The Pretender: New Plans for Reviving the Adventures

The PretenderWhen original Pretender adventures disappeared from the airwaves in 2001, fans were still left with a lot of questions. Fortunately, the show’s creators haven’t forgotten about them and are working on a way to bring the series back, albeit in a different form.

The Pretender debuted on September 19, 1996 and aired for four seasons on NBC. In the series, Michael T. Weiss plays the lead character, a beyond-genius “Pretender” named Jarod. As a young boy, Jarod was abducted from his parents and trained by The Centre to be able to flawlessly integrate himself into any profession or lifestyle. As an adult, Jarod discovers that the organization is using him for no good and he escapes. Jarod travels the country trying to help those in need while managing to stay a step ahead of his captors. When the series ended on May 13, 2000 after four seasons, it looked like Jarod, Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), and Ethan (guest Tyler Christopher) didn’t survive a huge train explosion.

Fortunately, the cliffhanger was later resolved. The Pretender was picked up for syndication and ran successfully on cable station TNT. That success paved the way for two television movies that aired in January and December 2001. When the second movie ended, there were still many questions left unanswered. Fans petitioned for more TV movies but they didn’t happen.

Pretender creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle have long said that the show was a labor of love and that they’re interested in continuing the Pretender story. A few months ago, the creators suggested that the show might be continued online.

In a recent interview with Sci Fi Wire, Mitchell and Van Sickle shared a few more details. “We created the show The Pretender, and we’re working on bringing that back in a whole new form, in a digital form and in a digital platform,” Mitchell shared. This would allow viewers to be able to tap into more information and be able to follow the progress of the new stories.

A new format doesn’t mean however that they’re forsaking the series’ star or the existing Pretender storylines. Van Sickle notes, “We had breakfast with Michael… he just finished up a play out here in New York. I guess kind of the best thing we can say is that we have a timetable of within, hopefully, the next five or six months that we can have something really unique and different out there.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. jon bryan says

    Please resurrect a new series. We have as a family spent many fascinating hours following the exploits and adventures of JAROD. Once in a while a really good series hits our screens and with the exception of NCIS I rate this the best.

  2. Alicia Terrell says

    I just purchased the Pretender seasons and fell in love all over again. I remember watching Jarod with my father we never missed a show. It would be nice to finally find out who Jarod is and if him and Miss Parker end up together .

  3. Danny Ethridge says

    I just purchased the original four seasons on dvd. I also purchased the two movies. I always enjoyed the series.With all the reality series on TV now there is not much to watch. It would be nice to bring back the series and finalize Jarods quest to find out his true self.

  4. Rita Dipman says

    Please bring it back, it was my favorite. I thought Michael was superb! It was a show that made people think. Never missed an episode. Then watched the reruns a ton of times. I hope the cast is all well. Bring back all the same people, it would not be the same without them. Plus Michael was not hard on the eyes!

  5. Sandy says

    I loved the show too and am in the process of purchasing a season or two. Would love to see it either continued or wrapped up.

  6. steffanie says

    i had never seen the pretender till i met my husband he owned season 3 after watching it i went out and bought the rest of the seasons and both movies watch i finally finished last night and now i am left in a wtf moment I WANT MORE ! lol plz finish it at least wrap it happily

  7. Ryan says

    Please bring some closure to the show. I watched this show in my teens and recently rewatched all the episodes and movies and am craving answers.

  8. Simon Thompson says

    As always its about ratings. not the gerenal public viewers, and cash.. if i win the euro millions i will try and fund a 2 hours film to finish off the series and not let us wonder linger, these directors could do it , but in most case’s find something else to .. thats life….
    im in uk

    Regards Simon 19th October 2010

  9. Mike Lantowski says

    It was a great show, I just wished they finally resolved it like so many other series that left us hanging. Oh well, truly a great series indeed!!

  10. Jerry Howard says

    I just finished watching the last of season 4!! I get them from Netflix. I can only hope that some day pretender will come back full force. But please do not try to bring it back without all of the same cast coming Bach. i love the show when it was Yvonne. O never missed one show.

  11. Ash says

    This was one of the best most entertaining and captivating shows I have ever seen. The story lines, dialogue, acting, cinematography dark conspiracies and humour made this a show that stood out. I am looking forward to sharing this amazing show (on DVD) with my kids one day and hope the producers give us fans an ending to this amazing tale.

    While I would love to see the series continued(not rebooted), but I think Jarrod, Ms Parker, Sydney & poor Broots deserve a proper conclusion to their journey, whether it’s through a final series, tv movie, video game or even a graphic novel or book.

    Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, please give us an ending one way or another and Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

  12. Wayne says

    I loved this show, I would watch it everytime it came on tv when I was younger. I would even watch the reruns every saturday. It’s 2010 now and I haven’t seen it on tv so I won’t hold my breathe but I would love to see it Miss Parker back. (she is so sexy)

  13. Dan says

    i really hope to see it come back they don’t make good shows like this anymore either way they head TV or online ill be sure to tune.

    Please bring the show back!!

  14. Jeff says

    I really would like to see the Television series The Pretender resurrected. My entire family was hooked particularly on Jarrod’s character. Micheal Weiss was born for that role and played it supremely. I realize that there were thoughts of making Jarrods character darker however, it was refreshing to see someone who came from such an abusive and secluded life surrounded by ,to turn the purpose of his life doing good even though there could be a massive temptation to be as evil as his captures. I think this may have been what made the show so appealing to all of us was the fact even though faced his own struggles he was a redemptive character who offered hope to all of us! Please bring the show back and complete the series even if the characters are a little older now!

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