New Amsterdam: Is the FOX Series Cursed? As Good as Cancelled?

New AmsterdamIf you were watching FOX during the Summer months, you surely saw promos for what seemed to be one of the network’s next big Fall series. So, where did it go?

New Amsterdam tells the story NYC homicide detective John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau). Described as brilliant, reckless and mysterious, John is also secretly immortal. He was fatally injured back in 1642 but was saved by a Native American girl’s spell. While the spell saved his life, John is doomed to watch his friends and family age and die while he remains unchanged by time. He won’t become mortal again until he’s able to find his one true love. Other series regulars include Stephen Henderson, Zuleikha Robinson, and Alexie Gilmore.

On May 11th, the series was given a 13-episode commitment. Six days later, FOX announced its Fall schedule and New Amsterdam was headed for Tuesday nights at 8pm. The romantic action series had a prominent place in the network’s promotions and was scheduled to be the lead-in for House’s fourth season premiere on September 25th.

At the July press tour, it seemed that the producers didn’t have a firm grasp on the show’s creative direction. Soon afterwards, the pilot was reportedly overhauled. On August 3rd, Amsterdam’s debut was pushed back to an unspecified midseason date. Rumors are that network execs still have creative issues with the series.

Word is that production on Amsterdam has been or will be shut down soon with just seven or eight episodes completed. This means that five or six episodes of the 13-episode order haven’t been filmed — and probably never will be.

The official word is that executives want to evaluate what’s been completed thus far before moving forward. The production halt is likely due, at least in part, to the fact that FOX is overflowing with midseason series. But, considering the network’s seeming lack of enthusiasm, it looks possible that Amsterdam could be bumped again and aired as a Summer burn-off series (ala Traveler or the second season of The Loop). Will this series about an immortal get a fair chance at life? Time will tell so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Anthony Catalano says

    Executives are not smarter that 5th graders and nor is their programing directed towards those who are. I was surprised that “New Amsterdam” made it to production at all. Fools: Sell the series to the SciFi channel or something. Hello?
    – Anthony in NYC
    p.s. I lived in an old Dutch house in Breukelen.

  2. Autumn says

    I can not believe they did this! I absolutely loved that show. It was better than watching all the other crap they have on tv! It’s crazy. I am very mad that they took a half decent show and are probably gonna replace it with all that reality show crap. Fox needs a nice punch to the face, piledrive to the face (Nacho Libre, anyone?)

  3. R. Duncan says

    This was my favorite show. I loved this type or setting for this show. I loved the immortal aspect and the history in the show. I cannot believe that this show was canceled. What a waste. Maybe they will put on another reality show of someone making asses of themselves, just something that we need more of on TV. I hope but I doubt that it will come back but I can only hope.

  4. A says

    My husband and I really appreciated this show. Unlike many shows out there filled with so much unneeded garbage or overflowing with political correctness and not so great morals- not saying it was free of that but less in my opinion to other shows-it was just a great show with different twists and a great plot that stretches the imagination-my husband enjoyed the immortal side and idea similar to “Highlander”-unlike some of you. So I do hope that it is brought back somehow.

  5. mike says

    I was just checking to see when New Amsterdam would be airing again,to my dismay I can’t believe Fox canceled. I all so agree with the no brainer reality shows. I also was checking on another site where they are urging people to phone Fox and let them know how you feel about the cancelation. I’ve already phoned in my concern with the cancelation, as well as banning watching any thing on Fox.
    Phone # to call is 310-369-3066. Please call and help bring back N.A.

  6. James says

    I agree about brain dead reality shows. It doesn’t pay any more to get hooked on a show and hope it stays around. We all should just wait for the shows to hit dvd and watch al the episodes at once. Then at least we know when it will end, and not be disappointed. Or go on line. Good shows die and crappy shows stay on the air.

  7. Barb says

    I can’t believe it Fox does it again! This was the best show I’ve watched in along time that had creativity, instead lets watch a brain dead reality show like Hole in a Wall, Huh? If Fox doesn’t bring N.A. back I’m done watching Fox all together!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. says

    wtf is fox thinking they have to be the worst network ever why not just shut your network down …..might as well since your cancelling shows that are good ….like ummmm i dunnoo NEW AMSTERDAM!!!!! FOX SUCKS

  9. Elizabeth says

    Leave it to FOX to cancel a great series AGAIN! I guess everyone should stick with USA, they never let me down yet.

  10. Mary says

    I enjoyed New Amsterdam so much this summer and looked forward to seeing the show again. Please dont end this series. If another network, with common sense, could acquire the show please let fans know. There is so much garbage on network t.v so please dont cancel a HIDDEN TREASURE.

  11. Casey says

    Was so looking forward to a new season of New Amsterdam. House jumped the shark long ago. Bones is the only show left on Fox that I enjoy. Please don’t mess that one up (they came very close last season)! Fox has truly become a network of the 5th grade intellect. How much longer can reality TV rule? (I hope not much longer). USA and TNT are coming up with more original, clever programming. They at least continue to expect more from an audience than Fox. New Amsterdam will be missed. Hope it shows up somewhere else!

  12. Michael says

    had to delete another great show from my DVR queue, due to the all knowing(hrmmmpf) network execs(idiots) maybe they’ll come up with a really interesting reality show( a dog licking his own stuff would beat most of them)

    Maybe, BUT I do doubt it, they will revive New Amsterdam, the staff has surely moved on, they need to make a living!!!!!!

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