Beautiful People

Beautiful PeopleNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 16 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: August 8, 2005 — April 24, 2006
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Daphne Zuniga, Sarah Foret, Torrey DeVitto, Ricky Mabe, Kathleen Munroe, James McCaffrey, Jackson Rathbone, Jordan Madley, Matthew Del Negro, Kimberly Huie, Sean Wing, Arnold Pinnock, Kyle Schmid, Peter Hermann, Stephen Amell, Michelle Duquet, Jennifer Miller, Michael B. Silver, Cameron Bancroft, Barbara Mamabolo, Sasha Roiz, Elizabeth Whitmere, Genevieve Kang, Paul Popowich, Jeff Geddis, Janaya Stephens, Grant Show, Alex Campbell, Daniel Fathers, Lauren Lipson, Melanie Scrofano

TV show description:      
A drama that follows the highs and lows of single mother Lynn Kerr (Daphne Zuniga) and two daughters Sophie (Sarah Foret) and Karen (Torrey DeVitto) as they move from a small town in New Mexico to New York City.

Lynn dreams of being a fashion designer but takes a job in a boutique to pay the bills. Karen was a successful model back home and is unprepared for the fierce big city competition. Brighton doesn’t fit into her new prep school as she discovers it’s populated by wealthy and privileged kids known as “the beautiful people.”

Schoolmates include Annabelle Banks (Kathleen Munroe), Gideon Lustig (Ricky Mabe), and BP Nicholas Fiske (Jackson Rathbone).

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. May says

    I know, i watched the entire thing on netflix and can’t believe it got canceled, but abc family cancels all it’s good shows at cliff hangers. I wonder if there’s a way to get it back…

  2. Laurie says

    Just watched this wonderful series on Netflix. I agree with previous comments. How strange and unfortunate that the show was cancelled. Left viewers hanging


  3. Kimberly says

    I agree 100%….I too am sad that this show was cancelled! I watched the entire series on Netflix and was so disappointed in how the series ended…what happens to everyone! I was addicted to this show and now it’s over, well I guess technically it was over a few years back, but I loved it!! Too bad we can’t have a another start up to this series that explains what happened to everyone! Why is it always the great shows that get cancelled and yet the stupid ones stay around for years??

  4. charlene says

    so i just atched the coplete series on netflix and i love this show i honestly am pissed that its gone. I agree with the ret of these people on here television has turned into reality t.v driven junkies… i miss these regular good old tv shoes… and i wish they ould bring it back…..

  5. Sara says

    I was totally sad at the end of this show because it leaves you hanging with absolutely no explanation to where anybody is in life. Couldn’t they have like made ONE MORE episode or something? Like a 10 years later episode?

  6. Anne says

    I am with Lola on this one. I’m 40+ and watched it on Netflix as well and this just ended without a clue as to where the charachters were going . . . kind of like pulling the plug on a bathtub drain. It was a GOOD show and I could relate to the mom. This was a bad move to pull this off the air. I know I am completely late as well, but . . . these actors/actresses are still out there!

  7. Lola says

    I may be completely late, a couple years in fact, but I just watched the entire series on Netflix and was really sad there isn’t another series. It was a great wholesome family show compared to some of the current shows on television. What a bad move to pull the plug on this one! Just saying…

  8. liana says

    I know…. I started watching that show because of Jackson myself and LOVED it!!!!!!! I can not believe it just stoped like that… COME ON the show was so GOOD!!!! I wish they would continue it!!! I’m disapointed….:(

  9. Ashley says

    I was totally disappointed this show got canceled! I loved it. I loved the theme song that I have on my ipod now and I was totally Nicky& Sophie!! Jackson Rathbone was the main reason I watched this show!!

  10. Mary says

    i am so sad that this got cancelled :( and whats worse is that they cancelled it in the middle of no where!!! whats going to happen to karen and luke?!

  11. Amanda says

    This show got cancelled at a bad ending!!!! What happened to NICKY and SOPHIE??? Do they get together again??? I hope so. All the good shows are ending and all the stupid ones are staying like family guy! I HATE that show with a passion!

  12. DEE says


  13. Sandra says

    I was really disappointed because of the final episode! They just turned like everything to a bad end! I was totally addicted to this show and still sad that it got cancelled.

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