Samantha Who?: What Happened in the Last Episode?

Samantha Who?Last night, ABC aired the series finale of the Samantha Who? sitcom called “With This Ring.” The show was well-rated in its early days but far fewer viewers tuned in to watch season two. The show was cancelled in May and, though there have been efforts to save the show, it hasn’t happened.

With Andrea about to be married to a star athlete and Samantha torn between rich Winston Funk and photographer Todd Deepler, how will it all turn out?

The three girls are getting pampered before Andrea’s wedding. Samantha (Christina Applegate) is hesitant to bring Funk (Billy Zane) to the ceremony because the wedding will be covered on the news and she doesn’t want Todd to see her with him from London.

Chase (Rick Hoffman) brings Dena (Melissa McCarthy) her stuffed bunny and she accidentally spills the beans that Sam had retrograde amnesia. He can’t believe that he didn’t know.

Funk shows up and gives Andrea (Jennifer Esposito) a vacation at his newly purchased island and Sam feels obligated to ask him to the wedding. A bit later, at her apartment, Todd shows up and says that he’s come back in time to take her to the wedding. She accidentally spills orange juice on the wedding dress.

Soonafter, he finds out that she asked Funk and they have a fight. He’s all set to return to his job in London. She leaves the room. Ss he’s about to storm out of the apartment, Todd grabs a book and sees the hidden engagement ring case in the bookcase and takes it.

Meanwhile, Sam’s Mom, Regina (Jean Smart), has found a bag of lightly salted almonds and questions her husband, Howard (Kevin Dunn), about them. He admits that he picked up a young female hitchhiker on his trip. In the RV, Regina later finds pictures of him from a civil war battlefield, from four diferent days. He says that college student “Jenny” took them. He swears nothing happened and reminds Regina that she didn’t want to go. Regina gets very upset. As they hug, he notices the tattoo on her back. Oops.

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Chase is still upset about his not knowing that Sam had amnesia. How could she still do her job so well? What does that say about the job, or his job? He wants to run away with Dena but she refuses and pulls him along to get ready for the wedding.

Meanwhile Andrea’s Mom may not make it to the wedding in time. A network producer steps in and says that they have network time allotted for the wedding coverage and have actors standing by as back-up parents. On the news, Seth is being interviewed as the guy that introduced Andrea to basketball star Tony Dane and he says that he really regrets it. That gives Andrea pause.

Dressed in her hot-pink bridesmaid gown, Sam enters with Andrea’s dress. While Andrea puts it on, a clip is shown on the news of Funk and Andrea discussing Todd. She insists on seeing all of the footage and, once she does, realizes that wealthy Funk orchestrated Todd’s London opportunity so that he’d be out of the way.

Sam later confronts Funk about sending Todd away. He says that he didn’t do anything bad, he just offered Todd a job. He wanted a job, Funk wanted her. She feels better and just wants to blow off the wedding and get out of there.

Todd and Seth are in a bar, commiserating about their woman troubles and their foolish actions. Seth says that he always envisioned it working out like the end of An Officer and a Gentleman where Richard Gere carries Debra Winger out of the work plant. After talking to Todd, he gets up and heads to the wedding.

IMAGEHoward and Regina are still arguing about the tattoo and Regina lets it slip that she was at a bar with Samantha in the city. He’s as upset as she had been. She says that she doesn’t want to spend their future in an RV and going to cemeteries and battlefields. Unfortunately, he does. Do they have a future together?

Samantha calls Andrea from Funk’s helicopter and tells her that she’s sorry but she won’t be able to come to the wedding. Though Sam can’t hear it over the loud propeller, Andrea pleads with her friend to come, that she needs her.

Samantha hangs up and the producer introduces Andrea to her stand-in parents, one of whom is Japanese (the network wanted diversity). As things get underway and Andrea stands outside the church with her fake dad, Seth pulls up in his car and the music from Officer and a Gentleman begins to play.

Cut to the airport as Todd is going through security. He sees footage of Sam on the news and leaves the line. Sam and Funk have arrived at the airport and she thanks him for the ride. It was, after all, the only way she’d be able to catch Todd and is a bit of payback for Funk’s manipulations.

Todd is trying to retrieve his checked baggage because he’s changed his plans about going. It sounds suspicious to the baggage clerk and he calls security. Meanwhile, Sam goes to an airline counter and tries to buy a ticket so that she can get through security and find Todd. The woman at the counter gets suspicious and calls security.

The two end up in adjacent security cubicles and Todd overhears her please to be let go. They propose to one another at the same time. They kiss as Samantha’s voice over says, “There’s another kind of fairy tale, one built on star-crossed lovers who fight against the evil empire, who find each other against all odds.”

We next see Andrea and Seth in bed together. She threatens that he can’t tell anyone about this.

