House of Payne: Are Friday’s the Last Episodes? [spoiler]

House of Payne last episodeIn one of last Friday’s episodes of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, titled “God Bless the Paynes,” Calvin (Lance Gross) was shot by the man who’d earlier harassed Miranda (Keshia Knight Pulliam). He’s rushed to the hospital but his fate is unknown.

We’ve received a few emails from readers who believe that next week’s episodes will be the end of the series and the death of Calvin. While House of Payne has been “cancelled,” there are a lot more episodes still to come.

In April 2011, TBS announced that they were ending the venerable sitcom, in part to make way for Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. At that time, we understood the final episode total for House of Payne to be 220 installments.

In late September, Perry posted on his Facebook page that TBS had ordered 42 more episodes. In December, the cast and crew had a wrap party that celebrated the completion of 254 episodes. It’s unclear if they’ll be going back into production now that the holidays are over but, based on the numbers we have, it seems like they still have at least eight more installments to make.

In the meantime, we do know that this Friday’s episodes of House of Payne aren’t the last. Two new episodes will air each Friday night for the next six weeks. Episodes 223 and 224 will air on February 17th and that will leave about 30 episodes left in the series.

In the meantime, you should know that Calvin does not die from his gunshot wounds. He lives and, at least in the next couple episodes, has to worry about paying his hospital bills because he doesn’t have insurance.

What do you think? Are you a fan of House of Payne? Are you glad to know there are more episodes on the way?

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  1. Carol Martel says

    I’ve enjoyed the house of Payne for many years I was surprised to see it was canceled. Please bring it back

  2. Tynisha says

    Just putting my two cents in, hoping that it’ll make a difference. Looking forward to my favorite shows return House of Payne/Meet the Brown’s. I knew I could get a good laugh in. I loved all the characters especially uncle Curtis and, Malek.

  3. says

    For better or worse is not close to being as funny as meet the browns or house of Payne. I think that was a bad decision to take it off the air. I couldn’t wait to get home just to watch them two shows. Not good!!!!

  4. tylanna says

    Look Tyler I know you have gone big time and all. If you don’t mind how about you get back to the house of Payne’s continuation plz. I mean do ruin a good thing. Its about one of the only decent shows on T.V now a days. So reconsider plz. Thx

  5. Sylvia Campbell says

    Omg I’m so glade its coming back on I’m 33yrs old and alot of your movies get me through my bad days plus house of Payne and meet the browns Mr.Tyler please bring it back on even the old shows I still enjoy them alot look forward to seeing more and best ever The Halves and the have not’s must see I record all of you

  6. Renecia McCullem says

    Bring it back, should’ve left it on & left”For Better or For Worse”off! I enjoyed the show, nice to see a black comedy, I miss it!

  7. JoAnn Cole says

    I want to express just how much I love this show and I also watch Meet the Browns.
    My sisters and I spend Tuesday nights when I visit them watching
    These 2 shows. We laugh together and enjoy ourselves. Tyler Perry,
    You are a BLESSING and so talented. Thank You!

  8. says

    Dear Tyler Perry you be going through changes from day one cause you be homeless out on the street sleeping in your car but you came up man so the Lord work in mysterious way so keep up the good work cause I no how it feels to get getting raped some your father I hop you put him in jail cause I not right to rape your own son so I no you going to prayer for hem so I no the lord no to so tyler Perry I love you to

  9. says

    It would be wonderful to renew the show its also a family show I enjoy watching just as well ad any other shows I am a fan for one who still watcch the show both shows For better for worse their both gets my attention so I would support and keep on watching both shows thank you.

  10. says

    Calvin felt terrible to have to move back in with his parents beings married and two kids of his own now. I watch the beginning of House of Payne episode 1 to the very last episode.where Cj’s house had burned down do to Jeannie secretly being on drugs.Also where they to move back into the house with their aunt and uncle. The man down now Tbs, Tyler Perry of whoever decided to cancal The House of Pain.I honsetly dont think that they where really thinking.On how many people truthly looked forward to an new epsoide every week.I was there when calvin and Miranda condo had burned down and they moved into Cj’s and Jeannie’s home.Even when they were forced to move back in with uncle Curtis.Hello anyone who was a die hard fan as I am, seen every episode from Calvin being shot down ,they had to deal with it and really helped alot frustrated people like myself dealing with hard situation. To cover of truth cj showing me true love for each other despite of all the things that they have went through.To where God made a way to fix their relationship and show people that his power was stronger than the drugs and everything else they have went through.Up having two beatuiful twins, I want to know the struggles they continued to work on. Im in routing for them. I wanted to Know if Calvin And Miranda fix their relationship for themselves and their children. I felt every emotion after Calvin Ended Up Getting shot and almost loosing his life.The House of Payne was like a new version of The Cosby show, even with all the lies and things being said Mr.& Mrs Cosby, they still are holding their heads up high.These are the kind of shows that people of color and culture really need right now in their lives. Whoever decided to take this show off the air, I think should really reconsider bringing it back.I need crazy uncle Curtis, and the person who holds the family together like Ella.Cj, Jeannie, Calvin and even Miranda to show everyone that life is not perfect and we all have to go through trails and tribulation, in life but as long as you have love and honest in your life, the Lord will make something out of nothing.

    I wish that Tyler Perry I really consider bringing have to pay back on the air we said to me that was my highlight of the week it was better than meat ground episodes of better or worse it just seemed like a hit more home on things that a lot of families go through and lot of phones have been through and I would love to see the ending if Calvin and Miranda will ever be able to work things out for the sake of their two childrenand also the sea how grown up and mature Malik and jasmine also to babies because. And I also take C we’re in life there’s heavy turret retired uncle Curtis lol who is a housewife reckless cool to graduate we can read the record of the health center Calvin and Valerie graduated school after seven plus years Miranda who was I live from these criminal and change her life around for Calvin and what Tracy’s going to do discerning Kevin Jr how young Calvin JR and Christian inactive brother as brothers being four separate mother even though we’re currently living in the same household after Miranda stormed out and said she would divorce would that leave the kids around the end of taking Christian with her in leavin Calvin dream with Calvin or did Tracy and then coming to get Calvin and leaving Kevins high and dry I know that they all have a lot of ups and downs a lot of neighbors or even like to know coryza and see how she’s doing you what happened to her in life the whole episode dick has the shelf and I think Tyler Perry over everyone who had an affiliation to it good it really wasn’t inspiration we very grateful and pleased to bring it back because for the longest I had taped over 40 something at what’s up before you guys took it off the air and I have been looking for it so I have bought the DVDs we can’t find them and I most likely will have to buy the deal with you over again good that was my stress reliever this is Dell after the days of work and dealing with 4 kids husband eat my dinner watch my temporary until I fall asleep. Thank you guys for such a great episode experience through and life experiencing my movie that you guys have brought out and I wish that you guys were going out much more cuz I know there was more of the story that could be toLd

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