Stargate Universe: Exec Producer Brad Wright Hasn’t “Given Up” on the Cancelled TV Show

Stargate UniverseThough Stargate Universe was cancelled midway through its second season (the last 10 episodes will air in the Spring), executive producer Brad Wright thinks there’s a chance that the story could continue. Wright contends that, “We haven’t given up on finishing the story we started.”

Wright was traveling when the cancellation news came down from Syfy and is now looking for a way to continue the series in some form. Wright tells Chicago Now’s Curt Wagner that he and MGM, the studio that owns the rights to the Stargate franchise, are discussing several possible options. He said, “It’s heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy’s cancellation of the show but it’s important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget.”

While this is positive news, its a long way from the show being saved. Based on what Wright has said, it would seem that a substantial portion of the SGU budget comes from other sources like DVD sales. A possible option could be to do direct-to-DVD movies but then, fans are still waiting for a Stargate Atlantis movie. The series could be sold to another channel but that’s always a tough sell.

What do you think? Would you like to see Stargate Universe continue in some form — as a DVD movie, online short videos, comics, or novels? Or, would you rather see one of the other shows in the franchise return in some way?

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  1. DBR says

    I happen to find Stargate Universe one of the most enjoyable and intriguing shows that I have seen in a long time. The plot line seems to allow for an endless dive into the imagination of the writers. I was, frankly, shocked to hear if it’s cancellation, especially given the amount of vapid and specious shows out there; Stargate, as usual, seems to be some of the best entertainment out there in that otherwise shallow world of television. Keep fighting Wright and I will do my part by watching any material that you and your team of writers produce.

  2. Reggie Morgan says

    These TV companies need to realise that times are moving on, especially considering the technology that the majority of the world has now. The target audience of these kind of genres are no longer sitting watching their TV’s instead it is far more suitable to fit in an episode via streaming over the internet,, that way no1 has to fit their lives around a scheduel and can watch when they feel they have the time. Just because audiences are moving away from TV doesn’t mean you cant take change the medium in which you communicate the story…. its just like when radio start to become less and less prevelant (althought still around), TV took over ,,as is the Internet now, USE UR BRAINS and find some manner to generate your revenue via a affordable and hassle free medium via the internet. DONT CANCEL good shows like SGU and REAPER just because TV is not with the times…

  3. Jessie says

    If Stargate Universe is cancelled I will have no reason to subscribe to it. It has become a stupid channel over the last while. Scyfi officially sucks now.

  4. ARGENTVS says

    I hope they continue the series in other channel, SyFy is so stupid for doing this and keep airing such dumb things like ghost hunters!.
    Millions of peoples see the series around the world!, the world do not finished in USA borders.

    I dont wanna a movie, if they can make it keep running in other channel or DVD go on, i gonna to see like many persons in LatinAmerica, Europe, Asia.

    greetins from Argentina.

  5. Christina says

    When I first heard that a third Stargate series was in the works, there was excitement; when I understood the premise of its storyline, there was horror. I refused to watch this pretentious upstart of a TV show that had the gall to carry the same name as my beloved SG1 and Atlantis. It took six months of my roommate (who’s not such a big fan of sci-fi) reminding me of a promise to watch it (which I made under duress because I couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen Lord of the Rings; seriously? Seriously??) before I finally did. And it took me two weeks to get through the first three episodes, I hated just about everybody on board, hated that there wasn’t regular Gate-travel, hated how people died, hated how certain people lived, just a big ole heap of hatin’ going on.

    Through it all, I have to be honest and say that it was Eli’s character that kept me coming back — there was this puppy-like feeling to him, something indefinable that raised my spirits through that week’s episode, his discovery of the Kinos, the creation of the Kino-sled, his genuine friendships that gave me a grounding through the military stick-up-the-ass and the civilian coup bullshit. And then Young’s breakdown, his spiral into despair and when the need called for him to pull through, broken and bleeding as his heart and mind continued to be…the man did. And he did things that I would not forgive if I was on Destiny, the fact that he understands why they were wrong is such a strong sign of character that I can’t help but want more from every one of his fellow strand-ees.

    As I keep watching, I see that same sign of character in the others: Chloe, Camile, Adam, Brody, Riley (I love Riley so much), TJ — and Rush. He is the one with the most dramatic character development, I think, which is a good thing, because the ******* continually pissed me off throughout the first season and I kept wanting to reach through the screen and punch the arrogant little mindf***er. And then The Planet. And then The Aliens. And then The Rescue of Someone Other Than Himself For No Other Reason. There was, amidst the ******* exterior, a small piece of compassion and empathy that gave me the hope that he could be more. A very very SMALL piece, mind you, can’t have him pull a one-eighty right away, see.

    That being said, with the assumption that some network (Showtime, please please please?) is going to pick up SGU, I’m hoping that more of the physical realities of survival training being adapted to space will come up — and, gross as it seems, feminine hygiene in space? Just where can a girl find a makeshift tampon/pad/menstrual cup when anything metal-ish has to be saved as scrap for ship repairs and most people on board don’t know how to make re-usable bits? And where to they get cleaned, when water is so precious? Come to think of it, with that many women together in a tight space, just how are the men able to survive that time of the month?

