Cancelled & Returning FOX TV Shows from the 2009-10 Season

Human Target and Glee cancelled or renewed?While FOX doesn’t have the most viewers, the network does consistently attract the biggest portion of people in the coveted 18-49 demographic. They’ve had a very successful season with few stumbles.

Here’s a listing of FOX TV shows with their current status. This list encompasses shows that have aired from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

We’ll keep updating the list throughout the May upfronts when decisions are made about most of the shows’ fates. Keep checking back, especially if your favorite is still on the fence.

America’s Most Wanted: The show that will outlive us all.
American Dad: The Smith clan to return for round six.
American Idol: Coming back for season 10, without Simon Cowell.
Bones: Brennan and Booth, returning for year six.
The Cleveland Show: Renewed for round two back in October.
Cops: More bad boys coming in season 23.
Family Guy: Not bad for a formerly-cancelled show.
Fringe: More strange stuff in season three.
Glee: Coming back for the show’s sophomore year.
Hell’s Kitchen: Season seven starts June 1st.
House: More medical crankiness in year seven.
Human Target: Christopher Chance got a second season.
Kitchen Nightmares: More scary restaurants in season three.
Lie to Me: It’s true. Season three is coming.
The Simpsons: The family returns for season 22.
So You Think You Can Dance: Season seven starts May 27th.

Cancelled (or ending)
‘Til Death: The show’s luck ran out after four seasons.
24: After eight seasons, Jack Bauer gets some time off.
Brothers: Gone after 13 episodes.
Dollhouse: After two seasons, Echo is gone.
Mental: Only one season for this summer series.
More to Love: The plus-size Bachelor-like series isn’t coming back.
Past Life: No second chance or season, unaired episodes starting May 28th.
Sons of Tucson: The remaining episodes will still air but there won’t be a second season.

Here are updated listings for all five networks: ABC | CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

What do you think? Any news that makes you particularly happy or sad? When compared to other networks, is FOX better or worse about cancelling shows?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. T Tupps says

    I may not be the demographic you are looking for but here goes..Im 60 conservative a college educated small biz owner and watch tv for relaxation. I watch Fox news. Your entertainment side is somewhat suspect however. My favorite tv shows after live sports were Blue Bloods, Chicago Code, The Good Wife, Saving Grace, Lie to Me, Friday Night Lights & Harrys Law. So CBS, Fox, CBS, Fox, Fox, NBC, NBC in that order. How you decide to cancel my nos. 2 , 4 & 5 while continuing to air shows like bobs burgers, cleveland show, glee and raising hope eludes me. Fringe is ok but belongs on sci fi. No big deal, CBS and NBS stayed with their storyline winners. Stick with News, its what you do best. I just dont get the pablum you fill in with on the entertainment side.

  2. Alice Barletta says

    I’ve become a huge fan of The Chicago Code . . . good writing and good acting! I do hope it’s renewed for next year!

  3. Julie says

    Mental have just begun to be shown in UK. It is fantastic, having watched just a few I can not understand why Fox cancelled the show. Jack has so much life to keep it going and the message for mental illness to be taken seriously and not seen as a death sentence should be considered. Please reconsider, get contracts with other TV shows to keep it going.

  4. Alan James says

    I think Fox has some good shows, however i think American idol sucks. I hope that Fox has renewed Hope, which airs on Tuesdays.

  5. Berniece says

    We really enjoyed the new series, Lone Star, but have now read that it is being cancelled. Is there a possibility that it could be given a chance to at least complete the whole season? Just a thought.

    • R says

      My understanding is that there were some politics involved in the cancellation. Something about the unions in California being upset about the series being filmed in Texas. There was also talk about trying to sell it to a cable or satellite network. The show did have a slow developing story line but it had great potential. Also the time slot had it up against the very popular CBS comedy lineup. I think one of the biggest problems with a new show is that the intelligence of the average television viewer is probably on par with a 2 year old. Sadly most people would rather watch brainless trash than an intelligent, well written show.

  6. Pat says

    You cancelled the best new show on tv after two episodes, LONESTAR. Even the critics reviews were excellent. Our local newspaper, The Daily Sun in The Villages, FL
    thought it was one of the best new shows. Please bring this show back. I bet you are getting lot of imput regarding this mistaken move.

  7. lee says

    I could not belive my eyes when I found out that Lone Star had been cancelled, I thought it was going to be the next Dallas, the storyline was great, the actors were great, Fox cant recognise a good thing when it hits them in the face, I belive it clashed with Dancing with the stars & that was why numbers were down. wish they could give it another time slot, I’m sure it will fly

  8. Jennifer says

    I truly enjoyed the show “Dollhouse” and couldn’t wait for each episode to air. Although I stumbled upon it by chance, and had to play catch up, I was sad to see it had ended. The story line was unlike anything already on tv and the acting from each and every person was awesome! Although it was cancelled, if you have not seen it, it is worth watching, it was interesting, exciting and had some very funny parts. Go and rent it!

  9. Mary Sagor says

    If they only had a few timeslots available, they could have given Mental another season and gotten rid of So You Think You Can Dance, Fringe or the Simpsons. I’ve never even HEARD OF the Cleveland Show, and they are keeping it?? Other than that, they are keeping all of my favorite shows, even though Fox STUDIOS quit producing Saving Grace, which I still do not understand…

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