Nikita: Renewed for a Shortened Fourth Season

Nikita renewed for fourth seasonThough the show’s ratings are very low, The CW has renewed Nikita for a fourth season. Word is that it will be a shorter season than usual — likely between six and 10 episodes.

Starring Maggie Q, Nikita has been averaging a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.15 million viewers. That’s way down from last year’s 0.5 rating and 1.54 million averages.

Still, Nikita is relatively close to having enough episodes for syndication. At the end of season three, there will be 67 installments and a shortened fourth season won’t bring it to the 88 episode mark (a number considered to be the minimum for syndication).

Other genre shows have done just fine though with a lesser number (the original Star Trek’s 79 installments come to mind) and Nikita has a small cult following and is popular on services like Hulu. At the very least, a fourth season will allow the cast and crew to give the show a proper series finale if this is actually the last season.

What do you think? Are you glad that Nikita is coming back? How many episodes should they make?

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  1. LATRICE says


  2. Lisa Lloyd says

    I have watched Nikita since the first episode. I have LOVED…. every single one them! Today it seems TV shows last a few years and that’s it! This is by far a VERY! underestimated show if what I read about the ratings is true. It boggles me… how many shows have such an ability to go so far with it’s story line, but then BAM! the show is over!!! A perfect example is Fringe. What the heck happened???? if were a writer I could see that future show going in so many directions, keeping the audience begging for the next episode. The same goes for Nikita. The story line on this incredible show is genius. it too had so kany avenues writers could take it. Now I hear cancel???? TV is starting to really irritate me. You have too many shows on the same night at the same time. How can any show survive, especially one so great as Nikita! Maggie Q, and the entire cast have the best job!! They get to transform themselves into these captivating characters with a story line that allows us to escape our crazy lives and the reality of this world for an hour each week and each week when an episode ends, I literally am saying NO…. now I have to go through hell another week in my reality,waiting to be taking away again next week. A quote from SNL on my reaction to this insane news of cancelation. “REALLY…???NO.., REALLY ???? Like you’re taking one of the best shows off the air, REALLY??? who’ the genius that thought of that??? The same guy who thinks he invented the internet?? REALLY????Yea…, let’s take another GREAT TV SHOW OFF.. the air, because that makes complete sense….!!! NOOOOO, I mean come on REALLY??????????

  3. Rhonda says

    The best of the best, Nikita is great from the 1st episode, this year I got dad addicted ed at 78 yrs old, theres few great shows these days, move it to a better nite!! Pls

  4. Harley Thor says

    Nikita is on a bad night, lots of people in their demographic are out dating, shopping, or
    eating. Also, during the first couple of seasons, CW screwed up with showing episodes
    on an erratic schedule.

    The could make Nikita into an anti terrorist group, going after Islamic terrorists, skinhead
    neo Nazis, all over the world.

    Where else do you see eye candy like Alex and Nikita, women who are sexy because they are in shape and hot.

  5. Rose says

    Wish there’s a 4th and 5th seasons with full episodes. I’m going to be sad when it goes off air. :(

  6. says

    I really have enjoyed Nikita, my son and I have watched every one of her shows. There are very few shows we enjoy watching and would be very disappointed to lose this one . I really hope you don’t reduce the number of episodes or worse cancel it.

  7. Cathy says

    Great SHOW!!!! Fan from Episode 1. Full Episode Renewal is what it should get. If you are not a fan, you should start at the beginning and catch up. Great Cast, Great Story lines, can’t wait for new episodes every week. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. erin says

    I am glad that Nkita got renewed for a fourth season
    Unfortunately if Nkita gets a short season or short season finale or ending the series I wont watch it

    Nkita better get renewed for 23 episodes

    Would it be great to see a backorder for more Nkita episodes

  9. Grandizer says

    I have only watched Season 1, have recorded all other episodes.
    I love the show.
    I love the interplay between all of the characters, the show reminds me of a better Alias, which only got hokey with all the Rimbaldi rigmarole.

    The actors are top notch in the show.

  10. Yud Gr says

    i’m glad nikita back!!!!!!! i’m fan from the first addicted epsiod!!!!!!!
    is the most underrated show on TV right now and too bad for all of those who don’t know the show cause everyone i know get addicted once start watching…
    i’d hope the CW will give the show full last season but i hope they’ll give it at least 13 epsiode to go out in her own tearm and dafintly with a bang!!!!!!!!

  11. says

    If you don’t believe Nikita is the most underrated show on TV right now, just watch 3×18 and be amazed. Seriously, it’s insane how no one really knows about it. I’m glad I’m a fan from Day 1 and it will get a proper send-off :)

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