    I don’t want there to be a sense of giving up on the idea of returning home: my most favorite Star Trek series was Voyager because it held such a different premise to the others, but the crew never gave up and still ended up with Talent Nights, birthday parties, cultural exchanges, burying-the-hatchets, romances, break-ups, while defending their ship from the Evils of the Universe. There’s no reason a similar idea could be applied to SGU. In fact, it would definitely give the Lucien survivors a chance to stretch their skills and lend a hand to the Earthers — someone will eventually wear holes through their undies and while that may be acceptable to some men, for girls it creates a problem once a month.

    In other words, bring SGU back, keep it alive — it has the same potential as Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (another big favorite of mine), which forces us to look at ideas we aren’t accustomed to examining, and at least in my case made me uncomfortable with the results. Which is good, because there was little repetition and it hit me hard when a not-so-nice decision that I WOULD have made is shown to play out, and I’m forced to see the consequences and ugliness; it also means that I can see the results of compassion and empathy.

    It’s that same stark, unflinching portrayal of people at their strongest and their ugliest that is so worthy of further development: take the latest episode, “Epilogue.” Basic idea is that a second Destiny was created due to a temporal glitch, leading to everyone on the expedition save Rush and Telford leaving the ship and being thrown back 2000 years in the past. That temporal Rush ends up dying, but our Destiny (with Rush intact) comes upon the planet where their temporal copies ended up founding nations and descendants — at the end, when they learn what happened to their other selves, Dale Volker says to Rush: “It kills you, doesn’t it? That we got along just fine. Without you.” The look on Rush’s face just tore me apart and I wanted to slap Dale silly, which is new for me, because I really like the astrophysicist. Rush is still a *******, he isn’t getting away with being an ass (Eli’s fury at the Bridge decision, Eli’s heartbreaking stoicism at locking away his own girlfriend and Rush’s paramour to SAVE Rush) but it still hurts because I’ve come to care for him. His well-being matters to me in a way I certainly did not expect when I first forced myself to watch the show.

    If there was to be one suggestion: leave Jack out. It hurts seeing him and Sam now, knowing there was never any confirmation as to them getting together, and I actively dislike episodes with him: he doesn’t ring true to the Jack I knew and loved for 8 years. The character I knew would not have gone to Washington, did not care about the “Program” more than he did his team; hell, he could have retired and signed on as a consultant instead. Just….no more Jack, please. Ever since Season 9 it’s been my mantra that THIS Jack has been taken over by a half-Goa’uld, half-Replicator ‘thing,’ that’s why he’s changed so much. I wasn’t kidding before, it actually hurts to see him — we weren’t part of that character change, we didn’t see it happen, so I can’t empathize with him changing to conform to The Man: the Jack I knew would never do that. Daniel is Daniel, always a breath of fresh air, and Michael Shanks is phenomenal as always. Teal’c, of course, doesn’t really make sense to have an appearance, but I think if done well would be truly worth it. And Sam follows the same lines as Jack: I’ve been a fan of Stargate since the original film, a faithful follower of Sg1 through middle school, high school, and college, and it hurts never having a without-a-doubt confirmation of the hints, suggestions, alternate-realities: I don’t want them there if they can’t be true to the characters they’ve grown to be over the last ten seasons; they are more than publicity gimmicks, to fans at least.

    The same goes for any future Atlantis character crossovers: I loved Rodney’s appearance, David Hewlett portrayed him with that same character development established in SG1 and through Atlantis (a truly arrogant ******* on par with Kavanaugh at his worst — to an arrogant, earnest pain in the mikta that I nevertheless wanted to hug), but if anything less had been given, I would’ve hated that too. Atlantis lost that spark when they created Michael and when they LOST ELIZABETH. Losing her so completely just cut through my patience with the show: it was harder to watch without Torri. And that FRAN-Elizabeth? To the characters and the fans, there was little point to that exercise in cruelty, there was no character development except on the side of Elizabeth’s soul, which we already knew was among the strongest and most noble, and it twisted the people left behind for no good reason. And by good reason I’m extending a generous line of belief because hey, it’s another galaxy, life’s not perfect, bad things happen, but damn it we’d already seen her pseudo-die, what, three times or so? Stop twisting the f***in’ knife, guys.

    Losing Riley, though I love him so much, was just as heart-breaking as losing Elizabeth and Carson, but I was given the opportunity to see his goodness and friendship with the others onboard, I was given the build-up of Rush’s paranoia, I was given a basis for similar situations for longer than a single episode, I was given the beginning of trust between military and civilian, and when that plot point came and they passed the point of no return, when they showed Riley’s last request, Young’s response, his later withdrawal and downward spiral, Rush’s guilt and remorse which he can’t show because the others don’t know it was HIS fault — we are forced into these people’s heads and hearts and it isn’t all lovely, it is even more imperfect than I would imagine, but as real as I CAN imagine…it’s phenomenal.

