Allen Gregory: Officially Cancelled, No Season Two

Allen Gregory canceled season twoAllen Gregory may have a grandiose opinion of himself but his animated series just couldn’t cut it. The low-rated TV series has been officially cancelled.

At the FOX portion of the TCA Winter Press Tour, FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly confirmed what we’d long suspected. He said simply, “We will not be making any more Allen Gregory.” The network will however continue to work with the show’s star and co-creator, Jonah Hill, noting that he already has a live-action comedy in the works with the network.

Featuring the voices of Hill, French Stewart, Nat Faxon, Joy Osmanski, Christina Puccelli, Jake Johnson and Renee Taylor, Allen Gregory debuted at the end of October to soft ratings. Viewership dropped as the weeks progressed and the animated sitcom quickly became one of the lowest-rated scripted series on FOX.

The network had initially ordered just seven installments and, even though episodes of animated shows require more lead time to produce, they made no indication that they were planning to order any more.

The last episode of Allen Gregory aired on December 18th, surrounded by repeats of other FOX shows, and hit a new series low in the ratings.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Allen Gregory won’t be back for a second season? Did the creative team go too far with the show or not far enough?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sophieexx says

    I don’t understand why this show was cancelled. I absolutely LOVED this show and I thought it was GREAT and hilarious. Very stupid of FOX to cancel this show…..

  2. Rocxi says

    This show is hot, by far the funniest thing that has on tv in a long time. Let’s get real Family Guy and the rest of the shows has lost their edge a tad bit. Do not get me wrong I am a huge Family Guy fan (freaking love Stewie). However, their jokes are getting more ridiculous and extenuous by the episode. The writers are basically coming up with new episodes but reusing their old jokes. Allen Gregory was a sophistiscated laugh for adults. Plus, they never offend any nationality. I understand it’s a cartoon but sometimes the other shows can take it too far.

  3. that guy says

    i liked the show, it was funny, ridiculous and different. Some of the things that happen were just funny cause they were not plausible

  4. AC says

    I really enjoyed this program………………raunchy sure but still had humor. Please consider dvds, I’d buy them. Probably others would too, just won’t admit it online.

  5. james says

    i really liked allen gregory, but, it seems that a lot of people didn’t. what you have to kind of have to first get by is the whole gay thing, which a certain segment of the population can’t, but more than that you kind of have to get that the central premise of the story is that the lead character is an unlikable d-bag and tha several other characters are (were) fatally flawed d-bags themselves. i mean, that WAS the premise of the show and i thought they were really clever coming up with “plausible” or at least carryable plots given such an outrageous and in some ways thin premise. pity. i would have liked to have seen a few more seasons. compares not unfavorably to: sunny in philadelphia, a show which i adore in which the characters are also each defective, but in a more lovable way. too bad too many people here didn’t get it.

  6. Bethany says

    I have to say that the show was by far not the best. That being said I did watch every episode and actually sort of looked forward to the new ones each week. It was my own form of guilty pleasure. LOL Do I think they could do better? Yes. Do I think Napoleon Dynomite is the answer to that betterness? Absolutely not. I would rather see more episodes of Allen Gregory than watch Napoleon revamped. The previews look like there could possibly be enough funny spots to make up a whole single episode throughout the entire series run, as long as that episodes is commercialed to death. (Have you ever watched a long movie trailer and just know that they showed you everything the movie has to offer?) Allen Gregory was an aquired taste, but my sons and I watched it together, and we always found something to talk about afterwards. I will miss the insightful banter between us that the show sparked.

  7. Anonymous says

    This show wasn’t very good but Bobs Burgers is way worse then this show. Bobs Burgers should have been cancelled first.

  8. John Wesley says

    I watched every episode of Allen Gregory but never could get into it. I wanted to give it a chance, but quite frankly I’m glad. Allen and his father were both too pretentious and full of themselves. Richard and the daughter were the only likeable characters, and they were constantly mistreated. I also felt the subliminal homoerotic feelings Allen had for Zake were too much for an animated show that pre-teens would be watching, and I’m gay myself! Maybe, just maybe, AG would have worked better on Adult Swim, but I doubt it.

  9. says

    Freedom is a costly thing.

    Even though the creative community can say more explicit things on TV than in years past, the challenge still remains to say something of wit or value. The creators of this show knew how to make the show edgy (can you imagine the closed-door meetings? “Let’s make Gregory’s dad gay! Gay is the new black!”), but they failed to create a single sympathetic character. By design, the main character was unlikable, his father was bad, if not worse, the father’s paramour was a gold-digger, Gregory’s love interest (!) was a much older woman with no charm or empathy and to further stack the deck, they made her obese, because…well, heck, maybe these guys wanted to offend big people too, etc.

    I don’t mind the feeling that I wouldn’t want to know any of these characters socially, I have to have a reason to watch. Are they deliciously evil? Are they bad, but have a wistful side to them? This show felt it necessary to end almost every moment with a sneer. Why do they act as they do?

    This show has missed what Pixar knows: good writing and good voice-casting are as important as good animation. I don’t recall any of the children sounding like children. Even though “Family Guy”‘s Stewie speaks well beyond his years, at least two of the kids sound like kids.

    In watching certain stand-up comics, or looking at certain shows (“Welcome to NY” springs to mind), it becomes apparent that the creative team has an ax to grind, i.e., I hated my parents, New Yorkers are horrible. SOMEtimes, this can end in great comedy. One wonders if someone on this staff was a spoiled rich boy or wanted to get back at a kid or kids of a certain income level. This is best left to the therapist’s couch and not on national airwaves. Great suffering (or copious whining) doesn’t always make great art.

  10. Mark says

    Allen Gregory was easily the dumbest, most poorly thought-out, least clever, and least entertaining show that I’ve ever seen. All of the appropriately mean criticisms that you’ve probably already read on the internet–are true. Bad characters, valueless humor and story lines, and absolutely nothing worth coming back for a second viewing.

    Praise the powers that be for canceling this show. Seriously, it will make me happy the rest of the night knowing that Allen Gregory will never be on TV again.

  11. Joe says

    I’ve loved shows, I’ve liked shows, I’ve been able to take or leave shows. Some shows didn’t tickle my fancy. There were some I disliked, and there were some I hated. But until I saw the first episode of this show, there was never a show I hated enough to get up from my couch halfway through the episode, get on my computer, and begin to talk to anyone who would hear about how awful a show was. I’d never joined websites, blogs, or anything of the sort with the sole intent of publicly voicing my displeasure at a show. But then I saw the first half of Allen Gregory. As I typed, the episode kept playing in the other room, and I hated it more and more.
    Good riddance. That it took this long says something awful about FOX.

  12. Craig says

    This is the best cancellation news of the season. I often dislike shows, but I rarely hate a scripted show. For 2011, this is the only scripted show I hate. I am glad it is gone. Jonah Hill should consider sticking with acting and getting out of creating if this is the kind of dung he thinks up.

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