptional…the music is awesome….take some of the stupid reality shows…like The Hills off…there is absolutely no substance to that show…and half of those stupid reality shows are just ridiculous. A good program comes along and without a doubt you can it…PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!

  7. says

    I almost forgot, Worst Week was one of the funniest shows in years and so original. What happened to it? Same ‘ol thing. Canned. I swear if I see another stupid reality show in place of Life on Mars I will never watch ABC again. These guys are idiots anyway. What moron decided to put LOST on at the same time as American Idol?

  8. says

    Please! Stop making knee-jerk reactions to stupid ratings! With all the reality CRAP on tv and all the channel choices, it takes a little time these days to get to know and like a new show. Life on Mars was one of the best shows with interesting characters and excellent acting. What do we have to do to make ABC stop pulling the rug out from under us? First Pushing Daisies got canned, now Life. Jeffery D. Bader and Steve McPherson need to be canceled themselves! Bring it back!!!

  9. Jean says

    I just came across this show about a month ago – it took me two episodes to become hooked. The writing is excellent, the actors are wonderful – only ABC would be stupid enough to cancel this – reflects the thinking at the top of the network – duh!!!!
    I would love Sci-Fi to pick it up – or another network with some insight. It needs to be promoted more – I didn’t have a clue this was on last fall.

    Again – this show has great potential – bummer it will be lost –

  10. marsfan says

    It never fails, a really good TV show comes around and the networks don’t give it a chance to survive. If it can’t immediately be THE BIG HIT, it’s yanked before our very eyes. But yet the crap they keep coming back with season after season….yes, I’m talking about the non-stop reality TV crap. This series had great actors, writing and plot lines. I was interested to see how far it could have gone but geez ABC, ONE SEASON!! I will be sending ABC a nasty gram although I can’t see it doing any good.

  11. sam says

    I cannot believe ABC is not going to continue this show. It is so entertaining – one of the best on television. Please do not cancel.

  12. Mike says

    I hate that this show is not going to be on for another season. The actors were great the writing was wonderful, and the props were so great as well. It looked and feels like the 70’s. I would like to say as many of you think ABC YOU SUCK. Give us a good show then take it away. You have to give it more time so poeple will catch on to the plot. What ever you put on please dont let it be a game show or stupid reality show. Well it doesnt matter i wont be watching. ABC YOU SUCK. Grecten Mol you are so hot you rock.

  13. jennifer says

    I really enjoyed this show too. It was different & I sat intensly watching it every week. I am too sick of reality shows I don’t even watch them anymore at all. This was something interesting to me.

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