Saving Grace: Holly Hunter TV Show Ending, No Season Five

Saving GraceTNT has announced that their Holly Hunter drama is coming to an end. Interestingly, it wasn’t exactly the network’s decision. But, regardless of who’s responsible, the fans will have to wait quite awhile to see the story wrap up.

Saving Grace focuses on a police detective, Grace Hanadarko (Holly Humter), wo’s great at her job but finds her personal life far more challenging. The series also features Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Bailey Chase, Laura San Giacomo, Gregory Cruz, Lorraine Toussaint, Dylan Minnette, Bokeem Woodbine, Mark L. Taylor, and Tom Irwin.

The show debuted in July 2007 and attracted 6.4 million viewers, making it the highest-rated cable premiere so far that year.

Season two’s debut attracted 5.2 million and, this past June, season three’s return drew just 3.5 million. TNT remained very positive about the series, likely because it consistently rates first with adults 25-54.

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Last season, the network ordered a second season of 15 episodes. The first nine aired during the Summer of 2008 and the other six began running last March. TNT ordered the same number for season three and the first grouping finishes its summer cycle this Tuesday.

According to THR, TNT wanted to pick the series up for a fourth season but Fox TV Studios actually declined the offer. The drama is an expensive one to produce and there’s apparently not enough profit in the cable deal for the studio to continue.

A spokesperson for Fox told Variety, “In today’s rapidly changing television world, shows need to drive revenue off too many sources in order to be profitable for all the partners. Unfortunately, the economics of the series mandated stronger international and ancillary revenue than the show was able to generate. We thought an appropriate ending after three extremely successful seasons was the best outcome for all parties involved.”

Since the series has several ongoing storylines, Fox and TNT agreed to produce three additional episodes to wrap up any loose ends. The network will combine them with the remaining installments from this season and hold them until next Summer. So, fans will get some closure to the series but they’ll have to wait a few extra months to get it.

Michael Wright, TNT’s Executive VP head of programming, is sorry to see the show end. In a statement, he said, “The show’s continued success is thanks to the amazing talents of Holly Hunter and [series creator] Nancy Miller, along with a tremendous ensemble cast and a highly skilled production team. They have taken us on a unique journey, and we look forward to seeing where it will ultimately lead.”

What do you think? Are you ready t say goodbye to Grace Hanadarko? Would you like to see the cast return, perhaps in TV movies?

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  1. amanda says

    Amazing Grace!!! This was the best show in a very long time. I thought for sure she was going 2 be standing beside Earl and the series would continue. If it had to end, that would have been better than the heart wrenching way that was chosen. I never cry over a show, and I didnt even realize i was until my tears dropped off my face.

  2. Hope says

    Saving Grace was by far the best show I have seen in a very long time. I was glued to the screen through every episode. The ending still makes me cry when I think of it. Seeing Grace give her own life that way without blinking an eye to save others was heart warming but seeing the pain on Hams face when he threw that ring tore me to pieces . I know it’s just a show but everyone in this show was so good at their jobs that they drew you in and I would LOVE to see more episodes to get rid of the loose ends.

    • Crystal says

      I feel same way! Ive seen numerous times and i still cry like my family died! They always cancel the good shows!

  3. Gina Sears says

    I think it is pretty amazing that a show five years old could still effect so many of us. I was shocked when I saw the ending and still have tears in my eyes. Finding a great show like it is hard. Would love to see it come back so how.

  4. Mary Rutkowski says

    Amazing show mixing the mundane and dramatic and spiritual aspects of life. Holly Hunter rocks but the actors playing Leon Rippy and Bokeem Woodbine, Dylan Minnette and Lorraine Toussaint rock too as does the rest of the cast. And Gus the Dog is the un-noticed super STAR of the show. Dog=God! Whether or not they film more episodes – this show’s cast and crew should feel blessed and proud of the work they did on it. And I love seeing a show that takes place in another part of the USA besides East and West coasts… very refreshing.

  5. Dianne says

    My husband asked me to check and see if there are any other episodes to watch after watching the entire series Netflix has to offer. We are both hooked and are now disappointed that we can’t watch any more new episodes! I was hoping Grace was coming back as a sidekick for Earl, OR EVEN BETTER, the other way around! Bring Holly Hunter back. She rocks!

  6. ali says

    My husband and I loved to watch Holly Hunter in this crime drama, inspirational show!Thank goodness for Netflix! They should expand the series as it would be a no brainer to be a huge hit for them!

  7. Min del says

    I With It never ended- I loved the themes and her acting was inspiring – about to watch season 4th in Netflix – I don’t want it to end. We need more of this in TV

  8. jglatz says

    As a recovering alcoholic and hopeless romantic, I have rediscovered Grace and her entourage, These characters inspire me and help me through my day, I find myself asking “what would Grace do?” or “what would Earl think?” And even “how would Hamm or Bobby react to yhis situation?’ I relate to these characters like I did with Alan Alda and Loretta Switt. I LOVE THEM ALL!

  9. aniris belmonte says

    I just started seeing this show on Netflix not too long ago and i just saw the finale, it was a good show wish it never ended i can keep on watching it, both my husband and i are bummed it was our favorite

  10. Tia Kitty says

    I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the Saving Grace Series was a show that I truly looked forward to watching–every episode. I know that time has passed, but I wish they’d bring this series back. Holly Hunter and the rest of the cast were phenomenal, believable and relatable. I’d definitely tune in again should they decided to bring the series back.

  11. amanda bedford says

    Please please finish this show right …i have loved it from the first episode…to finish it like thatis just so wrong on so many levels :(

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