Stargate Universe: Exec Producer Brad Wright Hasn’t “Given Up” on the Cancelled TV Show

Stargate UniverseThough Stargate Universe was cancelled midway through its second season (the last 10 episodes will air in the Spring), executive producer Brad Wright thinks there’s a chance that the story could continue. Wright contends that, “We haven’t given up on finishing the story we started.”

Wright was traveling when the cancellation news came down from Syfy and is now looking for a way to continue the series in some form. Wright tells Chicago Now’s Curt Wagner that he and MGM, the studio that owns the rights to the Stargate franchise, are discussing several possible options. He said, “It’s heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy’s cancellation of the show but it’s important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget.”

While this is positive news, its a long way from the show being saved. Based on what Wright has said, it would seem that a substantial portion of the SGU budget comes from other sources like DVD sales. A possible option could be to do direct-to-DVD movies but then, fans are still waiting for a Stargate Atlantis movie. The series could be sold to another channel but that’s always a tough sell.

What do you think? Would you like to see Stargate Universe continue in some form — as a DVD movie, online short videos, comics, or novels? Or, would you rather see one of the other shows in the franchise return in some way?

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  1. SciFi lover says

    As long as the ratings whores control networks like SyFy you will be stuck with wrestling and any other crap that will make a fast buck. Quality no longer counts, guys. SGU was the best of the SG series’! (Echoes of BSG). I think it was so awesome because it is a lot more sophisticated. The characters are three dimensional. Even those that seem too good to be true eventually reveal their human frailty. SyFy gave up being a decent SciFi channel a while back. The programming started to suck with Scare Tactics and from then on it got worse. (Although I think it even started earlier with Lexx). I don’t get what’s up with all of the Ghost Hunter crap… I watched a few times hoping to at least be entertained and all I got was bored. Time for the better writers and producers to find new outlets for their good shows since SyFy does not give a damn about the real fans of SciFi. Caprica was nothing more than a capitulation to the religious zealots that have taken over. I am sick of ghosts and zombies… Give me aliens and even space operas like Defying Gravity. What we do not need is another stupid reality show!

  2. Callie says

    I agree with the other comments that SGU is by far the best of the shows SG1, Star Gate Atlantis, and SGU. It left me in suspense
    every week. I use to watch a lot of shows in SYFY but they
    either ended or got canceled. SGU was the last
    left on SYFY that I watched. They end this show, they just lost
    another SYFY fan. There aren’t any decent SYFY shows left to watch,
    except an occasional movie. I wish this show would somehow continue.

  3. Max says

    I LOVED SG-1 and own the entire set on DVD. I liked Atlantis and I was a skeptic at first but the acting and story were so compelling that SGU became my favorite show to watch. The jerkweeds at SYFY have once again stabbed Science Fiction lovers in the heart by dropping this great show. They keep JUNK like bwarehouse and Eureka and of course who doesn’t love a little fake wrestling with their science fiction?!! What a joke…wrestling…how distgusting!!! I really want to puke. Let us PRAY SHOWTIME picks up SGU.

  4. Scififan says

    I think SGU is a very polished production. People never gave it a chance. Its one of the best scifi TV shows ever made! The directing is top notch. Each episode keeps building up more tension and mystery, too bad it was cancelled!

  5. Paul says

    I am very sorry to see this show go. With all the major characters being flawed in some way, it has a dark quality that is quite rare in mainstream television. I would love to see it continue in any form.

  6. Nigel says

    SGU got off to a pretty slow start and it’s viewer base gave it a hard time. People didn’t want to wait for character storylines in season 1. They wanted straight up action. I think this is why the show had low numbers at the start, got moved and eventually fell onto it’s own sword. Season 2 started to pick up and the show was becoming interesting, but it was too late to pull the audience back without it being on the Friday night timeslot. I own every Stargate episode on DVD and I’m sure there are others like me who do too. It’s a real shame good shows like this get canned when there is so much rubbish that survives the cutting board.

    Shame on you Sy-Fy…..

  7. HeatherStiltzskin says

    I can’t deny SGU got off to a REALLY slow start. It withered in comparison to the other two SG series, and after the first 4-5 episodes of season 1, I hadn’t much of a desire to keep watching (which says ALOT for me, as I’m a die hard SG fan to the end)! HOWEVER… I kept with it, and I must say that the show REALLY PICKED UP towards the end of its first season, and definitely into season 2! After the 2.5 cliffhanger, I couldn’t wait for the saga to continue! Then BAAM… in plain old SyFy fashion, it gets cut… just as things were really starting to get good. If they had done this after the first ten or so episodes of the series, it would have been entirely understandable, even smart. Although now, Syfy is doing a real disservice to the show, the fans and itself by tossing this bottle out to sea…

    It would be great to see the series continue forward on another network or in direct-to-DVD or digital format. I’d even consider paying extra on iTunes… perhaps something to consider as most now have DVRs and iPods these days anyway. (I won’t hold my breath though… I almost suffocated waiting for that SGA flick they never made!)

