The Game: Sitcom Cast (briefly) Reunites on BET

The Game cast reunionUnfortunately, there’s still no official word on BET picking up the CW’s discarded-but-beloved sitcom, The Game. While there have been plenty of rumors (here and here for example), it hasn’t happened yet.

The latest rumor of The Game being revived came last month when some of the cast tweeted that they were heading to Atlanta. Some jumped to the conclusion that they were flying in to start shooting new episodes. Not so.

They were actually reuniting for a special episode of The Mo’Nique Show, a talk show hosted by actress and comedienne Mo’Nique. Those taking part are Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel, Pooch Hall, Tia Mowry, and Wendy Raquel Robinson.

The cast reunion airs tonight at 10pm on BET and hopefully fans will finally hear that the revival is “Game on!”

What do you think? Will you be watching? Is this a good sign for The Game’s future or just a way to get ratings for Mo’Nique?

UPDATE: Though previews showed Mo’Nique asking the cast “Is The Game coming back?,” this portion was edited out of the actual show. No mention of the sitcom’s future was made. Disappointed?

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  1. thelma aubert says

    please bring the game back , i will run home from work just to watch it i love the whole cast of the game

  2. adfafdas says

    all the tv shows now a days are stupid and the only one that get popular are the disney ones that are stupid and unrealistic
    the game was by far the best sitcom i have ever watched. and ill just say it.
    i watch a lot of TV
    and derwin davis aka pooch hall is extermly sexy(:

    i think you should bring back the game because its actually a reallyy GREAT! show,
    and deserves more credit than the CW gives them

  3. Huneydue01 says

    The game is refreshing. I depicts real life’s drama but in a more surreal way. Its not the everyday brawl you would find in the neighborhood, But a display of decent people doing things for themselves and still displaying what day to day life can bring. The highs and lows in their lives are dramatic. The sitcom shows how much committment one must put into a relationship in order to make it work. It also shows that sometimes even the strongest finds it hard to survive. All relationship are depicted in the show is relatable. At times i find it hard to watch this sitcom with dry eyes, and for me, the only movie that can do that to me is “Diary of A Mad Black Woman”. It moves me like no other sitcom has, due to the fact that so much thought was put into this show to make it bring to the surface the reality that many people face on a day to day basis.

    It would truly be disappointing not to bring this show back. Its among the few good things just about anyone can sit and watch and enjoy.

  4. Sylvia and Ashley Brown says

    Where have we been? We just recently found The Game and became hooked after watching the show the first time. Besides 24 and Spartacus we find TV lifeless and not worth watching. Now The Game has more than peaked our interest and the word disappointed doesn’t begin to accurately express how we feel learning the show was cancelled.

    If there is anything we can do to help bring this show back, count us in.

    We think it was one of the best shows on TV and the cast is sorely missed. My mom is 66, I’m 38 and we enjoy it equally, we feel like the cast are all apart of our family. Please bring this show back. There are so many worthless shows on, it’s tragic that this one didn’t receive the recognition and 10 year run it deserved.

  5. says


    • says

      I couldn’t agree with you more! What is up with these people thinking that un-real-ity TV is more relevant than real shows that we can watch, be entertained by, and related to?! It’s really getting annoying. They are taking perfectly good TV shows off the air for some b***s**t and it’s not fair at all. Those shows are scripted to gain ratings while the REAL actors who put all their heart into roles are waiting on good roles. They have fans right here and waiting to see what’s next and are being replaced by these people who we could care less about. Lisa Raye…right…who cares?! The Family Crews…who cares?! I never even knew people were interested in what the hell these people do on a daily – I know I don’t!

  6. lisa says

    I would be very happy if the Game would come back on. I enjoy watching the rerun’s but I need to know what happened next. I love Derwin because he is just so clueless, but it’s a cute clueless.

  7. Neesee says

    I love the game i and my sister n law have been waiting for season 5 to come on after the baby and th e wedding. I believe if it hits th air again it would get more ratings than i did before. I would rate the sitcom a 10 i ca sit at home all day and watch episode after episode. bring back the Game.

  8. That One says

    I am a mother, daughter, psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and a doctoral student and after a long day of working. I truly love watching “The Game” this show allows me to unwind and embark on the lives of the characters, which takes me away from what may be a stressful day. I enjoying watching all the cast members as they all contribute to the success of the show. However, my two teen daughters say that I act like “Tasha Mack” who actually got me into the show recording episode on my DVR.

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