Wonder Woman: NBC Orders New TV Series Pilot

Wonder WomanAfter it was reported that all of the networks had turned down David E. Kelley’s script for a new Wonder Woman pilot, the prolific producer/writer said that he believed the show would eventually find a home. Kelley noted, “I had a lot of fun writing it… It’s a huge project, and it was probably a bit too much to ask anyone to try to chew on it for next season. But I’m confident it will still happen. It’s a very complicated piece, which is the most fun thing about it.”

NBC was said to be interested in the project but there were changes going on in the executive offices so no one could commit to such an expensive venture. Now that Bob Greenblatt is in place as the new entertainment president, the peacock network has given it a go-ahead. The network has ordered a pilot and could potentially order a new series for the 2011-12 season.

Prior to the pickup, Kelley said that he felt that NBC would be a “good home for it” because he feels his Wonder Woman pilot is a “smart script” and Greenblatt “responds to smart material.”

No details about Kelley’s script are available but its been labeled a reboot, presumably meaning that it’ll have minimal resemblance to the previous incarnations of the character. Though some may not like the idea of another reboot, Lynda Carter (star of TV’s classic Wonder Woman) believes Kelley’s the man for the job.

What do you think? Who should star as the new Wonder Woman?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    the new wonderwoman actress should be beautiful ,athletic, even masculine. As long as the actress is beautiful it does not really matter who plays the part. As long as she is a good actress. Thank goodness Wonderwoman is coming back. It is about time.We miss her a lot.It would not matter if is in the theatres or in a television sries. Bring her back,please.We miss her and we love her.

  2. Agathos says

    In my honest and sincere opinion, the only person fit for the role is the wonderful Lynda Carter… no new actress would have the charisma this lady was able to apply to this character. Those that had the opportunity to follow the program (TV Series) in their childhood which are now parents or not, would expect no-one else in the role.. Remakes often loose the emotional strength of the story because it is extremely difficult to find an actor that would be able to internalise totally the emotions forecasted by another, and then, be able to grasp the essence of that character to the extend of being it once again. This finger print is also very much attached to the kind of culture the character represents, in the case of wonderwoman, the American Culture is highly attached to the character just as the female grace and beauty of the American woman, thus Mrs. Carter was then able to portrait all that in one character at once. The new actresses though fantastic in their performance have not been able to perform this all at once in such a way that they would fit the role and make it through the entire world. They are too comercial, new pop, or connected to being aggressive… wonderwoman was not like that at all.

  3. Brian says

    If it changes too much from the orig. it will bomb quick…just look at that horrible reboot a few years ago of Bionic Woman..YUK!
    Keep to most of the orig. and cast either Erica Durance or Jennifer Love Hewitt..both can act and have the physical part nailed already!
    I would like to see Lynda Carter in it also as a regular guest star, but only if it is done right!

  4. J says

    Linda Carter didn’t “embody” the character when she did it back then. She wore lots of padding in the rump to fill out the suit because although she was top heavy, she lacked muscle. Also the old show was kind of campy. For a David Kelly take on the show, I think you need someone with the physique of an athlete like a pole vaulter or sprinter, or a martial artist. I like pole failures because their shoulders would be developed enough to be visibly stunning while wearing her trademark costume. Picture someone like Allison Stokke’s physique.

    But if they just focus on getting the right look, it’d be hard to find someone with the acting chops to bring the gravitas that this character deserves. She has been a symbol of feminine power, feminine sexuality, and American virtue, not to mention the object of fetish and fantasy. The balance in that is very tricky, so while I would have liked to have seen noted feminist Joss’ vision of the story, I look forward David’s handling of the slice of American culture.

  5. kelly says

    Who ever heard of a Blond Wonder Woman Chris. Mathew had it spot on, don’t mess with perfection stop trying to find a random type of woman to play her, she isn’t black, blond , or chinese, lynda carter emboddied the character to a T. Everyone is trying to. be so politically correct to pacify everyones needs, don’t get your feelings hurt when they screw it up somehow.

  6. chris patrick says

    What about Peta Wilson – she’s tall, in great shape, ridiculously hot, mature, blond and she has a ton of experience as Nikita kicking a and taking names.

  7. Mellie says

    We need a new Wonder Woman but she has to be strong minded along with the body to rock the costume. The actress should have those Cold Blue eyes like Lynda Carter that is my only request. I not to crazy about Megan Fox because she is too skinny and Wonder Woman strong and should look like a stick with no muscle tone.

  8. Isaura says

    None of the above. They should just get a nobody for the role. Someone that will act and look like Wonder Woman and will make the role her own.

  9. REC says

    I knew NBC would be the place for Wonder Woman. I just didnt expect it to be this soon. Hope they get a good cast and do enough promoting for it, if it gets picked up for episodes after the pilot.

  10. matthew says

    I cannot believe they are making same mistake as Bionic Woman. Wonder Woman was already a successful TV show, it NEEDS to be made into an amazing movie franchise with today’s special effects. Why can’t studio execs see this? They are digging for Superheros to make into movies, why hasn’t Wonder Woman been made? Batman was a campy TV show, and look how amazing the movies have been. Zack Snyder should direct the first Wonder Woman ‘orgin’ movie. It is so obvious..

    • tony gomez says

      i agree totally!!! allthough i do think whoever plays the new wonderwomen should be the daughter of Lynda carter ( WONDER WOMEN) and Lynda Carter should appear often as the mom and should be a part of this .This will grab the attention of new viewers and old school viewers.HELLO ITS NOT GOING TO WORK VERY LONG WITHOUT LYNDA!!!

    • Amund says

      Megan Fox, no. She can’t act. She’s pretty, and she knows her way around a comic book shop, but she can’t project the depth of the character of Diana.

      Alyssa Milano, if they’re going for Wonder Woman as a Woman, rather then a young woman I can see her.

      Rose Mcgowan, amazing pick, she’s gorgeous funny and dramatic.

      • AJ Kurtzhall says

        It will flopp. And it WILL piss off her fans. GAURANTEED! Your got to stay close to the character in order for it to work. DUH! One of the greatest reasons smallville lasted for so long is that the writers understood that concept. And stayed true to Supes origin and WHO he is. Are these writers on crack or what???

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