General Hospital: To Be Replaced By a Reality Show Version?

general hospitalAccording to the NY Post, ABC is considering a reality show version of General Hospital. The show would revolve around the personal and professional lives of doctors and nurses who work at a Los Angeles hospital (rather than fictional Port Charles, New York).

The new show is apparently in the very early stages of development and filming has quietly begun at UCLA Medical Center. ABC is said to be considering this new “General Hospital” show for the daytime schedule.

The crazy thing is that 50-year-old General Hospital could end up being replaced by a reality show version of itself. Though the soap opera has been performing well this season — reportedly rising 18% in total viewers year-to-year (2.37 to 2.81 million) — the network is still on the look out for ways to expand their audience and cut costs.

What do you think? Is ABC considering replacing General Hospital with a reality show version? Would you check it out?

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  1. Lu says

    Keep GH – I’m soooooooooo sick of reality shows. Reality shows are the networks answer to greed since the cost to produce is so low. Executives answer to getting a big profit which gets divided as bonus so they can keep their jets and million dollar homes.

  2. kanthony says

    i am not surprised at anything the network does they are not real bright that is obvious to me this must be why i keep seeing reruns on gh i am not going to wait for ever abc stands for add bull crap

  3. Stew says

    I can’t believe this, abc needs to wake up. GH is a better show than The Chew and Katie, why can’t they just cancel one of those pointless shows. My wife and mother are always watching gh and so do I every once in a while, it is probably the best daytime soap.

  4. heather says

    You all took off one life which was a show that I watxhes since I was 15 (19 years) I started watching gh a fewv years ago n have learned I like that i like gh I look forward to watching it I record it every day I will stop watchig abc. They replaced one life w/ a reality show and look what happened to it!! I was very upset when that was gone but I do like that some of the cast went to gh. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE GH TOI WNT WAT CH THST SHOW THERE R ALREADY WAY TO MANY reality shows they r boring n I dnt wanna c anymore

  5. Ron says

    I have been watching GH for 30 years. I would never tune into any “reality” show, especially one that would replace GH. The idea that a show with a following so large that is is mentioned in shows on other networks is ridiculous. I still haven’t figured out why they thought another talk show was needed, there are quite enough people on tv getting paid to state there opinion. Taking this show off the air would be a mistake!

  6. Alice says

    Please don’t take off GH it is the best. I tape it when I can’t watch it. Have been watching it for over 40 years

  7. Summer says

    I think taking GH off the air would be one of the biggest mistakes ABC has ever made. We have enough reality shows on the air already. You have already taken two other soaps off & combined GH with another soap about vampires witch is another mistake. Just because vampires are popular right now doesn’t mean they have to be in everything. The show has been doing just fine for the last 50 years…. IF ITS NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!!!! There are other slots the new show can be put into. If you take GH off the air I will never watch ABC again!!

  8. Carla says

    Please don’t take GH off. That will be one of the biggest mistakes. I don’t even watch anything during the day except GH. I feel like ya’ll are gonna end up messing it up for ABC because you can’t keep taking everything that is good off.

  9. Linda says

    No i love General Hospital and if ABC took it off the air I would never watch anything on this network again and I would tell everyone else to do the same thing. Why would a network tjay has a hit show mess with sucess.

  10. Yvette says

    First AMC then OLTL now GH .Well, no ABC at all nothing else is worth watching .I don’t even watch the news. I learned to go to the others and I don’t miss it so, if you people mess with the only sOap that is on, you are going to do it to yourself! ABC is dead !and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels like this .

  11. Rae says

    Not only will i not watch the new show, I will not watch ABC network at all. I quit watching it during the day when they cancelled the other 2 soaps and will have no trouble at all not watching ABC

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