Body of Proof: Will ABC’s Changes Work?

Body of Proof season three on ABCRemember when NBC reworked Harry’s Law in an (unsuccessful) attempt to attract better ratings? (As we know, that didn’t work and the show was cancelled.) Well now, ABC is trying something similar with Body of Proof.

Three actors — John Carroll Lynch, Nicholas Bishop and Sonja Sohn — won’t be back for season three. In their place, ABC is casting two new series regulars whose characters will be working for the Philadelphia Homicide Division.

Detective Tommy Sullivan is a former NYPD detective who, 20 years ago, had a romantic relationship with Megan (Dana Delaney). They broke up after she caught him cheating on her. Charming and cocky, Megan will have to figure out if he can now be trusted.

Meanwhile, Detective Adam Schaeffer is a young newbie detective who’s smart and a Phillie native. He’s overconfident and drives his new partner, Sullivan, crazy. He joined the force to rebel against his father, a high-powered defense attorney.

What do you think? Will you miss the old characters? Do you like the sound of the new ones? Any casting ideas? Will this move help Body of Proof’s ratings and get it renewed for a fourth season?

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  1. Craig says

    The changes won’t help. As with Harry’s Law, the show lives or dies because of the main character. Megan’s character was never someone people would like. Changing her character would have been the only thing that would have helped the show. Few people in the demo want to watch the current Megan character. 7 of 9 should have played a much more people oriented version of Megan who viewers could connect with, and Dana should have been the head of the department with the bad personality of the current Megan.

  2. Kat says

    NBC messed with Harry’s Law and it tanked; FOX messed with Breaking In and it tanked; now ABC thinks changing Body of Proof is a good idea?

  3. Beverley Carnell says

    Sorry the show wont get back of the ground , ABC have got rid of the three best actors who held the show if it hadnt been for them no murder would have been solved ,as for Delany she acted like a detective shes an ME not a cop cant see it going any further than 6 weeks , good luck to Jihn Carrol Lynch Nic Bishop and Sonja Sohn hope its not too long befor your on out screens again .

  4. dido13 says

    STUPID INDEED !!!!!!
    Is the network run by monkeys ? What didn’t you learn from Harry’s Law ? Getting rid of Lynch and Bishop was such a MAJOR mistake as they helped make the show. Give your head a shake and get it together, now another great, great show ruined.

  5. Leigh Ann von Hoelle says

    This is a sad move…All three are key players and what makes the show work with Dani Delaney. Why not try a different time to increase ratings. It’s a shame that NBC isn’t smart enough to realize that they are going to ruin one of their best shows.

    Cudos to Ms. Sohn, Mr Lynch and especially Mr. Bishop for doing a great job. You will all be missed.

  6. Bethany says

    I have enjoyed the show, and will give the revamp a shot. I don’t expect much after what happened to Harry’s Law (Best Pilot episode ever, then ended as one of the worst shows on the air in history imo) I just don’t have faith that the show will hold to what made me want to watch it in the first place. Some have the opinion that the show had weak storylines. I personally don’t agree, but it probably won’t matter since I am expecting this show to go off the air, and with a lack of replacement shows that are worthy of my time, I expect to find my entertainment elsewhere. It is things like this (shows that should be given a chance to really play out, but they can’t leave them alone enough to let that happen) that makes me very grateful I have a love of reading as well.

  7. Kendal says

    I’m afraid they’ve lost me as a viewer for sure. What a silly silly move. I’ll miss all of the characters unfairly departing. I’ll merely check out the premiere to see how they explain the departure of THREE core characters.

    Would have been better to cancel the show last season.

  8. Madeline Murdoch says

    I think this really stinks. I am disappointed. What are they thinking? Why could they just not leave it alone.

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    Wow, what a stupid move. Seriously, who the hell thought this was a good idea? I guess this show won’t be on for the 2013-2014 season, thanks ABC. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, if it needed a tune up, tune it up, not take big parts out and replace them. Oh this sucks, WTFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. says

    Huh. Two of the three characters they got rid of (Lynch’s and Sohn’s) were among the better characters on the show. No tears shed over Bishop or his character, though. Forgettable actor and terrible character. The real problem with the show, however, has been weak, unimaginative stories.

    Bad sign: they’re returning mid-season, which means they’ll have trouble keeping what audience they have, and they only get a 13-episode order. This is a show on a very fragile bubble.

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