One Life to Live: Characters Move to General Hospital — But, For How Long?

One Life to Live characters move to General HospitalThough One Life to Live is poised to sign off tomorrow, four of the characters from the cancelled soap will live on. They’re moving to General Hospital, the network’s sole-surviving soap opera.

Kristen Alderson (Starr), Michael Easton (John), Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Roger Howarth (Todd) will begin shooting their first General Hospital scenes at the end of this month when production resumes. General Hospital kicks off its 49th season on April 1st. It’s the longest-running network soap still on the air.

Of the news, executive producer Frank Valenti said, “We have a very exciting story planned for the citizens of Port Charles, with Sonny Corinthos at the center of it… Incorporating characters from One Life to Live continues the legacy of the show as we weave them into General Hospital.” Valenti and head writer Ron Carlivati moved to General Hospital last month after One Life to Live wrapped. They replaced Jill Farren Phelps and Garin Wolf.

For the time being, General Hospital will continue on ABC. However, there’s no guarantee of how long it will keep going. General Hospital, like all of the network soaps, aren’t cheap to produce and have seen their viewer numbers dwindle.

This week, ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee noted, “I am a fan of General Hospital, but we have not made a decision on its future and don’t really have a time frame for it either.”

In the fall, Katie Couric starts her own daytime talk show on the network and there has been much speculation that her new series will end up taking General Hospital’s place on the schedule.

What do you think? Do you like that OLTL characters are coming to General Hospital? Do you think General Hospital will be cancelled before the end of the year?

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  1. Nancy Landers says

    I hope that TODD, BLAIR, STAR AND John, are all the same people they were on OLTL when they air on GH and I would love to see Vicki, Clint, TEA, Victor who was seen on the last episode as dead, Jessica and Natalie and Nora and Bo also come over and then we would get to see these people who have been on the show for lots of years and then maybe we wouldn’t be so upset, still upset but not as bad.

  2. Starr says

    If the thought is that because more women are working the soaps are loosing viewers it JUST ISN”T TRUE! Many of us that worked taped or watched on cable at night. Now that I am retired I looked forward to those couple of hours away from the REAL WORLD! If these working women weren’t watching the soaps, what makes you think they are watching cooking, makeover and talk shows.? Men certainly aren’t! I wouldn’t tape any of these. I am furious for the cancellation of the soaps. There’s enough REALITY in our lives that a little escapism is much preferred! BRING BACK THE SOAPS!!!! General Hospital is the only thing holding me to the network. Take it off I’m gone!

  3. JJ says

    Do the exec at ABC not realize that it is stay at home mom’s that keep daytime TV going! Seriously, you put a show on that does 5 month make over for women to watch. GET REAL! You call this reality TV? Mid American women would never be able to have done what you are showing nor in most cases would they want to. So why would those who stay at home want to watch. Bring the drama of a cast that we love to follow back. We can get lost for an hour or two during the day to see what happens next. THERE IS TOO MUCH REALITY TV THAT IS NOT REALITY ALREADY ON THE AIR! The producers have them ham it up so it is not even real in the first place. The cooking network is on for a reason get it out of the daily line up.

    30 year fan of OLT!

  4. robyn says

    I have now subscribed to netflix so I CAN FILL THE TWO HOUR GAP before General Hospital. Both the chew and the revolution are insults to the daytime lineup. Bring back All my Children and One Life to live!!!!!!

  5. Cindy says

    Why can’t they put our soaps on a channel we can pay a monthly fee for?? I would pay a monthly fee to watch them. People pay monthly fees to watch stuff all the time. Has anyone even thought about this? This could work if the right people thought about it. Even if it was 10.00 a month…. With the amount of soap fans out there, that’s a whole lot of money!!!

  6. Deb J. says

    We all hope these two ridiculous shows fail so perhaps ABC will fire the moron who came up with this brilliant plan to cancel two well loved, creative, popular soaps.
    I pray the soap audience quits watching ABC until they bring back All My Children and One Life to Live. Wake up network heads, and do something right!

  7. dorothy scalero says

    I agree w/ Sandy women don’t want to watch this we love our soaps who ever made this decision must of been a man miss oltl and all my children hope ratings drop

  8. Sandy Edwards says

    I miss One Life to Live (and AMC)! I was so sad the last day it aired on ABC. Then they showed the ending with Victor alive. What is that all about? Is he going to General Hospital too? I am so happy that we will still be able to see John McBain, Todd Manning, Blair and Starr. I hope they are the same characters! They are all so fabulous! What about everybody else? They were all so good. I have been watching soaps since I was a little girl with my mother. She now has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t really have anything else that she is interested in watching. She just sits and sleeps all day now. It’s so sad. Please bring our soaps back! Reality t.v. sucks. I will never watch anything that is put in the OLTL and AMC time slots!

  9. BL says

    You gotta be kidding me. Yet ANOTHER talk show…. with Katie Couric this time? Ugh. I used to tape my soaps while I was at work. Now I’m retired, and honestly, I’m appalled at the parade of talking-head shows on just about every network! At least daytime drama’s were a break from what seems to be the seriously boring norm.
    I can’t watch these shows.
    I’ll continue to watch General Hospital until ABC decides they need a “Cheaper to produce” (i.e. the powers that be want more money in their pockets) show and then CBS can welcome me as a new follower of the Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless.
    ABC…. I don’t even…..

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