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  1. cardiffc says

    The Firm, the best drama show out there, where are they getting their ratings from anyway? Hope they give it another season.

  2. robin says

    please do not cancel harry’s law. i love that show. its the right blend of humor and drama. kathy bates can do no wrong.

  3. Carol says

    LOVE Grimm – please keep it around! Who Do You Think You Are? is one of the most entertaining shows on television. My husband and I both look forward to it every Friday evening! Thank you! All the other non-scripted shows suck.

  4. Ana R says

    I can’t believe The Firm doesn’t have better audience. Best show since “24”. Right amount of intrigue, suspense and drama. Hope it stays!!!!

  5. marty says

    I love Grimm, and i so very much hope it continues. But I have a question; With America generally getting older, just why is it that people in their 50’s are completely unimportant to the executives? Don’t they purchase a whole lot more then some 20 year olds/ Aned they certainly are not about to die! they will be around for decades. So why not hear their voice too? I am starting to think its actually a very serious wrong. I don’t feel like once I am past 49 I will cease to matter.

      • SD says

        Also its the people in their 50’s that are home watching most of the shows, as the younger generations are turning to on-line streaming

    • Craig says

      I wonder about that too. While I am still barely in the demo, I spend so much more now than I did in my teens or 20’s. Maybe when I turn 50 I will stop spending, but at this point my friend in their 50’s are spending heavily. They buy for their children, their house, and themselves.

    • Davers says

      Well the way they think in advertising world(and this started in the late 70’s/80’s I believe) is that once you get around that age, you are very set in your ways. That being the case, advertising has a much less effect on you as you are less likely to change your mind and try something different. So if the commercials have no/low effect on the viewer then they have less of a value and cant charge as much for airing them.

      So flawed premise or not, that is how the industry thinks. But really, they need to do some research into the mindset, as it may no longer be the case.

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