Missing: ABC Series Cancelled; No Season Two

Missing on ABC canceled, no season 2Becca Winstone’s chase is over. ABC has cancelled Missing, their Thursday night TV series, after one season and 10 episodes.

Starring Ashley Judd, Missing follows a former CIA Agent turned single mom as she searches for her missing son in Europe. The action show also stars Adriano Giannini, Nick Eversman, Cliff Curtis, Tereza Voriskova, and Sean Bean.

Missing got off to a disappointing start on March 15th, registering a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.60 million viewers. It was in third place for the demo and second place in total viewership.

In week two, the numbers took a significant drop, to a 1.6 rating with 8.81 million. Over the next several weeks, Missing fell lower and lower. The most recent episode hit a new low with a 1.1 demo rating and 6.37 million total viewers.

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Overall, Missing’s been averaging a 1.5 rating with 7.70 million viewers. If they had more episodes in the season, those averages would surely keep sinking lower.

On our ABC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo success of TV shows on the network, Missing has a “D-” for a grade. Of the 22 scripted shows on the network this season, Missing ranks 21st — just above the already-cancelled Charlie’s Angels remake.

With low ratings and steep declines, it’s no wonder that ABC decided not to renew Missing for a second season.

The series finale airs next Thursday and will hopefully include enough closure to satisfy the viewers that stuck with it.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Missing has been cancelled? Why do you think the show didn’t succeed? How long should have the show realistically lasted — one season, two, three or more?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    This is another series I started to watch that was very well written and great actors and actresses and it was cancelled. I hate reality shows and will not watch for any reason no matter who it may be about. How does this Missing TV Series get cancelled and the crappy reality TV shows continue. Please bring this series back. The other TV Series Zero Hour needs to be brought back as well!!!!! Please reconsider. Thank you for listening.

  2. Ms. B says

    Oh WOW!!!! I can’t believe the show is cancelled! Those reality shows are ridiculous! How do they make it and this one didn’t? I love this show! ABC, please rethink this decision… Not smart!

  3. cynthia says

    gosh really missing was just off the hook and you had to cancel it that is so sad and i was really looking forward to season two…..

  4. Mariska says

    Seriously?! For the life of me I can’t think of any reason why this happened. I absolutely loved the series, and at the end of each episodes I couldn’t wait for the next one. I personally think it was a fantastic series. Everyone knows stats are totally unreliable. Some really stupid series/shows gets high rates (which makes me wonder how many people just cannot comprehend good shows) and then the really good shows get stuffed. Please rethink this. It’s the same as Terra Nova of the Fox network – rates not being what is needed to carry the high cost of the show, though the “number” of viewers were over 7 million. Get real people!

    • Maria says

      OMG! This series is way better than the stupid reality shows! I can’t wait to see their next episode I love Ashley Judd, she’s a good actress. Put it back on please..

  5. Terence says

    What!!it cant be…just give it another series.its probably the best series ive ever watched….please!please bring it back

  6. Virginia says

    I had been looking fwd to watching the next series . My family was too. After researching for some time and finding out there is no second series, pissed me off. I got to say Ashely Judd is a good actress. I think ABC needs to rethink this again!!!

  7. Huh? says

    It’s hard to believe that Missing wasn’t able to attract enough viewers. Maybe just bad luck or maybe the marketing team didn’t do such a hot job to bring in the audience.

      • Karen says

        I really enjoyed the show. I keep wondering what happened to Becca. What was the cause of her missing just when she finally found her son and her husband. It would be frat if the show came back on.

  8. BostonFan says

    Very disappointed that ABC did not give it another shot and go for a second season. I loved it. I found that the show at first ran on multiple nights during the week and perhaps that confused viewers to the point where they never knew when it was regularly scheduled and that tends to cause a lack of interest, this is based on personal experience with other shows. Thursday night may have been the killer since it was up against other well established shows that have a dedicated viewership. I must have missed the “series finale” because the last show I caught left me totally up in the air just like Fox’s Alcatraz. Too bad, ABC is not a network I watch a lot, there is so much junk TV, this was one of their better shows.

  9. charlotte verworn says

    My friends and I are extremely disappointed in the show being cancelled. We so looked forward to it weekly.

  10. JohnHibert says

    This was the best show on Thursday night and the idiots at abc wrecked a good thing so I decided to boycott abc and my family also did. They can eat nutshells from the Bronx

    • Grace says

      The only show I watched on ABC was missing, and I want it back! Please make a season two! I love that show!!!!!

  11. Dutrisac Family says

    We are a family of 6 (from 12 to 47) watching Missing every week during season one. At dinner we were asking when the season two will begin? We are disappointed that Missing will not return, there is so much more boring tv shows right now and find it hard to understand that Missing was rank so low. I have to mentionned that at one point in the first episodes, we were frustrated how close it would get for her to find her son but turn out to be “can’t wait for next week turn-out”…..

  12. Mr. E says

    I agree with the positive statements above. I really enjoyed Missing. I know it will not be back. TV networks – find a positive way to end a series rather than just cancel in mid-air. Give us closure. The 18 – 49 demographic is not the only group of people in the world who spend money!

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