24: Kim Raver Open to Being in the Movie, Recalls Sesame Street Start

24There hasn’t been any news lately about the proposed 24 feature film but Kim Raver is open to reviving her Audrey Raines character if called.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Raver discussed her work on Grey’s Anatomy and on getting her start as a child actress on Sesame Street. She and her older sister Cybele were discovered playing in a department store while their mom shopped. She spent three years on the show. Raver said, “For me, the amazing thing was entering into this amazing world of Sesame Street… In one episode I was playing football with Joe Namath. I had pigtails, and I was so little.”

Though she wasn’t all that crazy about her character being in jeopardy, Raver says she might reunite with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) some day. Raver noted, “Never say never on 24… Audrey’s not dead. She’s just in bed somewhere.”

As you may recall, the character was last seen in the season six finale. Jack broke into James Heller’s home to take her away but ultimately decides that she’s better off without him. We see the “silent clock” tick down to end the season.

What do you think? Would you like to see Audrey Raines return in the 24 movie or has her time passed?

UPDATE: Though the older girl isn’t wearing pigtails, it looks like this clip could be the one that Raver is talking about…

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  1. Derrick says

    Definitely, bring her back, especially in the new season coming in 2014. It would be nice to see them together again!

  2. LINDA says


  3. Susie says

    Yes please hurry with the Movie 24 as I miss watching this great show with the fabulous characters and acting. I would love for Jack and Audrey to reunite, and also for Chloe to be in the movie of course. What has happened with Jack’s daughter and grand daughter, they need to come back and reunite with him also. I believe and would love 24 to have continued for many more seasons, as I felt it could have. I was very sad that it ended after the eighth year. I hope that this means that there will be a dozen 24 Movies, and not just one. Would be great if the first 24 Movie could spring off another few seasons and then more 24 Movies. This would be fabulous, as Keifer, Sutherland, Chloe, the Presidents that have been on 24, Tony Almada, Audrey, etc are all terrific and very much missed. Please bring back 24 please I as well as millions of people miss you guys and this great series 24

  4. L says

    Please bring her back!!! She was such a great character! I was so mad at what they did to her character in season 6!

    • Susan says

      I would love to see Audrey back in the Movie 24, I loved her character and her and Jack together. I love 24 I was so sad to see it end. I miss the series so very much. I think that 24 has been the best series ever and Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) is the best actor ever. He should have won the Emmy for his performance many more years than just 2006. I only hope that all the fans of 24 support and advocate for the movie 24 to be made as soon as possible, and hope that it ends up like the Star Trek Movies, and goes on for years and years as the Star Trek movies have. This would be great

  5. says

    For me, truthfully the only 2 persons I would have loved to see come back is Tony and Renee. Those two were making the show. They magnified the program everytime, but unfortunately like always, their character or role were destroyed making it impossible for a return.

    how many times can you keep coming back before everything starts to look like a farce? Enough already.

  6. says

    Yeah, why not bring her back? Audry that is/ Kim. I know how 24 works and bringing her back will fit right into whatever plan they have. I wouldn’t be surprized if they killed her off this time.
    Tony came back, just to be a murderous nut case.

  7. Shaun Clark says

    Yes i really hope kim returns to her role as Audrey in the 24 movie as she was one of my favourite characters and jack needs her!

  8. Hal says

    She is classy and absolutely beautiful, Jack Bauer needs to find this lady again and settle down. Always loved her character, Kim Raver is a fantastic actress. I did’nt really care for the way Audrey Raines was handled when she was put into the background.

    • says

      Bringingback Tony would be useless. Besides the question was should they bring back Audry? ( Kim ) not Tony. Patti had you been watching 24 like a real committed fan, you would have alreadyknown that they did indeed bring Tony back. Last sceenes with Tony definately makes it virtually impossible to bring him back. He was on a murderous rampage, killing innocent agents and anyone who got in his way. I hope that helps you.

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