Skating with the Stars: The Winner is Crowned! Will it Be Back? Cancel or Keep It?

Skating with the StarsABC has been running their new reality show on Monday nights, Skating with the Stars. With a similar format, it took over for the network’s immensely popular Dancing with the Stars in the Monday night timeslot. Last night, the competition came to a close with actress Rebecca Budig taking home the golden skates trophy. Will she be the series’ first and last winner? Does ABC have another big hit on their hands or a disappointment that will be cancelled and quickly forgotten?

Skating with the Stars pits teams of professional skaters and “celebrities” together as they perform routines on ice. They are judged and scored by Johnny Weir, Dick Button and Laurie Ann Gibson. Those scores are combined with votes from viewers and the team with the lowest total leaves the competition each week. Vernon Kay hosts with Tanith Belbin providing color commentary.

Debuting after this year’s final Monday night edition of Dancing with the Stars, Skating with the Stars attracted a decent 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.36 million total viewers. On the downside, it lost about 50% of its lead-in audience in the demo and 60% of total viewers.

In week two, the demo rating fell 50% to a 1.2 with 6.06 million viewers. In week three, they fell another 33% to a disastrous 0.8 rating and 3.94 million total viewers. In week four, the numbers stabilized with a 0.8 for the demo and 3.79 million. This past Monday night, opposite repeats on most of the other networks, Skating with the Stars incredibly hit a new low and fell a staggering 38% in the 18-49 demo. It hit a 0.5 rating with 3.37 million viewers.

Will Skating with the Stars return for a second season? No way. Based on these numbers, the network execs surely couldn’t wait for this show to be over. If it weren’t the holiday season and an ongoing competition, they would have cancelled it weeks ago. It’s a huge disappointment in the ratings.

But, what do you think? Have you enjoyed Skating with the Stars? If it were up to you, would you renew or cancel it? How would you fix it?

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  1. nancy says

    yes oh yes they should keep it it is and was my creation they should keep it based on my idea to begin wth it is every bit as good as dancing with the stars they should bring it back for more celebrities like kim kardashian

  2. Melissa says

    I believe that this show as great potential. If they could only find more well know people to participate and maybe get more personality in judges and hosts, then people will want to watch. I agree with a comment made that the show should not have been aired the same time Dancing With the Stars was still on, people would want to watch the end of a show than the beginning of another. I also agree with another comment made about the skating area being to small, does not seem as professional if its just a small area. The thrill of the skating and the hard work and danger that the actors have to go through is very commendable. So just tweek a couple of things and people will want to watch. I would definitely like to see another season.

  3. Anthony B* says

    OK, i have to say that this show should NOT be cancelled ! the problem i think is the, celebrities. The show needs BIG stars like Paris Hilton, A Kardashian sister, and of course a Disney Channel Star! this will for sure improve the views and ratings. trust me i know, i am 16. i know what needs to improve. Put Better and BIG Stars on the show and watch your ratings go UP!!

  4. avery says

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!!!! Think of all the figure skaters who don’t get enough credit for what they do!Like me and all my friends! This was the one show to really show what we do and just how hard it is. PLEASE

  5. Trev says

    It was embarrassingly bad. I don’t know who chose Vernon Kay as a host but they need their head checked out for damage. Celebrities… Were they really? Could have been Skating with the passers by and I would have known them about as much. Could the panel be any more irritating or less interesting, I think not. The whole things smacks of cheap budget and low cost. The original British version on the show which is called Dancing on Ice is superior in practically every way, better hosts, better panel, celebrities who still actually have an active career, better ice rink and apparently a far better budget which is unusual for a UK show over an American show. Perhaps ABC would have been better to take a look at it before airing their own pile of dross. It will need to improve drastically but I fear the damage has already been done and it will not see the light of day again.

  6. Audrey says

    I really liked it, but I didn’t watch entire episodes on TV, I just watched the performances on YouTube the next day. I did watch a couple on Hulu after the fact so now I understand people’s complaints about the host being annoying and the judges being so-so. I think they should get a new host, maybe replace a judge or two and try again. I found the actual skating performances very entertaining!

  7. Diamond says

    I was not too thrilled with this show either; although, I liked watching Rebecca Budding skate, and I always like Betheny Frankel’s frankness. This show just didn’t do enough to keep me watching every week. It’s possible that the execs chose a bad time to introduce it after the DWTS season. It may have seem like a good idea to place the DWTS spin-off show at the end of that shows season, but when you take into consideration all of the hoopla going on with DWTS last season, I think a lot of people were just tired of sitting in front their TV sets for yet another celebrity reality show.

  8. Anonymous says

    This show is terrible. It is the first show this year that I started watching but could not force myself to watch. There are many other good shows out there more worth saving than this — namely Detroit 187 — that ABC should just dump this and move on.

  9. Ben says

    I gave this show a chance, but like the others, didn’t really like the hosts, judges, or the “celebrities” really enticing to watch. The whole program was really “blah” for me. I found myself cringing every time the host, Vernon Kay makes a catty remark that went completely over the head of the audience and the entire timing of the show was somehow off.

    Also, I found that the set was just a tad too small for a real skating competition and everything seemed really cramped on set. I’m a Canadian and I found that the CBC-produced “Battle of the Blades” to have a much more professional set and production than this show did. Not alone the fact that they had a more well-known cast of professional ice skaters.

    As for all the “commentors” above who think that the older judge, Dick Button is not qualified to judge others, you are all sadly mistaken and poorly informed. Dick Button is an institution in American ice skating and a 2-time Olympic gold medalist in ice skating in the 60s. They even have an ice-skating manuever named after him! He has been commentating for years on TV and is an analyst on CBS for their Olympic coverage. Yes, he is quite old, but he is more than qualified to judge these amateur skaters. You shouldn’t critize his resume before actually finding out his background.

    • Tom says

      One comment – as for Dick Button, whether anyone knew him or not, he came off as did the rest as someone whose opinion you could care less about. They should have had someone more contemporary, thought that would not have helped this poor idea.

      Nothing worked. Their personalities were terrible. No one was attractive and talented. It’s that simple.

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