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  1. Deb says

    Come on NBC… do not cancel “Harry’s Law”. I was my favorite new show. How can Katthy Bates not draw a crowd? Give it a chance. Find another time slot!!!

  2. Nancy says

    Please do not cancel ‘Harry’s Law’ it is one of the few shows that are worth watching – the actors are good, the plots are interesting and it is all wrapped up with a wonderful actress – an academy award winner no less – and one that I love to watch. I am appalled that you would think of taking it off the air – it’s a breath of fresh air in your stale line-up!

  3. roger says

    the only thing keeping me from not watching NBC is chuck. NBC has been trying to get rid of chuck since the second season.if it wasnt for the great fans it wouldnt be around.NBC gots crap for shows ,spinoffs of other shows reality shows being rammed down are throats an just plain crap an you wonder why NBC has rating problems.NBC programing sucks an do something about it before its to late

  4. Paul says

    Chuck is the only show left on NBC that we find is worth watching. We have watched and enjoyed this show from the beginning but unfortunately with NBC basically destroying themselves by cancelling good programs like Chase and many more before they have a chance to gain fans and fewrer and fewer people are willing to even check out the shows on this network fans are not discovering the good programs on NBC. I hope they are not dumb enough to cancel this program and I do hope they will begin to give aother good programs a chance and put them together to draw fans in.

  5. Shira Phillips says

    Now you want to cancel HARRY’S LAW??? Who is actually programming these shows? The sad thing these days is there is so much crap in these stupid, senseless reality shows about people NO ONE really cares about, that none of the powers-that-be in network programming actually seem to pay attention to what the PEOPLE WANT!!! It’s almost like the federal government with their wag-the-dog policy. Let’s give the masses more crap and just shove it down their throats. Never mind that people DO have favorite shows that are creative, innovative and really wonderful. You need to go backwards and let give shows time to find their audience, get rid of so much electronic analytical data and actually listen to what your VIEWERS want. Harry’s Law is a wonderful show from someone who actually had an original thought for once in Hollywood, RUN WITH IT!!!

  6. says

    I think it’s obvious that it doesn’t matter what is really good in television. Most reality tv is junk or smut, but it obviously agrees with what the producers want to spend so I guess that dictates the kind of garbage tv we are to expect in our future. REALLY SAD. Doesn’t say much for future television. Wish more people would speak up, especailly those with a brain.

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