Merlin: Trailer Released for Season Two of Supernatural Series

MerlinThough the show attracted a devoted audience on NBC, it looks highly unlikely that NBC will be bringing Merlin back for a second season. Its ratings were anything but magical for the peacock network.

Fortunately for UK viewers, the show has been a success for the BBC. The first season of Merlin began airing in September of 2008 over there and ran through December. Soonafter, the network announced that a second season had been ordered.

Colin Morgan returns as the young sorcerer who must fulfill his destiny and protect Prince Arthur (Bradley James). Other regular castmembers include Anthony Head, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, and Richard Wilson.

The second season of Merlin is set to debut on Saturday, September 19th. In the premiere episode, an ancient and supposedly cursed tomb is discovered that’s filled with treasure. Meanwhile, a new servant named Cedric (Mackenzie Crook) is doing his best to supplant Merlin’s position as Arthur’s right-hand man and friend.

We may not get to see the episodes for quite awhile here in the US (perhaps on BBC America?) so here’s a little taste of what season two holds for the young magician.

What do you think? Look enticing or not up to snuff?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ben says

    Everyone should check the torrents, I see current episodes of season 2 just as recent as 4 days ago. So it seems at least we will get to see Season 2, I agree with the people here I think the show is a quality show that all ages can watch. I do like the history behind King Arthur, watching the earlier movies. Also the earlier tv show with Sam Neill in it Merlin’s Apprentice. It is annoying when they axe good television and put on main stream crap.

  2. Jenni says

    I can’t believe this…..what a crock. I can’t believe that we get these idiotic reality shows that I have no interest in at all. Who care who loses the most weight, 8 kids and 2 crazy parents, who has the most talent and all the other shows that are crap….I can’t believe that this was cancelled. It was a show that was actually worth watching I quess I will just have to get it on DVD to watch it, the way it is going I will not be watching any tv much anymore cuz there is nothing on worth watching……pathetic……….

  3. Lanie says

    This is the only television series EVER that we watched as a family. Every one of us looked forward to it. We can only hope that NBC reconsiders or somebody else picks it up.

  4. Susan says

    I do believe Merlin has been canceled, because anything of any substance does not survive in this medium. We would all gather on Sunday evenings in the summer (ages 7-63) and watch the saga continue. My granddaughter especially, which is why I’m on this site trying to find out is I can get a DVD for a xmas present, instead I find out it is basically finished. I basically don’t watch NBC and this is why.

  5. Amber says

    I did not know till now that Merlin was canceled until today and that makes me very upset. I support Merlin 100% but it is hard when sometimes people just can’t afford cable like myself. I pick the internet over cable at least than I can still watch all my favorite shows and it really sad when NBC is canceling all the shows that is interesting, magical, and lets people really use their minds again. I honest don’t care about the dating shows, who just might hook up with who and create drama everywhere or boring crap like that. I want to feel that I am part of the show something that will really make me laugh not because some moron is being stupid. Something that can make me cry and not because I am watching the most stupid thing that was ever put on t.v. I want that my selfish Arthur, my short-temped Uther, my brave Morgan, my smart Gaius, my kind-heart Gwen, and my clumsy Merlin back!

  6. RICH S says


  7. Jim Roach says

    Soooo what happened we don’t get to see the rest? We get alittle teaser and then get the rug pulled out from underneath us? Who’s in charge with programing because obviously they are’nt in touch with the public or mabe they have their own aggenda.

  8. Norma says

    I agree with Linda, I couldn’t wait for season 2 and now it’s canceled before getting a chance? I know a lot of people were not aware of program and other famous shows such as star trek did not make very good ratings in the begining either, I would hate to think that this society has no sense of imagination left, since we keep seeing the same stories over and over again.

  9. Linda says

    I’ve been watching for Merlin to return, but haven’t seen it so decided to search online to find out what happened. I can’t believe that NBC has decided not to continue with the series. Why do they keep pushing these mindless reality shows at us and take away entertaining family shows that can encourage the imaginations of our youth. It’s a tragedy. It’s time to stand up for family entertainment once again. Bring back Merlin and other family shows – our society needs it.

  10. says

    Merlin is a show the whole family can watch and enjoy. Its entertaining. Who cares if its fact or fiction. If we wanted fiction or nonfiction we would read a book. Merlin was and is a great show. Who do you get your polls from certainly not the people who watch it. Instead you put on all these stupid reality shows, families could care less about. Bring back Merlin. It seems when someone gets interested in a show – it goes off and you make the decision to not bring it back.

  11. says

    What the heck? Why is it that when people get into a show, they want to cancel it? That’s so not fair! WE WANT MERLIN!! We get all caught up with the characters and then they take them away. C’mon people. Screw the ratings and give your customers what they demand!

  12. Ray says

    It would figure that they give us a taste of a great show and then rip it away from us. The least they could do is put it on another channel they own, such as, SyFy (previously Sci-Fi). Then maybe they would find the audience ratiungs they are looking for. I mean seariously, who looks for good shows like that on net work tv anyways.

  13. tmdeer says

    I hope NBC reconsiders. This was one show that we could actually sit down and watch with our kids. And what a great way to end the week-end – spending time with our kids! There is so much junk on these days that we have to wait and watch tv when our kids go to bed.

  14. Sbwink says

    This show would be a great addition to the ScyFy lineup especially since that network rarely if ever , with a few exceptions, has come up with anything even remotely as interesting or creative. It never ceases to amaze me that with all the resources at its disposal the ScyFy continues to produce mediocre to horrific products on a regular basis. It really can’t be that complicated pitching really creative shows or finding a decent creative group of writers and producers to spearhead them.Unfortunately, someone in charge has to be willing to see the value of a good story.This network attempts to offer an obviously growing audience something they can rarely find anywhere else. It is really tragic that they are missing a golden opportunity to both provide a much needed service and quite possible make money at the same time..What a concept!!!

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