First Look at the CBS 2010-11 Fall Schedule

Big Bang Theory movingThough CBS consistently has the largest audience of the networks, their programming typically skews a little older than they’d like. The shows with the best ratings in the 18-49 demographic tend to bring the best ad rates. It’s for this reason that CBS dumped a number of shows this time around.

The network programmers are also shaking some things up on the schedule. They’ve abandoned the Wednesday night comedy block and are establishing one on Thursday nights. NBC has long had success with sitcoms on that night but the current crop aren’t widespread hits. Knowing that there’s an audience for comedy on Thursdays, CBS is moving The Big Bang Theory and pairing it with the new William Shatner comedy, $#*! My Dad Says. That’s based on a Twitter feed and is spoken as “Bleep My Dad Says.”

Back on on Monday nights, the new Chuck Lorre sitcom, Mike & Molly, is stepping into the post-Two and a Half Men slot. The remake of Hawaii Five-0 follows with the weakened CSI: Miami moving to Sunday nights in the old Cold Case slot. It’ll be interesting to see if that series can handle the football overruns better than other shows have.

On Friday night, Medium has been moved up to 8pm and will precede CSI:NY and a new drama, Blue Bloods. A longtime staple of Thursdays, Survivor has been shifted to Wednesdays. The series is still pretty strong so obviously the network thinks it can withstand a schedule change after so many years.

The still-unnamed Criminal Minds spin-off is planned to debut mid-season.

Is your favorite missing from the new fall schedule? Check out our CBS cancellation & renewal page to see if it’s been cancelled.

What do you think of the new line-up? Do you like any of the schedule moves? Do they fit better or worse with your viewing of shows on other networks?

7:00pm — 60 Minutes
8:00pm — The Amazing Race
9:00pm — Undercover Boss
10:00pm — CSI: Miami

8:00pm — How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm — Rules Of Engagement
9:00pm — Two and a Half Men
9:30pm — Mike & Molly (sitcom)
10:00pm — Hawaii Five-0 (drama)

8:00pm — NCIS
9:00pm — NCIS: Los Angeles
10:00pm — The Good Wife

8:00pm — Survivor
9:00pm — Criminal Minds
10:00pm — The Defenders (drama)

8:00pm — The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm — $#*! My Dad Says (sitcom)
9:00pm — CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
10:00pm — The Mentalist

8:00pm — Medium
9:00pm — CSI: NY
10:00pm — Blue Bloods (drama)

8:00pm — Crimetime Saturday (repeats)
9:00pm — Crimetime Saturday (repeats)
10:00pm — 48 Hours Mystery

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  1. says

    I think Netflix will be getting a lot of our business this fall. Cancelling good shows and keeping those same, stupid “reality” shows. I wonder how many are truly tired of them? I can raise my hand and say “I am!!” We loved “Cold Case” and watched it every week – usually after the fact because of the sport stuff. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the games could be shown on one of the numerous channels of ESPN? Then we could ALL be happy and shows like “Cold Case” wouldn’t have lost ratings. Oh, gotta go…hubby’s getting out the cards so…click…tv off…

    • Shirley says

      I’m very upset with the changes CBS is making this season!! I love csi miami & the big bang theroy!!!!!! Why would you want to change those 2 shows!!!! Put Hawaii 5-o on tuesday & take off ” THE GOOD WIFE” you could take off HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER & put $#! dad says , there and leave monday nite alone. you could put the spin off of criminal minds on thursday at 8 p.m. I only watch cbs!!! Please change everything back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    Cold case very good show, alot of good shows being cancelled and the changes they are making in the line-ups are just wrong, i’ll be spending more time with family and less time in front of the tv which is a good thing.

  3. Donna says

    You’re taking all good shows off… Cold Case, Trauma, Mercy, Miami Medical.. I guess I will stop watching TV

  4. melissa says

    im soooo happy big bang theory is coming back not to happy about the move mondays are my families favorite night with chuck big bang theory two and a half men .i cant believe were losing the new adventures of old christine its one of my favorite programs it is so funny .why do networks always cancel original shows???we have to many reality shows and cop and detective shows but a program like pushing dasies was something differant nothing else like it.

  5. Brad says

    Hey writers how bout you come up with some new ideas instead of trying to feed us the same bs with a different name and cast over and over. I think that the best TV right now is on FX and syfy. Sons of anarchy is one of the best series that has come out in a while and syfy at least gives their shows time to build a fan base.

  6. Vincent Belfire says

    Putting Csi: Miami on Sunday nights is the begining of the end of this show. CBS runs show way over their time slots on Sunday and people get fed up with waiting for their show to come on. So we just switch to another show

  7. Jody says

    Kiss of death for CSI Miami & NY. I have watched all of the CSIs since the beginning & unless I watch them “0n demand”, I’m done. During football season, anything in that time slot is doomed & don’t watch TV on Fri.

  8. Carmen says

    I hate it when a network moves shows to a night when a popular series is running on another network. Case in point: I like to watch CBS on Mondays, ABC on Wednesdays and NBC on Thursdays. Why move Big Bang Theory to Thursdays when we all know that’s where sitcoms on other networks go to die. I wish the Monday night line up would remain as is and instead of dumping Old Christine they should have moved it to the Two and a half men slot and dumped it instead.

  9. Diane says

    Your line up is missing the Ghost Whisper!!! OH that’s right it was canceled. And I prefer the Big Bang Theory on Mondays. Also how many CSI’s and Reality shows do we really need. The Ghost Whisper brings something different to tv.

  10. Rob says

    well, looking at the timeslot CSI Miami has received, it’s probably likely to be cancelled next season. No one is watching TV at that time

  11. jh says

    Well, Tuesday night’s unchanged. We have a choice of bad Jack Lord impersonators on Sunday and Monday nights at ten, and I have a feeling that The Big Bang Theory will be back on Monday nights by midseason.

    • Anthony says

      ABC is supposed to be making a decision on if they will bring the show into the fall lineup on their channel. A lot like Medium last year with going to CbS from NBC…was reading in the article that the president of ABC thought they might be able to make a splash with the program if they did and that it would be a perfect lead in to one of their new ones on Fridays…

  12. Anthony says

    well CBS has moved a lot of shows around… Not sure how the move of CSI Miami and CSI NY will do, but guess it is better to put two shows that have a reputation in those slots on Sunday and Friday rather than two new shows that have to build an audience…

    Looks like it is going to be a pretty strong lineup for CBS cause they havent had to cancel a lot of shows the last few years, but now they are trying to make several new shows… Interested in seeing what happens with Hawaii Five o cause it is going to be on a night where the ratings should come pretty easily to it…

    And wish the new Criminal Minds would have had a full season order, but guessing it will be one of the first shows brought in if one of the rookie shows winds up not getting the ratings and then they try it out…

    • jh says

      Criminal Minds is still on Wednesdays at 9. The article talks about a spinoff that will come at midseason.

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