MerlinNetwork: NBC, Syfy
Episodes: 65 (hour)
Seasons: Five

TV show dates: June 21, 2009 — May 31, 2013
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Anthony Head, John Hurt, Richard Wilson, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Michelle Ryan, Caroline Faber, Michael Cronin, David Durham, Gary Oliver, Rick English, and Ed Coleman.

merlin past TV show

TV show description:
A drama series that brings a new take to the story of Merlin (Colin Morgan), the sorcerer of Arthurian legend.

In this version, the mythical kingdom of Camelot is a fantastical realm of legendary beasts and mysterious people, a dangerous world where magic has been banned by the stern and protective king, Uther Pendragon (Anthony Stewart Head).

When Merlin, a young man gifted with extraordinary magical powers, arrives in the kingdom, he quickly makes enemies — including the heir to Uther’s crown, headstrong Prince Arthur (Bradley James). Guided by Uther’s wise physician Gaius (Richard Wilson) and The Great Dragon (voiced by John Hurt), Merlin begins use his talents to unlock Camelot’s numerous mystical secrets. As he does so, he discovers that his destiny and that of Arthur, the kingdom’s young leader in waiting, are inextricably linked. Merlin becomes Arthur’s servant and begins to bond with the Prince

Morgana (Katie McGrath) is the daughter of Uther’s deceased best friend, and now the King’s ward. Despite their class differences, she is best friends with her servant girl, Gwen (Angel Coulby). Though Gwen generally has an open and friendly personality, she occasionally butts heads with Arthur.

Meanwhile, Nimueh (Michelle Ryan), a beautiful and powerful sorceress, is bent on destroying Uther, Arthur, and restoring magic to Camelot.

Series Finale:     
Episode #65 – The Diamond of the Day (part 2)
Merlin escapes the Crystal Cave after regaining his magic. He travels to Camlann and uses his powers to help defeat Morgana’s troops. During the battle, Mordred gives Arthur a fatal wound but Arthur gives him one of his own. As Arthur lays dying, Merlin confesses to his friend that he is a sorcerer and to save him, they must travel to Avalon.

In Camelot, Morgana’s spy is discovered and hanged. Sirs Gwaine and Percival hunt down Morgana. She overpowers them and tortures Gwaine to death, but not before she extracts Arthur’s location from him.

Morgana reaches Merlin and Arthur and attacks them. Wielding Excalibur (which was forged in Dragon’s breath), Merlin kills her but, even with the help of The Great Dragon, does not get Arthur to the island in time. Arthur thanks Merlin for his friendship and loyalty — and then dies in his arms.

The Great Dragon confirms that Arthur is dead. Merlin realizes his destiny is to protect the King’s resting place. He throws Excalibur into the waters of Avalon and then sends Arthur’s body after it.

Guinevere ascends the throne of Camelot and Gaius becomes her mentor. Merlin waits by Avalon for the rise of Arthur. In the present day, we see that an immortal Merlin is still waiting for his friend Arthur to rise again — as the “Once and Future King” is destined to do when Albion’s need is greatest.
First aired: May 31, 2013


What do you think? Do you like the Merlin TV series? Do you think it should have ended or continued for a sixth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. roger elliott says

    it is sad that the series is ending. i shall miss the gallantry of the days of old. we need such men today.

  2. darlene says

    I liked the Merlin series and I can not believe it was cancelled. I liked the BBC Robinhood series and it was also ended too soon. I wish they would bring it back Merlin. It seems reality shows keep being replacing good shows. I do not know who is watching the reality shows as all my friends do not watch them. I do not think the networks really understand how many people are really watching these good shows. I know some people do not have cable and they watch the shows playing on tv. Just looking at the cable tv numbers is not the total number of people watching. I always looked forward to buying the season dvd series as well. I guess now I will start watching a tv station called ME or more of the public stations of channel 8. This has a lot of good old TV series without all the reality shows.

  3. robert says

    I love this show and it blanks me off that another show like this one is canceled. I have been waiting for the new season and now that it is here.. they stick it to you.. I wish I had a vote some where to tell the higher ups to leave some showes alone.. Being Human will be next you watch.. WB got rid of secret circle I liked it too.

  4. Jim says

    Everytime we have a clean family show the networks decide to cancel. Then the all knowing executives replace the beloved program with something promoting non-esistant morals, over the top language, near nudity, lieing, cheating, stealing and drugs.

    Is this for our young people and our children? Or – does it ease your concience and feel a little better about your own lives?

    Thanks, once again for a completely lame decision. You’re defiently worth your salary.


    P.S. Please excuse all of the misspelled words and gramatical mistakes. I’m sure there are many of you chomping at the bit to tear this comment apart.

  5. Becky says

    NOOOOO! Don’t cancel Merlin!!! How are we going to find out how Arthur got Camelot back??!!! This is RIDICULOUS!!! I REFUSE to watch those REALLY STUPID reality shows…I KNOW it’s all scripted anyway… PLEASE bring Merlin back!!!!!!!!

  6. perplexed says

    Of all the idiots in the world, we had to have you to cancel a good show like Merlin and renew garbage. wish we the viewers could tell you by voting instead of you making poor judgement. Upset and angry…..

  7. Lea says

    Although one of the best reconceptualizations of the time honored tale of Camelot, it’s writers unrelentingly promote deceit, hipocracy, and abdication of personal responsibility. Main characters state “I had no choice…” at least once per episode, and indulge in lie after lie, while espousing the virtues of honesty. Even the “wise” characters consistently engage in centristic behavior and subvert primary tenents such as the infinite value of an individual life. And, whether or not Camelot ever existed, the message its story brings to us represents an ideal to which our species is truely capable of ascending. Therefore, and urgently; Writers, “clean up your act…”.

  8. Anonymous says

    Merlin is an excellent show . I am very glad that SYFY pick it up when NBC drop it
    I hope SYFY continues and bring the season 4 to US . All my friends and family really enjoy this great, innovative and entertaining show

  9. K says

    I actually enjoyed this series. What a fun, innovative idea for an old story. It was family entertainment, not meant to be anything more. As such, we watched it as a family with my youngest 8 year old. She enjoyed it very much. Hope it isn’t cancelled.

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