New Amsterdam: Is the FOX Series Cursed? As Good as Cancelled?

New AmsterdamIf you were watching FOX during the Summer months, you surely saw promos for what seemed to be one of the network’s next big Fall series. So, where did it go?

New Amsterdam tells the story NYC homicide detective John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau). Described as brilliant, reckless and mysterious, John is also secretly immortal. He was fatally injured back in 1642 but was saved by a Native American girl’s spell. While the spell saved his life, John is doomed to watch his friends and family age and die while he remains unchanged by time. He won’t become mortal again until he’s able to find his one true love. Other series regulars include Stephen Henderson, Zuleikha Robinson, and Alexie Gilmore.

On May 11th, the series was given a 13-episode commitment. Six days later, FOX announced its Fall schedule and New Amsterdam was headed for Tuesday nights at 8pm. The romantic action series had a prominent place in the network’s promotions and was scheduled to be the lead-in for House’s fourth season premiere on September 25th.

At the July press tour, it seemed that the producers didn’t have a firm grasp on the show’s creative direction. Soon afterwards, the pilot was reportedly overhauled. On August 3rd, Amsterdam’s debut was pushed back to an unspecified midseason date. Rumors are that network execs still have creative issues with the series.

Word is that production on Amsterdam has been or will be shut down soon with just seven or eight episodes completed. This means that five or six episodes of the 13-episode order haven’t been filmed — and probably never will be.

The official word is that executives want to evaluate what’s been completed thus far before moving forward. The production halt is likely due, at least in part, to the fact that FOX is overflowing with midseason series. But, considering the network’s seeming lack of enthusiasm, it looks possible that Amsterdam could be bumped again and aired as a Summer burn-off series (ala Traveler or the second season of The Loop). Will this series about an immortal get a fair chance at life? Time will tell so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Becky says

    I’m so bummed. This was a great series. I truly enjoyed watching and couldn’t wait for the next episode. This series was much different from what is usually on tv, which is what made it so great! I hope that the producers will change their mind or maybe some other channel will have some smarts and offer it.

  2. nate says

    Why did you take this off? This was just about the only good show on TV. My wife and I loved to watch it together. Stupid TV companies. I guess I need to read more anyway and not watch TV shows anyway…..someday the TV companies will figure out that people like shows that don’t suck and stop showing the same old crap!

  3. Karen says

    Of course, all the shows I recently liked are cancelled, just more reality shows being aired for typical air heads!

  4. Helen Smith says

    I just found this site when looking to see what has happened to our favorite new show. I agree with all of the previous comments. Unbeleivable!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kalola says

    When I read over the lineup for shows this fall, I was shocked to see New Amsterdam was not on that list.
    Couldn’t one of the networks get rid of a stupid reality show a bring this quality program back?
    My husband and I DVR’d every episode and watched them over again. I sure wish I wouldn’t have erased them!

  6. debbie says


  7. starr says

    This was really a good show …… it was very interesting …….. i couldn’t wait until i saw the new show from week to week

  8. deej says

    What are you people thinking, I just started looking to see when the next episode of
    New Amsterdam was coming on and find out that your thinking of canceling it. What’s the matter with you people. This is one of the best shows that has come out in a long time, I’m sick to death of reality shows. Start listening to your viewers for once and don’t cancel this show it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jim Gorman says

    My wife and I both enjoyed this show. There’s not much on TV that’s worth our time, but we found this show entertaining. We continue to be in the irrelevant demograhic that does not include brain-dead, tasteless reality show fanatics.

    I understand that the network executives had creative issues with the show. Since when does one use “network executives” and creative in the same sentence.

    At least NBC is bringing “Life” back in the fall!

  10. Gweidion says

    They take good shows like Journeyman and New Amsterdam and cancel them and put on what?

    They need a couple of seasons to let the fan base gather. Too many good shows have come to a premature end.

  11. Laurie says

    I will never understand the thinking of network execs. So many excellent shows have been canceled after the first season or two. I am 56 years old, but thoroughly enjoyed such shows as Joan of Arcadia, American Dreams, Journeyman, New Amsterdam, and Cane. I don’t know what “perfect” show NBC, CBS, Fox are searching for, but they sure turn their backs on some fan favorites!

  12. Kathy says

    I think if you are looking for someone to help write for you then I would be happy to, I love reading and writing love stories. How hard can it really be? True destiny and a blue collar job that he is very good at, hmmm sounds like life to me. I like real story lines and things that you can actually believe, it captures your attention and wants you to continue watching to see what will come next. The characters are perfect for this show and they have great chemistry. Again if you need a writer for the show then please let me know and I would be happy to help, anything to help keep the show on t.v. PLEASE don’t cancel it.

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