Monk: Your Turn to Pitch Reunion Movie Ideas

MonkAfter eight seasons on the air, Monk is finished and the last episode has aired. The mystery of Trudy’s killer has finally been solved and Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has found some peace.

Still, many people aren’t quite ready to let the characters go and would love to see them return in one or more reunion movies. The cast of the USA TV show are open to the possibility as well.

Shalhoub told the Boston Herald, “We’ve talked about a Monk feature. We’ve been talking about that for a long time. The cast would love to do it. But there’s really nothing hard and fast in the pipeline.” In another interview, he concluded, “I never say never.”

The last episode ended on a positive note and gave some closure but certainly leaves room for new Monk stories. If there were going to be a reunion movie, are there any issues left unresolved that you’d like to see addressed? A story idea? Perhaps some threat to Molly?

What would you like to see happen? Or, do you think there shouldn’t be a reunion movie?

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  1. e dorsogna says

    Here’s my idea for a MONK reunion movie:
    Open on a close-up of a mailbox. It says STOTTLEMEYER. Close shot of a figure skulking around a living room window, prying it open and sliding something in: a letter in an envelope. Next morning, Leland’s wife, up before him, finds the letter, opens it; she sees her name in the salutation and the note reads: REMEMBER EUGENE? YOU DIE IN TWO WEEKS.
    Cut to the beloved opening credits.
    To get Randy back, he and Sharona are taking a sentimental journey back to SanFrancisco. From there, there is the plotline of Adrian and Natalie – with an assist from Randy and Sharona – trying to solve what is going on: who wants to kill Stottlemeyer’s wife? What does the note mean?
    We could drag in Ambrose too and of course Monk’s shrink.

  2. Tom says

    Natalie learns that her husband Mitch might still be alive.
    I don’t think his body was ever found.
    Natalie asks Monk to investigate.
    Monk starts to worry that if they find Mitch, he’s going to lose Natalie.
    In therapy, Monk begins to explore his feelings for Natalie.
    I don’t know how it should end except that Monk solves the mystery.

  3. Anonymous says

    Monk goes to Africa to reunite with Samuel from “Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man,” personally my favorite episode.

    When Monk says goodbye, Samuel tells him, and I’m paraphrasing here, “We’ll meet again. You should come visit me in Africa.”

    They’d call it “Monk in Africa” (to parody the title of the awful film “Shaft in Africa.)

    Monk would have to solve Samuel’s murder (something I’d like to avoid) or another murder that occurs while Monk is visiting Samuel in Nigeria.

  4. Big_Willie_Styles says

    My personal favorite episode was “Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man.” At the end of the episode, Samuel said he will see Monk again and that he should visit him in Africa. That could easily lead to a movie called “Monk in Africa” (to parody the title of the awful film “Shaft in Africa.”)

    They could either kill Samuel (something I wouldn’t suggest) or someone else dies on Monk’s visit to Nigeria, so that Monk has a murder to solve.

    I’d just love to see an extension of my favorite episode.

  5. Kris says

    At the very least there should be a reunion Halloween episode for 10/10/10 – perhaps Adrian could be at peace with the world on that day…

  6. Eddie says

    Maybe they should have a nationwide serial killer which would require multiple departments, bringing Disher and Stottlemyer back together. otherwise the idea of Mitch’s case would be good.

  7. Nikmal says

    What I would LOVE to see is for Monk to get in to a relationship. One that is actually viable and fit for his character. Now that Trudy is truly put to rest he can feel like he can move on and him getting in to another relationship would be a good thing and a reason to do a reunion movie too..

  8. Michele says

    Monk and natalie should have ended together.
    A movie with all the gang together would be great, no Molly on it – didn’t enjoy her appeareance at all!!! – but a big mystery to make all of them work together and, of course, to finally put Monk and Natalie closer, with no Albright tyo interfere!

  9. americo85 says

    Since disher has transferred, I feel like if he was to have a hard time with a case and contact monk for assistance, this would be a good link into a movie. I also like the idea of having dale the whale involved. Or perhaps monks therapist is murdered?

  10. nick says

    natalie and monk should end up together. i’ve watched it from season 1 ep 1 to the end and that was my disappointment.

  11. Deb says

    DEFINITELY A REUNION MOVIE!! I agree Stephen needs to go. Monk is already too close to Molly and possibly she should come up missing and start the whole thing over again. All the same characters please.

  12. matt says

    DALE THE WHALE!!! He was a great bad guy. He had a thing for Sharona so that could bring her and Randy back.

  13. Bobbi says

    Okay, I miss Monk!!
    Here is what bothered me about the finale:
    Steven: random, irrelevant, he lacked any personality, he was Mitch’s BFF and that’s weird that him and Natalie have a “relationship”, he’s boring ,he doesn’t fit well in the story. he doesn’t seem like someone for Natalie.
    Molly: Another seemingly irrelevant character. Sadly I noticed that Monk only loved her because she resembled Trudy so much. She is 26 and Monk wants to spend all his time with her, but a 26-year-old probably has other priorities.
    Here’s what needs to happen.
    Mitch’s death was left uncertain, Steven should somehow be responsible and Natalie will find out and ask for Monk’s help solving the case. Maybe Steven should threaten the life of Natalie and Monk will come to the rescue and Natalie realizes she enjoys spending time with Monk and not Steven.
    and Molly should move away. Monk should replace a few Trudy pictures with pictures of Molly. Julie should go away to college but shouldn’t be forgotten, maybe a mystery involving her. Disher should come back to help solve a case. Hopefully, Monk and Natalie will become closer in their relationship. Monk shouldn’t remarry or date though.

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