NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife: CBS Gives Full Season Orders to Hit Dramas

Good Wife & NCIS: LASome new shows are struggling but the same can’t be said for CBS’ new Tuesday night shows.

NCIS: Los Angeles is a spin-off of the network’s popular NCIS series and stars Chris O’Donnell, LL COOL J, Linda Hunt, Peter Cambor, Adam Jamal Craig, and Daniela Ruah.

The Good Wife revolves around the wife of a disgraced politician who’s forced to re-enter the workforce. It stars Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, Archie Panjabi, Matt Czuchry, Makenzie Vega, and Graham Phillips.

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The biggest winner of the Fall season for CBS is NCIS: LA, ranking second among new and returning primetime shows. It’s been averaging a whopping 17.47 million viewers and a 4.1/11 among adults 18-49.

The Good Wife isn’t far behind and is the second most-popular new series of the season. It’s averaged 13.7 million viewers and a 3.0/8 rating/share in the demo.

Both dramas have been rewarded with orders for nine additional episodes. That will bring each to a total of 22 installments for 2009-10.

What do you think? Are these shows worth watching or overrated in your opinion? Is NCIS: LA better than Good Wife as the ratings might suggest?

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  1. marie della corte says

    what happened to The Good Wife. I see it listed in the Daily News program guide, at it’s regular Tuesday night spot, but in the last couple of week, something else has replaced it. Waht’s the story?!!!!

  2. skitterbug says

    I would like to think NCIS LA is good because I LOVE NCIS but I reckon I would be lying to myself. The good wife was great through and the season finale was excellent. I cannot believe we have to wait til next season to find out who she will choose.

  3. f.fann says

    i like the movie THE GOOD WIFE. i hope to see it stay around for a long long time, i hope to see peter get out of prison and get his job back as S/A of cook co., but first he needs to make sure his marriage is on track first, and his wife stands behind him 100%.

  4. pcad says

    I also agree 100% with rowl. THe pilot was quite good, the original NCIS is great, but this one is so poorly written and directed that I can’t watch a complete episode in one sitting. Yes, I keep going back because I hope it will improve, but episode 8 was just as trashy as all the others. There is nothing intelligent or realistic going on (like the real NCIS).

  5. mark says

    prp is an idiot. Rowl bang on target. This spin off is the worst ever on telly, it sucks big time. where as the original ncis is a treat to watch, LA is a torture

  6. onenonlii says

    Those show are fantastic. In the world of DVRs I’ve grown to recording and watching shows at later times do to my work schedule, but on Tuesday nights I watch these shows in real time cause I just can’t wait. I hope after the 1st seasons are over they (CBS) renews them over and over.

  7. Rowl says

    I can’t stand NCIS:LA. I love the original, and I loved the ‘intro/pilot’ episode of LA which aired last season on NCIS (Season 7, Ep22 & 23, Titled ‘Legend’). The introduction of the new characters (the boorish acting talents of Adam Craig as Special Agent Dominic Vaile, and the misplaced positioning of Linda Hunt, as the new boss-lady Hetty), the changing of the set, both interior (the dark dungeon secret feel, much like NCIS’s MTAC) and exterior (the hidden, secretive nature of a warehouse in a bad area, which an OSP-type outfit might have – and now we get a boathouse for interrogations, really?), and the removal of Louise Lombard as the hard-ass boss lady Lara Macy were all disappointing alterations to the original concept. Lombard’s relationship with both the hot-shot Callen as well as the push-pull give and take with the resident head shrinker Nate Getz (played by Peter Cambor) are both dynamics that will be sorely missed.

    The bad writing and poor direction and cinematography doesn’t help any either. I’m surprised that writer/producer Shane Brennan has done so much work with the original NCIS, because NCIS:LA has none of those solid character interactions that the original does. Then again, none of the cast has the same acting ability or cast leadership and mentoring that you get with Mark Harmon or David McCallum, surprising considering the original casting director for NCIS, Susan Bluestein, is the same one calling the casting shots on NCIS:LA.

    The new show has too much of a ‘glam’ feel to it and is more Hollywood than military. They’ve taken a great concept and turned it into nothing more than another formula crime procedural with pretty people and pretty sets. If they wanted another one of those (aren’t there enough of these already on TV, particularly CBS?) , they shouldn’t have named it NCIS; the obvious problem there is that they don’t get all the benefits that come with that association and let’s face it, that’s really all that CBS wanted.

  8. Kanati says

    I like NCIS:LA, but it’s got some growing to go. The characters just don’t have the chemistry that the original NCIS has. If I had to rate it so far I’d say 6.5/10. The original is still north of 8/10 though.

  9. kerr says

    i love NCIS: LA. i just started watching it & getting caught up online and ive got to say its good. its another cop show so i was hesitant but i like it. its a breath of fresh air compared to Law & Order and CSI.

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