Human Target: FOX Series Cancelled; No Season Three

Human Target canceledWell, there’s one dangerous situation that Christopher Chance can’t escape. FOX has cancelled Human Target after two seasons on the air. No season three.

Human Target follows a private bodyguard and security expert (Mark Valley) who protects his clients by integrating himself into their lives and becaomes a “human target.” He’s aided by his business partner, Winston (Chi McBride), and a tech genius named Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley). In the second season, a former client (Indira Varma) becomes his benefactor and an expert thief (Janet Montgomery) joins the team to seek redemption.

The series debuted back in January 2010 to a positive 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.12 million total viewers. Subsequent episodes had some solid numbers (thanks in large part to American Idol) but the latter part of the season really declined. The season finale brought in a mere 1.9 rating and season one averaged a 2.9 rating and 9.6 million viewers.

The show was on the bubble for renewal last May but FOX ultimately decided to give the series a second chance to get better ratings. That didn’t pan out.

Should Human Target have been cancelled?

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Last November, season two of Human Target debuted to a week 1.8 rating in the demo and 6.59 million viewers. The network kept it on through the holidays, the ratings got worse, and by January it seemed like they’d given up on the series. The final episodes of the season performed a bit better but, again, thanks to being teamed American Idol. Season two averaged a 1.7 demo rating and 6.4 million viewers.

TV show supportAs one of the network’s lowest scripted series of the season, it seemed like just a matter of time before FOX would cancel Human Target. Last night, they officially did. Despite some devout fans, Human Target just wasn’t a winner in the ratings. After 25 episodes, the show is over.

What do you think? Should Human Target have been renewed for season three? Why didn’t more people watch the TV series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sue says

    Season One was great! Like James Bond meets McGyver for grown-ups, and the sexy (and diverse) cameos by some of Hollywood’s most attractive female actors added spice to each episode. The opening credits and theme music were both exciting and fresh, and the cast was dynamic, with plenty of scope for backstory revelations. Season Two, quite simply, took a unique and interesting show and dumbed it down. From the new opening credits and music to the grating storyline of a frankly unbelievable attraction between Chance and Pucci, the one episode of Season Two worth watching featured a storyline around Guerrero in jail. Whoever signed off on the new direction for Season Two should be sent back to the mail room.

  2. Marv says

    You people at FOX are not real smart. This was a great show and you cancelled it because you are comparing it to reality shows. Get some older people in your cancellation commitee to determine what shows people want to watch. The only reason I will watch your station now is because of NFL football.

  3. Joyce says

    Was wondering when the new series would start and found it had been canceled. I had talked my son into watching this and he was telling others what a good show it was. We both were looking forward to seeing it again. I agree with others about the reality shows. It seems they are searching for something even more stupid to put on, so I do not watch them at all. Human Target had suspense, romance, intrigue and just a good all around story each week. Sorry Fox chose something else to take its place. Hope someone else will pick it up and put it in a good time slot.

  4. kathleen says

    dang what a dumb move should have tried a different time slot I love that show was just looking for when the series would return.

  5. Eric says

    I was really disappointed to find out that this show was not given a 3rd season. It was one of the few TV shows that had a good combination of supense, action, and romance. They don’t make shows like this anymore. I hope that one of the major TV networks picks it up and puts it in a good time slot!! There should be more shows on TV like this one!!! Please put this show back on the air!!!!!

  6. Rick says

    I cannot believe they cancelled this well orchastrated show. It had everything a family would enjoy…. Suspence , Action, Love, Mystery, Comedy no bad language good for 12 year old, great cast and new characters . It should have had a better time slot and pull off some of the useless and re-run information shows. I think it shoud be intruduced to other competitive networks for a different time slot !!!! Please reconsider and bring back this great show.

  7. linda s says

    My husband and I were looking forward to a season 3. We loved “Human Target” and looked forward to watching it every week. Please reconsider! It is our favorite series and Fox News already provides us with our daily take on the news and politics.

  8. LINDA says

    OMG!! I can’t believe this was canceled this show. This show brought my husband and I together because he likes action and I like some romance and it was building up to that. It is a shame that all of the networks have gone to reality TV, you can’t keep a great show because of that and something should be done about it.I say to the network…put Human Target back on cause it was just getting good and it’s a show that a couple can enjoy together and by the way there are not many of them. So I plead with you…Restore this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Anonymous says

    Funny. Linked-in is worth about $100/viewer. With 6 million viewers, this property should be worth about $600,000,000. Maybe someone like Hulu should pick them up. It’s a new world folks.

  10. Monica says

    Yes, Human Target should have been given a 3rd season. And, on top of that it should have been given a better time slot during the week. Not only did my husband and I watch it but our 18 year old daughter loved the show and we would often have to record them and wait for her to watch them. It is sad that the networks seem to get rid of all the good tv programs anymore. So, this leaves my daughter with nothing more than stupid reality shows that promote drinking and sleeping around with multiple partners.

    Maybe someday the network exec’s will stop canceling all the good shows. :(

  11. Rose says

    Great show.. They really shouldn’t have cancelled it. There are some really stupid shows out there which should be cancelled instead some idiot cancels this one. BOO on FOX maybe everyone should stop watching all of the FOX shows.

  12. Verna says

    I am so sad that you cancelled Human Target. I guess I am not surprised. I never knew if or when it would be on, even the time changed. I am sick of “reality” shows. I have enough drama in my life I do not need the fake drama of “reality” shows and Idol spin offs. It is sickening. Finally you come up with a show that is entertaining and not a remake from the ’70’s.

  13. Don says

    Human Target was one of the best shows on TV. Leave it to FOX to cancel a great show. FOX is clearly run by incredibly stupid people. It’s no wonder they are nowhere near the top station. Keep up the crappy work FOX, and you will be gone for good.

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