666 Park Avenue: Cancelled Because of One Million Moms?

666 park avenue cancelledIt was revealed yesterday that ABC had decided not to order any additional episodes of 666 Park Avenue. The show may not be technically cancelled but all acknowledge that it won’t be back. Thankfully all 13 episodes that have been produced are expected to air.

Before the show even premiered, One Million Moms (a site started by the conservative American Family Association) urged their readers to write to ABC to “strongly encourage” the network to cancel their plans to air the program. “Let them also know you are prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their ‘do not advertise’ list and consider pulling all ads from the ABC network in protest.”

A later post lists some of 666 Park Avenue’s sponsors and encourages readers to email them in protest directly; Johnson & Johnson, Egg Beaters (ConAgra Foods), KFC (YUM Brands), Subway, Revlon, Colgate Total (Colgate-Palmolive), and Macy’s in protest of their commercial support.

666 Park Avenue TV show supportWednesday’s post claims victory, stating that none of the sponsors of the first episodes were seen advertising on later installments. The post urges readers to email their distaste for the program to other sponsors; Petco, Clorox, Outback, Dyson, Dairy Queen, and Red Lobster (Darden Restaurants).

While it was most likely just poor ratings that sank 666 Park Avenue, do you think that the protests to the network and their sponsors influenced ABC’s decision? Share your thoughts below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jan says

    I can’t believe this, groups like this ruin things for everyone. This show was bad ass, PUT YOUR ******* KIDS TO SLEEP ONE MILLION MOMS. I’m so mad, the show comes on so late and it’s so good. The news of this has ruined my day.

  2. Rita says

    This show should not be cancelled. The storyline is is very intriguing. You guys should rethink your decision because the Show is a definite winner!! Perhaps to smooth the feathers of the protesting Moms… you might consider changing the name of the Show to something like “Park Avenue Manor.” Anyway, please reconsider… Don’t drop this Show… it’s good!!

  3. ROBIN HOYLE says

    Hey you! Yeah I’m talking to one million moms and ABC……first of all…get a life and put your kids to bed at a decent hour then change the channel! ABC should be ashamed for cowering under pressure from people who don’t even watch the show! I’m not sure you are the network for me either at this point. Seems to me that getting interested in one of your shows could be a waste of time.

  4. says

    I don’t understand. There a lot of TV shows showing a lot more than 666 Park Avenue(like sex, killings, same sex kissing and etc). Why not protest those shows. They are no different than 666 Park Avenue. If TV show are so disturbing then don’t watch it!!!! Turn off the TV. There is a lot more ugly things besides TV programs you need to watch out for in this world.

  5. renee says

    ??? This show is not on until 10pm, why not put your kids to bed at a decent hour like I do. DH was dirtier than this show. I like this show, although sometimes it is a little TOO scary for me, there is far less sex/violence than in other shows, though this last episode’s ending was a little much. It is just a show, turn it off if you don’t like it.

  6. jeanie says

    don’t tell me what I can watch. Have the Million Moms ever heard of turning the TV off if they don’t want to watch something? Another freedom gone. Remember Madeline Ohair? She thought we shouldn’t pray in school. Look what that has done for us. Get a life Million Moms and stay out of mine. ABC stand up for the people who watch your channel and buy the sponsors products.

  7. steve says

    Nice job ABC, cancelling a well written show like 666.Park Avenue, I think I will write the sponsors, the ones who cancelled, telling them I am cancelling them,and you.

  8. Michael Napolitano says

    666 Park Avenue should not be cancelled. We are a nation of freedom of speech… If the conservative organization do not agree with the content they should simply not view the show. This is their right as it is others right to watch and enjoy the weekly plots. keep this show on the air.

  9. Nicholas says

    It is shocking how this hate group called once million moms affects media. Shows with poorer ratings and mind-numbing scripts get picked up by networks, while a promising show like 666 park avenue gets cancelled because some religious wacko- soccer mums think it is immoral? Soon there will be no interesting shows on ABC at all, everyone will just buy an HBO subscription.

  10. Tallia says

    I love this show, it is intriguing and the acting specifically keeps me watching. I think they have a good thing going for them. Anyways, who actually listens to 1 million moms? They seem like the type of organization to simply spam your e-mail and are always left unread.

  11. wilstar says

    ABC you have done it again. One million moms didn’t have a problem watching Desperate Housewives. Amazed how cowardly you are not to stand up to them. If this is the way you choose to run your corporation we choose to not watch you channels. We have plenty others to watch on Directv. Hopefully Scifi will pick up 666 and the advertisers will go with them. Should have known after GCB. Thanks!!!

  12. tim says

    Its time to wake up and accept the situation that the world is in..a million moms dont have control over their own television choices in their household. Seriously..emailing advertisers..how bout email your politicians instead..lets focus on bringing the needs of the less fortunate to the forefront instead of picking on one of hundreds of choices on television..there are alot of shows I chose not to watch..but thats what it is..a choice..dont attempt to take that freedom away..
    Just such a wake up call to come across an article like this..one more example of how screwed up our priorities are as a nation. How many of those million moms watch and let their kids watch vampire daries or harry potter..lol

  13. mayomj says

    I am so disappointed in the networks decision to cancel 666 Park Avenue. This is why I do not start watching scripted shows. You find a show you really enjoy watching and because of stupid ratings they pull it. It was not on TV long enough for it to be a ratings issue. If it was because of pressure form a group of people then shame on the network. I hope enough people complain so they bring it back. I love this show!

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