    Better yet, when are our talented series producers going to realize that Syfy “just ain’t where it’s at” anymore, and find themselves a network with better taste and more brains??? Cheers!

  8. Rob says

    If the is any intelligent life at SyFy, put the show back on Friday night, give it a 3rd season, leave it there for the whole season, and see what you reap. There is certainly nothing wrong with the story, charatcters are strong, sets are great, and you have wonderful directing and support. Put it where it did the best and let it go. SyFy is taking the very best they have and cancelling it. Picking up TV wrestling, you’ve got to be kidding, you need the whole audience just to get a complete set of teeth!!! Why should anyone watch SyFy now???? Waste of air time.

      • Renee says

        Completely! Switching networks, switching nights, total series killers. This is absolutely one of the best shows on TV currently. My whole family watches it, even grampa who has only watched bits of the other SG series’. And then we quickly switch channels because wrestling is so brainless. SyFy has something going well…give it another chance on Fridays, commit to keeping it there for a full season, and keep the mindless stuff out of the way. I agree, it could make quite a comeback if they only give it a fighting chance. Tuesdays, not a good change. Wrestling, even worse.

  9. LarryJ says

    The scifi channel needs to stop switching broadcast nights with shows that are just getting their second wind. Stargate Universe was starting to become really interesting in its second season, and what does scfi channel do, they EOL it. IMHO they need to revisit these shows, because the fans are there.

  10. Seth Mackey says

    Look I’m bummed about this show getting canceled too but please o please if it’s picked up by another network don’t let it be a premium network that costs more on top of my 50 bucks a month! Please o Please also don’t come out with a prequel of any Stargate form, Those just SUCK! Though there is an easy way I could see to get this show some new viewers, it would be to add more hype, for example adding some pilot twist on the ancients, sub examples we know the destiny can dock with other ships. What if the ancients before they ascended sent another ship with their latest tech to meet up with the density? At some point it would have to catch up to destiny because we know for a fact the hyper drives in ancient ships before they ascended could travel much faster, than destiny’s FTL can! What if inside that ship there are safe replicators before they went bad and when the other ship docks with destiny reconfigure it to a new design, repair all the damage, and then merge with destiny? It could also just be something like a seed ship that serves no other purpose but to update the destiny? What’s to say also sent behind the ship to update destiny were ships that seeded and updated all those other planets stargates and maybe those whole galaxies? Also what if to say in the new ship or hidden on destiny there is a few ancients in statis that didn’t ascend, that would somehow come about and help the crew of destiny with its mission? What if when they finally looked destiny up in the ancient database found this all out and found out at the same time they would only have to wait till a the predicted point when that ship would catch up to be able to dial earth? Also what is it with them still not looking destiny up in Atlantis ancient database? But also I would like to see Atlantis continue at least 2 more seasons and for there to be another sg-1 movie that ties up all the loose ends instead of creating new ones!

  11. Carol says

    What a shame! This was the smartest, most interesting of all the Stargates. The others were entertaining, but kind of campy. SGU was intriguing and the show had an aura of mystery and suspense. Just when I was really starting to look forward to it- too bad!

  12. DAVE ALBERT says

    At 75 this is the first time I have felt constrained to comment on a TV show. SU is hands down the most interesting show on TV. It should be continued in any way possible-as a fan I’ll be there.

  13. shannon says

    Stargate Universe needs to stay on air. I love this show. It is so much better then all the other ones. I will be so mad if they dont find a way to keep it on air.

  14. Tom says

    As a huge Stargate fan (I even read the books and volunteer at the conventions)…this story sounds too familiar. I’m still waiting for that 3rd SG-1 movie.
    lets face it fans…its over. What the Producers should do, in my opinion, is cheap and should give closure to fans.

    Release the scripts of the movies in book form!!! The writers have come out and have said that a script is done so release it as an e-book for download.

    It would be nice to see one final 2-part “do-it-for-the-fans” episode that would end SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. But that would at least that would cost $20 million on the cheap end.

    I guess we leave it with Todd and Atlantis in the San Francisco Bay. Who knows how SGU will leave us hanging.

  15. Rob J. says

    Heck with a DVD movie. It’s time for a Direct-To-DVD TV series. 4 episodes a month for 6 months each year. $40-$50 SRP ($25-$30 at Best Buy, Tarzhay and Wally World). Other 6 months of the year, do Stargate Atlantis.

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