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  1. nb says

    I cant believe las vegas is not returning this fall, the season finale left us wanting more and I couldnt wait to find out what happens !!! NBC she rethink this one !!

  2. Anonymous says

    i cant believe passions left tv i,m so in shock and upset about its a shame some people didnt like it but most did I thought i hope the people that started it will do what they can to work hard to get it back one day I love passions it was want i looked forward to watching everday for 1 hour it was so nice . go passions. i wish i could had kept it going because days has been on for over 40 years why cant passions do the same/ dont understand

  3. Anonymous says

    I am really disappointed to see that Las Vegas will not be returning in the Fall. I think it is a great show and really tried never to miss a show. I really looked forward to it on Fridays and I thought it was in a really good time slot as well. It will definitely be missed – maybe another network will pick it up like Scrubs which is another of the really good shows that NBC let go of. I hope NBC does not suffer for letting shows that people really enjoy get cancelled.

  4. SH says

    Upset over Journeyman’s cancellation. I don’t believe NBC has clearly given thought to some of the shows they cancelled. Journeyman had a good developing plot in its first season. It had potential and I was looking forward to its sophomore year.

  5. Cindy Longstreth says

    Journeyman was a great show! I just don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 These guys are idiots! There is nothing but trash on Friday and Saturday’s why not just air these great shows then??????????????? I know lots of peolpe who would watch them!

  6. will says

    How do i find out when life,heroes,and rescue me are comming back on and what dates ? anyone!

    Heroes – September 22nd
    Life – October 3rd
    Rescue Me (on FX) – returning in 2009 but no date announced yet.

  7. M Johnson says

    I Dont understand how this Tv cancellation thing works.As a matter of a fact it dose not work.The reason you put on the show is to plz the croud But this year alone you have gotten rid of some of the best showa thought up and not to mention we had to suffer because of the writters strike and then you wNT PEOPLE TO WATCH THE NEW GARBAGE you put on.Think about how the people suffered this year we lost Casmier Mafia,Moonlight,Journeyman,New Answededam,and Girlfriends each gone .And the least have the dencencey to write an ending to each one of these storys.

  8. katiedid says

    I don’t know what to say!! I never figured that Shark would get chopped!! That is one of the better shows on television today. What is the matter with these people?!?!

  9. Holly says

    I really liked Bionic Woman. I watched it online every week and I was hoping it would be renewed somehow, even after I heard the rumors. So Sad!

  10. Jessie says

    why the hell do they keep garbage shows like gossip girl but throw away good **** like JOURNEYMAN?

  11. Craig says

    I am sad about the placement of Life. I really enjoy the show, and it is a shame that the people who would probably watch the show will be out on Friday nights enjoying their lives.

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