General Hospital: To Be Replaced By a Reality Show Version?

general hospitalAccording to the NY Post, ABC is considering a reality show version of General Hospital. The show would revolve around the personal and professional lives of doctors and nurses who work at a Los Angeles hospital (rather than fictional Port Charles, New York).

The new show is apparently in the very early stages of development and filming has quietly begun at UCLA Medical Center. ABC is said to be considering this new “General Hospital” show for the daytime schedule.

The crazy thing is that 50-year-old General Hospital could end up being replaced by a reality show version of itself. Though the soap opera has been performing well this season — reportedly rising 18% in total viewers year-to-year (2.37 to 2.81 million) — the network is still on the look out for ways to expand their audience and cut costs.

What do you think? Is ABC considering replacing General Hospital with a reality show version? Would you check it out?

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  1. Dawn says

    I HATE reality shows. I will switch to another channel and learn to like a different soap if you cancel this one. Enough with “reality”. I want to watch true fantasy not fake reality.

  2. Libby Grant says

    I think that’s a preposterous idea! Will never work in a million years. Please leave General Hospital to run another 50 yards. I love it!

  3. Isis says

    Please don’t make the change! I hate reality shows. Fairy Tales are all the rage right now and General Hospital is a modern day version.

  4. Arleen S says

    I would NEVER watch a reality based GH. I will switch networks and catch up on some other soaps if forced to. Bad enough ABC got rid of AMC and OLTL, but to think that what we need is another prompted reality show is sheer madness!

  5. M rudloff says

    I was watching GH the day they interrupted for the Kennedy assassination. GH has gone through many highs and lows, but as a long long time viewer our family has stayed loyal. In the past we watched through Sonny , Jason, Luke, and other violent story lines but we never had to endure the bloody killings on screen as have been almost a daily thing with this new vampire story. GH is not Law And Order or Criminal Minds and this does not belong on daytime soaps. Yes, we enjoy the intrigues of dysfunctional families and social mayhem, but don’t give us blood and guts. Those type of shows belong on nighttime schedules. Want to kill off GH, just keep up what your writers seem to think today’s viewers want. It is not just today’s viewers that have kept GH alive but my children and their children who know like family the characters and shenanigans that keep GH interesting.

  6. Suz says

    I absolutely would not watch ABC if a reality show replaces GH. I do not watch the CHEW or any of the other reality daytime shows. Leave the show alone!!

  7. Marie charlesca says

    I would NOT watch another reality show, I need GH to stay that my favorite show
    Went my kids go to bed i have fund watch gh.My other
    Show was All my children is gone, we need more
    Show at night everyone work doing daytime.

  8. stloulou says

    I thought something smelled rotten. I thought they were trying to tank the show by bringing in the same ridiculous vampire story that tanked that Port Charles show. Way to ruin a classic people. It just seems so desperate when soaps delve into the supernatural or bringing back the dead.

  9. Ann Lucas says

    Please save us from ANOTHER reality show! All they show are stupid people doing stupid things. Can’t we have an hour of entertainment that’s not garbage? Please keep GH on.

  10. Tiffany says

    Every time ABC wants to kill a soap they bring that “horrid” Caleb and vampire nonsense, they did it to Ryan’s hoe and a few others. Hands off GH and for the record I will never watch a reality show based on my beloved Generl Hospital. It’s doing well, better so writer’s write!

  11. S Feldman says

    I would not watch a reality version of GH. I actually do not watch any reality television. I think reality TV is a dumbing down of TV. where r all the creative writers of years gone by. I have started watching other channels now instead of the usual 2, 4 and 7 because they have real tv shows on those channels. I think it would be terrible to take GH off the air.

  12. LoisMacLaren says

    I would NOT be at all surprised to see ABC replace the scripted General Hospital with a reality show version of General Hospital. After all, the head honchos now at ABC Daytime honestly, truly and sincerely really DO believe that the ONLY type of television which anybody anywhere wants to watch is reality shows. Of course, that is not actually true – but the networks in general and ABC in particular have NEVER been long on being able to figure anything out about their viewing public. Of course, one of the reasons that we invested in a satellite many years ago was because we could not stand the reality junk which the local network affiliates were pushing and we are no more impressed by the reality junk today than we were thirteen years ago – when we made the jump to satellite and began enjoying television again. So – Yes – we DO believe that ABC Daytime would be dumb enough to cancel General Hospital but NO – there is NO WAY that anyone in our family would ever bother to check out the “reality TV” version of General Hospital. No one in our family can stand what is laughingly known as “reality TV.” Fortunately, we still have Turner Classic Movies and Encore’s Westerns Channel, where we can watch high quality viewing fare which is also uncut and commercial free! Come to think of it, I believe Stella Dallas might be on this weekend. Isn’t it strange that movies like Stella Dallas always pull in substantial ratings when they are aired on high-quality channels, such as Turner Classic Movies. But the idiotic stuff which today’s soap writers have turned daytime viewing into is constantly scraping the bottom of the ratings barrel! The ONLY thing which could have saved soaps would have been for the supposedly “modern” television writers to have lived up to at least ONE of their promises back when they were promising that the soap opera genre was going to “return to its core.” IF soap writers had kept ANY of their promises, the soap genre would NOT e on its last legs today. But, when you few the ridiculous garbage which network affiliates have been pushing during the past several years, with the predictable and expected downward spiral in ratings, it is time to admit that it is time for the big wigs to just go ahead and pull the plug and put the suffering soaps, and their equally suffering viewers, out of their misery.

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