Mama’s Boys From the Bronx: TLC Series “Cancelled” Says Star

canceled Mamas Boys From the BronxTLC has yanked Mama’s Boys From the Bronx from their schedule after two weeks on the air. The reality series revolves around a handful of thirty-something Italian-American guys who live at home with their moms in the northernmost boroughs of New York City.

According to TVMediaInsights and Nielsen, week-to-week Mama’s Boys dropped from 808,000 to 610,000 viewers at 10pm, and 817,000 to 563,000 viewers at 10:30pm. The cable channel has replaced Mama’s Boys with installments of Undercover Boss Abroad.

Castmembers have been encouraging fans of the show to petition TLC to bring the show back. One of the stars, Anthony Zoccolillo, wrote on Facebook, “You know whats funny TLC? We filmed all this great stuff about our culture, values, and traditions and you cut it all out and make them add all this nonsense then cancel us cause nobody liked what you told our production team to shoot.. what do you know about our Italian culture… let us be who we really are and then maybe we would have got better ratings.”

TLC commissioned eight episodes and four have yet to air. There’s no word on when or if they ever will.

What do you think? Did you like this reality series? Do you think that TLC should air the rest of the episodes?

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  1. gina says

    I’m so glad they took this while off. I was raised on Arthur avenue and its disgusting to watch guts who are supposed to be men being born. I’m embarrassed to say these boys are part of my culture. I am a first generation Italian……raised there….and have more independence than these ridiculous wannabes. Ugh….what a stereotype and are making all Italian American guys look like they are all connected and all idiots. I feel sorry for any woman who actually thinks its fool to be involved with a man who can’t iron his own shirt or find his own toothpaste. Idiots!

  2. Dana says

    I was wondering what happened with this show. I watched 1 episode and it was truly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. What a bunch of total losers.

  3. Mizzou says

    Loved it, cutural diferences are fun to see. Who wants to se their replafement show which shows bosses, really? Don’t we get enough of our own. Bad choice TLC. Booo Hiss

  4. Miranda says

    When a mother says to her son “did you get your pipes cleaned out last night” what the hell is wrong with this picture!! These “men” need to grow up and be responsible. The mom’s need to cut the damn apron string NOW or maybe it’s too late……..Good riddance to the “boys”!!!!

  5. Dee says

    This is to TLC..I have no idea why you cancelled Mamas Boys..this was a great show..very funny but as an Italian this was so true to life. I normally love TLC but to have this program replaced by some of the dumbest shows I have ever seen. Who cares about Teen Moms or Honey Boo Boo. These really are insulting my intelligence. And this ridiculous 19 kids and counting family should be looking at birth control instead of making money having them. I am ready to contact TLC to have this channel removed.

  6. Thomas says

    Who cares about TLC the shows on TLC have become so stupid I wont even watch the channel anymore, I probably wouldn’t miss the channel if it were pulled from my cable lineup… As for Mamas Boys From The Bronx? They should find a real channel to air their program, TLC made them add stupidity because they wanted a stupid wannabe show like Jersey Shore instead of reality and culture, I thought the show was great, it reminded me of growing up with my parents and I didn’t even grow up in New York, I grew up in Cicero Illinois from the 70’s until late 2003, and not very much is different within our culture except distance…

  7. says

    I am Italian and I would love to see the show come back on the air. I am the aunt of an only son and my cousins and my nephew also liked the show. That is just Italian culture for the children to take care of the family. Please bring it back on.

  8. Dana says

    First of I am Italian and not offended by the show at all! i think its great and absolutely true! It’s a riot to watch and very disappointed that it’s off the air!

  9. Christy says

    I agree Beth!! Who wants to watch a bunch of losers sleeping with anything that moves and mothers condoning it all. Disgusting. If I was Italian, I think I would be offended by my culture being presented in this manner.

  10. Beth Lavenstein-Becker says

    I never watched the show because the subject matter was truly disgusting.
    I did watch a trailer of it and it showed some very dysfunctional, immature grown men who never grew up. No real careers. Never faced life.
    These type of people should not be showcased.
    Thanks TLC!!!!

    • Connie says

      @Beth, do you think it would have been better having Jewish momma boys??
      How would you know how the show was if say that you’ve never watched an episode??

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