As the World Turns: Watch the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

As the World TurnsAfter 54 years on the air and 13,858 episodes, As the World Turns has ended.

The last installment aired this afternoon and was filled with closure. Doctor Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retired from the hospital , Barbara (Colleen Zenk) dissolved her partnership with Paul (Roger Howarth), Casey (Billy Magnussen) left for law school, Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) proposed to Katie (Terri Colombino), Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) and John (Larry Bryggman) got back together, and Janet (Julie Pinson) asked Jack (Michael Park) to be Lorenzo’s godfather.

It seemed like everyone’s storyline was wrapped up in some way, except for Luke (Van Hansis). As fans are well aware, he lost Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) last week and yesterday, said goodbye to Noah (Jake Silbermann). The closest he got was to be able to use Reid’s stethoscope to listen to Reid’s heart, now pumping in Chris’ body.

If you missed the farewell episode, here it is…

What do you think? Are you satisfied by the final episode, “The World Stops Turning”? Is there anything you would have done differently?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Angela says

    This was my all time favorite show to watch. My life evolved around this show. I wish it never ended. I was planning to raise my grandkids and continue watching as did my grandmothers, my mother, my daughters. I was so sad to see it go off the air.

  2. doreen witkowski says

    I’m going to miss this soap I’ve watched it since i was 15 years of age, here and their when i would be home from school and then more and more as i grew older . Well now all my kids are all in school and all of a sudden the 2 o’ clock spot in my house is silent and depressing and now i have to fill it with something else , don’t know what because for me i loved all the people on that show they are (what made the world turn) for me . Fare well you wonderful stars you made every day for me a special moment to sit relax and enjoy many episodes . I wish you all the best .

  3. Turned OFF Fan says

    ATWT committed suicide due to the lack of sets, the LOUSY MUSIC during the final year (the music on the last episode is from a movie), the bad sound (voices inaudible due to previously mentioned lousy music), the too GAY storylines. Would like to have seen Emma go berserk and take out half the town. Good riddance.

  4. Jessica says

    As I have been watching ATWT since 1960 I too am very upset about it being cancelled.
    I knew that it was going off the air, but to come home as Shawna mentioned and turn it on and not see it was infuriating. They could have told us in a big way by advertising the ending date so that we would have known. That was so inconsiderate to the fans who have supported this show through the years.
    I also wish to say that ignoring LISA except for a few lines was really insulting to her character. After all she had been an integral part of the show since the beginning (when she & Bob were married , and then years of storylines with her as the protaganist) and she should have been accorded “her due”.
    So farewell to all the cast you brought years of joy to your many fans. You will be sorely missed.

  5. scott cook says

    i wish they would have the cast say “thank you” for watching at the end. Some people have watched for 54 years (my mom). When SFT went off in 86, Mary Stuart thanks her viewers. Heck, even Passions said thanks. GL and ATWT just faded away. It would have been nice to be thanked by CBS

  6. Sonia Billie says

    I can’t believe your show ened, and not even giving us a heads up. That was my favorite show. besides guiding light that ended too. Please bring are show back!!!!!!

  7. shanell bailey says

    I grew up on atwt, its gotta be away to start taping again. if something had to go it should of been. Bold and the beautiful now that’s wack! Bring our show back!

    • Lori VanDaelen says

      I am so upset to see As The World Turns go off the air. This Soap was the best soap out there. ATWT is the most real to life soap. I don’t know what I am going to do…not being able to see Jack & Carly, the Farm House which I loved and everyone else. Jack is my T.V. husband, I grew up with him from the first time he showed up on our Atwt. Everyone on atwt acted so naturally and they all are like family to me. Whenever I and my children came home from work/school, I would have them taped so we could watch it together. BRING OUR SHOW BACK! I don’t care if you start from before the last episode, they deserve to be on t.v. Bold and the Beautiful what a joke…that soap should be taken off the air. I wish I was rich, I would pay to bring atwt back. If I had a bad day, atwt would make it all better. This is not fair. If CBS won’t bring it back which is a hugh mistake, which they will pay for, then at least have the SOAP Channel put it on the air or another channel even if I had to pay for it, I would. CBS you did not live up to your word. Atwt is viewed by many. You have broken so many people’s hearts especially in this economy, we need this show for sanity. Atwt was respectful and never did things as devious as these other soaps do. I loved every story line and felt connected with each of them. Atwt has made me be a truer person and has made me cope with life in a better way. I always looked forward to watching atwt and now I am devistated. Please find it in your hearts to bring it back. I love everyone on atwt and thank you for a childhood and adulthood of great memories and hope all of you can come back to us. I am begging.


  8. says

    As a former employee on Another World and a huge fan of Guilding Light and As The World Turns, I am very saddened to see the ends of these iconc shows. I have and will continue to miss these shows intensely as I feel that they are a fabric of the American family and culture.

  9. Shawna says

    I have never been so blindsided!! Did not see this coming!!!!!!!!! Came home one afternoon and turned on the T.V. to watch my favorite soap and wondered where it was and why Price Is Right was on in it’s place! I thought for sure there was some glich or maybe some holiday I didn’t know about! Then I see the cover of Soap Opera Digest while checking out at the grocery store and my heart sank!! Really?!! Why were we not prepared for this!!! This is what upsets me the most…..besides the fact that it is the best soap opera left on CBS. When Guiding Light left, I said..”Good Riddance!”, but not AS THE WORLD TURNS! I have been watching since I was a child…..I just watched the final episode on line and liked it, it was hard to hold back the tears!! You will be missed ATWT!!! :(

  10. Lisa says

    I loved the last episode but I was sure hoping that Holden and Lilley would of gotten back together, they were my favorite couple on the show.

  11. Sylvia says

    What is going on I can’t stop crying what happen I have been busy and sometimes I do have time too watch the show but now that my schedule has change I can’t enjoy my favorite show so sad right now PLEASE BRING BACK MY SHOW …this is so unfair. As the world turns was gets better everytime Now that Carly and jack are back together ya want too end it like this what can we do to make bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. kathy boyle says

    So sorry to see the show cancelled. It was so much a part of my life growing up and as I was raising my son. It was a beautiful ending with the two Matriarchs of the show. Thanks for all the years of escape.

  13. Mrs. Annie (Ann) F. Lamar says

    As others have commented, I think As the World Turns needs to return to the daytime television schedule! For years, my friends, some family members and I watched As the World Turns faithfully and were instrumental (in terms of ratings, of course) in it being on the air all these years. ATWT (and other CBS soaps) served as company keepers and “recreation” for many people, especially some of those in the older population. After The Guiding Light went off the air, I was comforted because the other CBS soap operas remained. I’m so disappointed that after all these years, it is no longer a part of daytime television! Most unfortunate, the final show was not advertised like it should have been. Unlike The Guiding Light’s final show, I had no idea ATWT’s final show was in fact the “final show.” In my opinion, the storylines were……………….”left up in the air,” if you will and there was no closure to the character’s paths. If possible, please bring it Back!!!!

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