Dena and Chase are at the airport and he’s ready to go anywhere with her — with lots of frequent flyer miles and two years of French. Nothing’s tying them down — of course they still have her two big dogs with them in tow.

Todd and Sam run up to Frank the doorman and excitedly tell him they’re getting married. He wishes them luck, lots and lots of it. Todd picks her up and carries her over the threshold and up to the apartment.

There, we see Regina with her luggage. She’s left Howard and has decided to move in with Sam. Todd and Sam stare incredulously at each other. End of series.

While the series finale doesn’t wrap up everything, it does give viewers some closure. Are you satisfied with the last episode of Samantha Who? Is there something that you wished had happened?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. LD says

    I am really sad about Samantha Who being cancelled, it was a really cute show, i just figured it was only on in the Spring time and not in the Fall line up. It is too bad :(

  2. Diane G says

    They did it again. Every time I become interested in a show, it’s canceled. Samantha Who was well written, thought processes were involved here. I didn’t feel like it was aimed towards 12 year olds. Thanks again ABC!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chris says

    I blame ABC for the terrible way they treated the show by putting it on the shelf for 2 months then not knowing it was back…..

  4. Skysoldier173 says

    Good riddance to this piece of crap.Chritina Applegate play a dumber blonde here just as she did on Married With Children and as far as Ugly Betty goes I surely hope they do cancell her she’s nothing more than a female version of Boobie Hill.

  5. Theresa says

    Once again ABC FAILS!!!!!!!!!! Just like with Pushing Daises… They better not cancell Ugly Betty or Ill go postal… lol

  6. LILY says

    seriously, who is the brain that keeps cancelling good show??? all of my fave shows are being cancelled!! i couldnt agree more about the crappy reality shows really though the bachelor and bachellorette are still on?!!! please bring samantha who back i love that show along with cupid, lipstick jungle, these are good shows. please networks do something about these shows for one bring them back and get rid of all the other silly shows.

  7. disturbedfae says

    the writers strike killed all of these great shows almost all of the ones that started the season that it happened have been cancelled. Just goes to show how the media has shortened our attention spans.

  8. TJStepp says

    Won’t miss this show a bit.
    I’d love to see more of Applegate in dramatic roles.
    Every time I see her I think that women is ‘Hitchcock Blonde Gorgeous’. Seeing her in the kind of roles Hitchcock would hire his Blondes for would be truly perfect. Why hasn’t someone in Hollywood seen that bit of obvious yet?

  9. aiko.adonia says

    very bittersweet. so happy to see todd and sam finally get together but sad to see the last ep of a great show

  10. says

    @Jeremy: There are only 35 episodes so that’s not likely to happen. For syndication, local stations typically want at least 80-100 episodes.

  11. Jess says

    i think Samantha Who deserved at least one more season. The last two episodes were great, but there’s still more that needs to be seen. This was a great show, and its a shame they had to cancel it.

  12. Cheryl says

    Well this is another major blunder for ABC. What are they thinking!!! They keep cancelling all the good TV shows and keep all the CRAPPY shows on. Don’t these people have a BRAIN!!!! I’m SO DONE with the reality shows. I can’t stand shows like Wipe Out, the Bachelor and the Bacheloret. I’ve had enough of the TV news shows too. How much stupidity and news shows do you think we want to watch? Give Us A Break! We need more shows like Samantha Who?, My whole family LOVED to watch it together. (I DVR’d it so we could find it every week) Also cancelling the shows, Pushing Dasies, Eli Stone, and Dirty Sexy Money really adds to my belief that no one a ABC has a clue about what people want to watch. How many series actually last more that two seasons on ABC? Seems like each and every one that has potential gets cancelled before it even gets a chance. There are only two shows I will continue to watch on ABC, Grey’s and Private Practice. I won’t be giving any of the new fall shows a chance this year. WHY? Because they probably won’t be around a year or two from now. I’m not going to invest my time in watching any other shows on ABC just to be disappointed that the show will be cancelled. I should have learned years ago when they cancelled the drama “Once and Again”, v Viewers fought to have them bring that show back to no avail.

  13. Dan says

    I think this was a satisfying enough finale for a show which was cancelled way too early in its life time. This finale wrapped out a lot of loose ends including the love status’s of Dena & Chase, Andrea & Seth, and Sam & Todd. Also toward the end just as Sam and Todd were finally happy, Sam’s mom Regina decides she’s leaving her husband Howard therefore moving in with Sam. While those seemed resolved in the end other questions were left unanswered like the future of Sam’s amnesia. For a series that was never in any real danger of cancellation this was a bold way to end the season and ultmimately the series. Other series didnt get that luck. My Name is Earl, another unexpected cancellation got no finale, while Everybody Hates Chris ended on its own terms.

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