The Firm: To Be Cancelled on Saturdays Too?

The Firm canceledIf you need proof that The Firm is doomed to be cancelled by NBC, you just have to look at the show’s ratings. Not only did the new legal series bomb on Thursday nights but it’s currently being trounced on Saturday nights as well — airing opposite CSI: New York repeats, 20/20, and FOX’s forgotten Q’Viva! The Chosen reality series.

The ratings for The Firm have been so poor that one had to start wondering if NBC might bump the series off the Saturday schedule as well. Well, that’s what they’re doing — at least for one week.

This week’s episode of The Firm has been replaced by a rerun of the 90-minute premiere of Fashion Star (which debuts tonight). That will be followed by an encore of the first episode of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, which first aired in January. Rockers returns to the NBC schedule on April 4th.

On March 24th, NBC has slotted an episode of the USA Network series Fairly Legal at 8pm, a slot that had been filled by reruns of Smash. The network hasn’t announced which episode of Fairly Legal will air but the season two opener (which will run this Friday on USA) seems likely.

The network is shaking up their Saturday night schedule and if they can come up with better numbers than what The Firm has been getting, the legal drama could easily be off the schedule for good. NBC has aired just 10 of the show’s 22 episodes thus far.

What do you think? Are you still watching NBC’s The Firm? Do you watch the episodes on Saturday nights, on demand or online? Would you be upset if NBC pulled it for good?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Best on TV. Crazy to cancel this. Problem must be with management and how they advertise or survey their audience. Lot of opportunity for error in surveys. Do a better job on that end.

  2. says

    Exciting, captivating, spellbinding. The best on TV. Beats any reality show on TV. My husband and I look forward to the program each week.

  3. Cecilia says

    We love the show and watch it on demand. If NBC cancels it we may cancel NBC. there is not much good to watch on TV.

  4. John Poly says

    Why in the world would you even consider cancelling a well-written, captivating series like “The Firm.” There is no series like it. My wife and I eagerly look forward to each episode where the beautifully cast characters develop a storyline unlike any other. The acting is superb and the episodes are cleverly directed, leaving the viewer guessing what comes next. Of course, you root for the hero and his family and wish to see them finally free from the Mob and a life of hiding. We urge you to keep this unique series going. Please don’t let politics or money determine its existence.

  5. Phyllis says

    Please, Please do not cancel this show. My husband and I love it and watch every week. We can’t wait for Saturday nite. The actors are the best for the characters they play. Why do we not count when considering cancelling a show????

  6. says

    Please Please renew this show!!!! It is exciting and my husband and I have watched each and every show. We love all the characters and the plot always keeps us hooked.

  7. Rita says

    My husband and I love this show. It was engaging and captivating.
    We are so sad this is ending.
    NBC. Please give this show another chance…even if it’s online only

  8. says

    The Firm is by far one of the most exciting shows on TV & we have looked forward to each & every episode. Was that really the finale last Saturday, which left us with so many questions unanswered? PLEASE PLEASE RENEW!!

    • Anonymous says

      LOVE. The Firm- a very exciting show! The only reason it failed was because the time slot kept changing. Also, no publicity was given to the show and no advertisements about when as to when it was going to be on next.

  9. Joe & Maria says

    My wife and I LOVE the firm and looked forward to it every week. Come on NBC – give this show another chance and renew it. You have so many other shows that are pure garbage.

  10. Lindsey says

    We loved watching the firm! So sad it didn’t do well and ended so soon with so many questions!!! We want it to come back!

  11. Jordan says

    Me and my hubby loved watching The Firm when it was on Thursdays & Saturdays. But most convenient has been on Hulu. We are so bummed that it ends at ch. 22. We want more!!

  12. francine says

    i really appreciate the fFirm, i tape it and look forward to seeing it. For me, there is nothing on the primaary channels that I watch. There are too many reality, and mindless shows I hope that you find another time slot for the show that will allow a wider audience to view the show. I think any new show is doomed if aired on thurs evening…..

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