    Not quite a soap-opera, more survivalists-in-space-when-two-thirds-of-the-party-aren’t-survivalists — once I made that connection, Stargate Universe became something else, something capable of standing apart from SG1 and Atlantis had so many strengths and potential character-explosions that I don’t want the ride to end.

    So Brad, don’t give up.

  6. Anonymous says


  7. julie says

    I agree – I would love to see this show picked up by someone like netflix! I am so disappointed by this cancellation.

  8. A. McGlade says

    Lets just hope somehow it survives for at least a couple more seasons. Although they do need to stop focusing on those friggen communication stones as a episode plot for once. Otherwise im loving the show.

    Matt W, the acting in SG Universe is of a much higher calibre than Atlantis and SG1, the story has awesome potential. It does lack the “Wheres this Stargate going to take me” feel though. I always did love new worlds with amazing/bad things to see.

  9. Matt W says

    i say bring back stargate atlantis if they had the money to make universes they should have been able to keep atlantis on air instead of a really crap show like universes which lets face it bad acting and bad story telling…it would be good to see sg1 restarted but sg1 hasnt been the same since anderson left
    why would they choose to film a movie instead of a new season when you can only get money from DVD sales when a new season would bring in money from the TV and then the DVD when it is released and then finally the reruns on TV?

  10. Kozy says

    While it would be awesome for another network to pickup SGU, I don’t think SGU needs a network at all. Internet television is quite large these days, I don’t even have cable television anymore now that services like give me shows on my time with less commercials (same goes for many people I know in fact). If SGU keeps pumping out episodes and keeps putting them on and/or similar websites (even on, all the fans will continue to watch. I’ll be purchasing all the DVDs of SGU to add to my Stargate collection as I’m sure many others will. Lets here it for at least 5 seasons of what is currently the best television show.


  11. J P says

    The network that picks this up will be the winner. Critical mass has been achieved, the characters have been developed and that “awkward” interaction between actors is gone and replaced with a smoother more comfortable interaction which only comes with time. the stage has been set with recent plot developments that paves the way for a MINIMUM of five more seasons with a descent team of writers. The audience is built in, people have invested emotionally in the show and it’s an established franchise. The alternative is to try yet another branch of the Stargate “Universe” (no pun intended) from the ground up and hope people will forget they got the rug yanked from under them.
    I can’t say I will not watch another iteration of the show, however I may just wait a few seasons for it to “grow roots” before I jump in and invest emotionally. I started watching Sanctuary. meh.

  12. Alex says

    Stargate has been such a staple in television for so long!! They must keep it alive. They were just building into such a great story line, to cancel it now would be a foolish move. SYFY has fallen zoo short on quality TV show, now littered with hundreds of re-run, horribly bad movies, and Wrestling…. Theres no reason to watch that channel now that they’ve taken away Battlestar, Caprica, and Stargate.

    Another network should really take on in keeping this iconic flame alive, and if not Stargate movies have always been amazing continuations.

    We Need Stargate

  13. MICHAEL says

    I think it’s important to remember that the original SG1 series didn’t start on SCI-FI (the predecessor to the ridiculously spelled SYFY) network. It started on SHOWTIME, which is why the producers of that show had breathing room to make the show their way. Maybe its worth exploring going back to SHOWTIME or another network that won’t impose the same restrictions that broadcast networks impose on their programs. I heard HBO is slated to release a sci-fi show. Anyone ever hear of LOST? No one even knew that was a sci-fi show until it was too late and they already loved it. Who ever said a science fiction show has to be on the SYFY channel anyway, especially when that network is clearly making all the wrong moves? If I pulled up in an ice-cream truck behind you while you were driving, cranked up “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and announced over a loudspeaker for you to pull over and gave you a speeding ticket… you’d laugh in my face…. right? If not, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. So….. why are we letting such an awful network as SYFY proclaim itself as the authority of what constitutes worthwhile sci-fi programming? Let SYFY change their name to something else, keep the wrestling and ghost hunting while relinquishing the reins to the shows we love to a network that will honor the genre. There seem to be a lot of people who either love this show or hate it. I’m a big fan myself, so I’ll admit my opinion is going to be biased. Maybe it’s because I like watching shows made for grown-ups. I’m not saying I don’t miss the original SG1, but if I want to watch that show I can check out the DVDs. I hope whatever ends-up happening encourages creativity in the industry instead of stifling it. I also hope whatever happens, happens quickly. Good luck continuing a show after the cast and crew makes commitments with other productions. These people do have lives and families, after all. They can’t just sit around and eat peanut butter sandwiches while all of televisiondom gets its act together. I’m also against the promise of a direct to DVD film or two… or even three. Last time I checked, each season has around twenty episodes. I would have been disappointed if this show didn’t make it through season five. Way I see it, that’s at least thirty direct to DVD movies somebody owes me. Just give me a whole season. I know I’ll buy it.

  14. John says

    I’d love to support the show in any way it could be kept going. Heck, they need to open a website and see if they can sell subscriptions, then show it on netflix or by mailing DVD’s.

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